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Portable AMP DAC for AKG K612

  1. GoodListener611
    I have recently decided on buying the AKG k612 so now i need to find a worthy amp. So could you guys suggest a good amp/dac less than 100$ preferably portable. I know it's a tall order, but it'd be great if you could help me out. Thanks!
  2. jodgey4
    Fiio E12 is probably the only one with enough power. Good luck.
  3. cel4145
    Yes. E12 or Cayin C5.

    PM Sent.
  4. BobMonkhouse
    I'm expecting my K612 to arrive sometime next week. Then I can tell you how they pair with my inexpensive cMoyBB. I really like the tiny guy a lot with some phones. Mine is the single 9 V battery version, but I'm pretty sure it's going to have enough power for these hard to drive AKGs. Besides, I'll compare them with my Cayin C5 and Fiio E12A, and straight from my Fiio X1.
    GoodListener611 likes this.
  5. BobMonkhouse
    My K612 arrived today. I've been playing with it for the last couple of hours and have some first impressions. On high gain, my three amps and Asus Xonar U3 can handle them without any problems. I don't need to turn the volume up more then 55-60% even on E12A. From point of view of power, I don't feel these AKGs needs more juice. Something worth mentioning, I find my inexpensive Sabre DAC sound noticeably clearer and better balanced than the Fiio X1 LO with these phones through the same three amps. The best sounding combo so far appears to be PC (foobar+wasapi)>Sabre DAC>Cyin C5>K612.
  6. GoodListener611
    I've actually given up on getting a portable amp/dac for it since all of them exceed my budget. I was wondering if the Fiio E10k is able to power these cans?
  7. cel4145

    Depends on your listening volume. At more moderate volumes, it would probably be OK.
  8. GoodListener611
    I turn up the volume so.... Any other desktop amp/dacs which are good enough?
  9. cel4145
  10. jryc89
    I happened to be thinking about an amp/dac for the k612 as well! I have the audioengine d1 already. Does anyone know if it has enough power to drive the k612s? I have heard these headphones are quite power hungry.
  11. GoodListener611
    I've read that the D1 works just fine with K612. Happens to be out of my budget.
  12. jryc89

    That's great to hear - thanks!
  13. GoodListener611
    I remember seeing it in a Youtube review for these headphones
  14. cel4145

    I thought everyone knew not to believe everything you see on YouTube. (lol)

    See this review of the D1

    Depending on one's listening volumes, 2V RMS is possibly not enough to handle all the dynamic peaks in music for the K612 Pro. So certainly better than most portable devices like phones or tablets, or even many computers. And probably OK for moderate listening volumes, but probably not if someone intends to turn it up.
  15. GoodListener611
    This just proves that I'm an audio noob,

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