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AKG K612 PRO on Creative X-FI Titanium

  1. SpartanX58
    Hi guys, I'm new in this forum and I'm having a serious issue. Recently I have bought a AKG K612 and I'm not sure if my X-FI Titanium has enought power to amp these headphones, since those are some very hard to amp. Can the X-FI Titanium handle the K612 well or do I need to buy an external headphone amp?
  2. Chris_Himself
    You'll be fine. If you can adjust the volume to get enough volume without going beyond say, 80% volume you have enough power. Tonality is another thing but I think people really stress the need for a headphone amp a bit much. I just look at them as expensive volume knobs these days and not much else. Been enjoying my music a lot more lately instead of sweating the small stuff and enjoying my much less expensive cans these days to explore where I was and to appreciate where I am now.
  3. SpartanX58
    So it has power, but will it sound nice?
  4. cel4145

    Certainly you could always upgrade and improve the sound. But how good your current card will sound is relative to your listening tastes. If you haven't gotten the headphones yet, might as well wait and see :)
  5. PurpleAngel Contributor
    Is the card the regular Titanium or is it the Titanium HD?
    You might consider getting a Schiit Magni or Schiit Vali or an O2 (Objective 2) headphone amplifier.
    Can't for sure say how much of a difference it would make, but I would think it would at least improve audio quality a little.
    If it's the regular Titanium, you might consider swapping it for a newer Sound Blaster Z (SB1500), $85.
    (sell off the Titanium)
    The SB-Z comes with a better DAC chip (CS4398) and a decent built in headphone amplifier.
  6. SpartanX58
    I'm afraid of the soundcard making the headphones lack bass.
  7. PurpleAngel Contributor
    Technically the Titanium sound card should give (if any) the 120-Ohm K612 Pro a slightly bloated bass (louder, less detail).
    Giving headphones a lot of bass is easy, getting a quality bass costs more money.

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