1. Zephead

    How can something so small be so good! (this could get expensive)

    Just got a Sansa clip zip (refurb for £20), first thing I did was stick K T Tunstall - Eye to the Telescope on the internal memory (got 13.5Gb copying to memory card) and pressed play.   WOW!   Coming from a PC running as Asus Xonar DS sound card into some creative speakers that have...
  2. Jack Western

    A pair of reasonable budget headphones for the beginner audiophile.

    While I'm here, I might as well get this over and done with  My girlfriend wants me to get her a pair of Goldring NS1000s for her birthday, as she loves mine, which she bought me... somewhat ironically, but I feel that is a bit of a jump to go from nothing to using a reasonably high end set of...
  3. kendric

    Need Helps on Suggestions for Stellar Sounding Players! SOS!

    Ok I have been using Zen X-Fi 32GB (w/ a 8GB SDHC Expansion) for coming nearly to two years. But as my library of songs expands, so does the shortcomings of the so-called X-Fi Crystallizer and X-Fi 3D Expand. So i need a new player that sounds as good as Cowon / Preferably a Cowon or even...
  4. Albinoni

    Discussion re Creative Zen X-FI II

    I know that there are alot of people here who hate or dislike Creative players due to what Craetive have got to offer.  Anyhow I am not here to type this post to start a flaming way on my player is better than yours etc etc etc, what you own is your business and what I own is mine, simple :-)...
  5. TheRH

    Creative ZEN X-Fi2?

    I am in the market for a new player and was curious, has anyone tired the Creative ZEN X-Fi2 series? If so what are you thoughts and opinions?   Thanks, RH
  6. Benchia001

    Cowon s9 vs creative zen x-fi2

    Hi, this is my first post and I would like to ask about the difference in sound quality between the to players I stated in the thread name. I currently own a iPod touch 2nd gen 16gb. However, I am rather Displeased with the sound quality. I m also a metal fan. My fav song is waking the demon by...
  7. Creative Labs Zen X-Fi 2 32 GB MP3 and Video Player with Touchscreen and Built-In Speaker (Black)

    Creative Labs Zen X-Fi 2 32 GB MP3 and Video Player with Touchscreen and Built-In Speaker (Black)

    Introducing the first ever touchscreen player by Creative Technology - the ZEN X-Fi2. No fussy buttons involved, simply let your fingers work their magic across the 3" TFT LCD screen and gain access to all player features instantly.The ZEN X-Fi2 now allows you to experience stellar X-Fi...