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Clear, balanced open-back headphones for under $300

  1. SchmoopyJr
    I don't expect headphones of the gods for under $300, but what are the clearest well balanced open-backs I can get for the budget? I suppose I can stretch just a little.
  2. CheesyHoDogPuff
    I'd say either a HD650, but get it when it's on sale. They have been on sale a lot recently. Alternatives include the AKG Massdrop K7XX (When it drops again, which may be a while.), they can get away with not having an amp. A cheaper alternative could be the Sennheiser HD598. I would very strongly recommend an amplifier if you choose to go the HD650 route.
  3. billybob_jcv
    Sennheiser HD600, HiFiMan HE-400, AKG Q701, Shure SRH1440, AKG K612
  4. Youth
    Soundmagic HP200
  5. Kozic
    DT-880 if you have the amp 250 or 600 ohms if not get the 32.
  6. SchmoopyJr
    Thanks for the many suggestions. Regarding the sennheisers, is the infamous sennheiser veil still present or a thing o' the past?
  7. ZapX629

    I've always found it in my brief listening to the HD5 and 6 series, and almost universally prefer AT to Senn for clarity, transparency, and detail. Since no one has mentioned it yet, I'll suggest you look into the AD series. I've heard a lot of good things about the AKGs as well, but haven't had the pleasure of hearing them.
  8. CheesyHoDogPuff
    [​IMG]The sennehiser veil only existed because hifi headphones of the past tended to lack bass, and the HD650 is very laid back, with a slight mid-bass bump. I don't think there is a veil.
  9. SchmoopyJr
    Always fun to beat a dead horse; it's been too long since I've seen that glorious animation. I'm trying to decide between the hd600 (or 650 if i can find a good sale) and ad1000x. Thoughts?
  10. KG Jag
    The 1000X has a large sound stage--unlike the Senns and more like the Q701.
    See also:
  11. SchmoopyJr
    Based on that, I think I'm leaning towards the HD600. Any final thoughts on the 1000X?
  12. ProtegeManiac Contributor
    Also because a lot of impressions can come under less than ideal conditions. Let's say ten people listen to the HD580/600/650 at a meet - by the time the third or fourth person gets to them the earpads would have been very compressed if they're not using brand new earpads and the headband wasn't bent into the proper shape (they're supposed to feel a bit like the K701 when worn, not the vise grip nor the tight pressure under the ears). With that you're going to end up with potentially six to seven people chiming in everywhere about a veil, and maybe two people saying the treble is kinda sharp but the midrange has a veil, all depending on how compressed the earpads were when they got to them.
  13. SchmoopyJr
  14. KG Jag

    Can't help you--only have experience with 900X and 2000X.
  15. ZapX629

    Same here. Can't tell you much more other than I've always felt like AT are a lot more clear than Senn of comparable price in my personal experience. 

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