1. TKD7

    Earpads for CAL

    I just recently got the Creative Aurvana Live but my ears are a bit too big for the earpads, so they don't fully surround it properly. Does anyone know of any other earpads that'll fit on the CAL that are bigger?   thanks
  2. wtfsureprob

    Need help finding headphones for video games and music? (Price Range $100-$300)

    Hey guys,   I'm an avid video gamer as well a listener to EDM, dubstep, house, trance, jazz, classical, and rock music. I wanted to know are there any good headphones for the price range of 100-300 dollars that can help with listening to my choices of music as well as my hobby of video...
  3. talisman42

    Perhaps the Year of the CAL! (Aurvana Live) 2013

    These cans have been receiving great press over the years and while prices were pinned at over $90+ for most of the year, prices seem to be stabilizing in the $60 range. This is the price point where we have great expectations. I like many aspects of this can. 1. very light 2. comfortable...
  4. AnthonyMcEwen

    Need a upgrade, Help me get some nice "proper" Headphones.

    Right I Currently own some SHOCKING Sony MDR-XD200. Have decided I need a Upgrade. I'm from the UK So I have have also put my budget in USD as well. OK I now have a budget of £50 ($80) but can streach to £65 ($100) if there is something that will really be worth the extra £££.... But that's my...
  5. draacor

    The search continues

    Ok last time I left off i returned the Grado SR80i because of comfort and sound leakage.  I returned the ATHM50s because of comfort.  Now I am returning the K550 because of fit.  I love the sound of these cans but i cant get them to fit snug on my head for the life of me.  I even tried bending...
  6. Profoundsoup

    Best closed back headphones for $600 or less without "Sharp" Treble

    Title says it all :)
  7. zKronos

    Help Me Get Started

    To begin with, I don't know a whole lot about headphones, which is the reason I am here. I have a few questions that I'd like to ask, and if anybody could tell me some things that I should know I'd love to hear it. I am trying to buy some high quality headphones but don't know where to start or...
  8. Zulkr9

    Which earpads are compatible

    I was wondering which earpads are compatible with the creative aurvana live. I was looking at the shure srh 840 pad but was wondering if that was too big. I also am open to other earpads that are pleather and memory foam.  Thanks in advance 
  9. amigomatt

    Present for a good musician friend. Result of much research..

    I'm a musician and so is my good friend.  I really want to get him some nice cans for his birthday that is coming up.  I've done TONS of research, but won't get chance to try out many of my options.   He likes all sorts of music and is a piano and trumpet player.  His music tastes are...
  10. Senpai3330

    Custom Painted some Creative Aurvana Live!'s

    Disassembled, painted with nail polish (generously), air dried, and reassembled. I really didn't know what I was doing with the splatter pattern but in the end I really like it! :) This is all in prep for a recable and Markl mods to get these babies in shape as my primary portable cans.
  11. johnsoft349

    Looking to switch from IEMs to cans

    But I only want to spend 100 bucks, maybe a little bit more if necessary.    I've been doing a lot of reading and it sounds like the Grado S80i's are popular for that price range, and very good.    The one thing I'm worried about is that the sound signature will be too flat. I already...
  12. uswhovian

    taking headphone suggestions

    Hey guys,   So I'm looking to invest in my first pair of cans. I have just used earbuds previously but fell in love with a friends headphones. However, there are a ton of headphones out there and I have no idea where to start.   I only have several requirements for my future set of...
  13. Young4

    Newbie buying first headphones

    I apologize if I post this in the wrong section as it is suppose to be for full sized headphones, but I am new to all of this and don't exactly understand the difference. I am looking for my first pair of 'nice' headphones for preferably under 100$. So far I have bee looking at the sennheiser hd...
  14. joshjp

    Want new headphones $350 budget

    Hi guys/girls, this is my first post here, as you can tell from the title im looking for some new Headphones below $350, ok so first i will tell you what i currently have, i have the Harman Kardon CL, they are good, but i finnd them to be to forward sonding, and there is to much sibblince in the...
  15. SkyBleu

    Good On-Ear Headphones at $100 (or under)

    Hello all,   I have a friend who is after a pair of headphones at around the cost of $100 (preferably $100 or under AUD). He is new to the audio scene, and I have had a mental blank of what he could get that's worthy around that price range.    He had considered SOL Republic/Beats line...
  16. Aaron94

    Looking for new home listening headphone!

    Hey guys, recently Ive been looking for another new headphone that I can use while sitting at my desk enjoying my music, as well as some light gaming. In the past months Ive really grown away from my LP2s bloated bass, and my Zoros clamping pressure, both have begun to fatigue my ears after...
  17. dakanao

    What are some of the best maximum $80 over-ear headphones that don't leak much?

    My maximum budget is $80, and I want some crisp and clear neutral sounding over-ear comfortable headphone with not TOO much bass, but still quite a lot of bass. They also shouldn't leak a lot. I want to have them on my head for 2 hours, and they shouldn't hurt my ears or head. I own a AKG K540...
  18. Zainalu

    Comfortable headphone for meditation

    Hello! I am looking to purchase an inexpensive headphone under $50-$60 USD. I will be using it primarily for meditation. So, my first requirement is comfort, followed by light weight and good sound quality and clarity. It should not be bassy. I will use it through my cellphone without any amp...
  19. Dorel

    help buying new headphones!

    hi everyone, I am looking for a new set of headphones around 100$ (the lower the price the better). I hear all kind of music (except rock): mostly Hip-Hop but also Trap,House,Electro... the design is important to me, so i want headphones that looks like - Dr. Dre Beats or Sol Republic Tracks...
  20. Rosbife

    Much appreciated suggestions for Electro/House closed cans

    Hello everyone, I've been away from the hi-fi sene for quite a while, unfortunately, but not long enough for a mate of mine to ask for help picking up his first decent set of cans.  All he asks for is that "they're good" (well, duh), around 50-80 euro (let's make it 60-100 USD), and...
  21. Ninjax

    Best over ear headphone £50 ($80)

    I am looking for a pair of comfortable headphones which sound nice with voices (for movies), rock, electronic and chill groove. So far I've come to the conclusion that the Creative Aurvana Live fits the bill. Any other ideas? Oh yeah, I love my bass!
  22. S


  23. charliebrown42

    Upgrade from Beats Solo HD. Noob needs help.

    Okay so I got caught up in the Beats fad about 2 years ago and with my 200 hundred dollar budget (regretfully) got the Solo HD's. This past week they finally broke, and needless to say I'm free now. The question is what do I get now? Reading all these forums there seems to be hundreds upon...
  24. cruizin caleb

    Creative Aura Live! vs Sennheiser HD 439 comparisons

    Hey,   I haven't found any comparisons between the Creative Aura Live and the Sennheiser HD439 which I find strange considering they're both closed headphones at approximately the same price. Has anyone listened to both of these?
  25. tesn

    Sennheiser HD 439 vs Creative Aurvana Live?

    I need some closed back (live with others) headphones for general PC use -- for casual music listening of all genres and PC gaming, that are comfortable and decently priced. I was also looking at the KNS6400, Sony MDRV6. and SRH440, but these two seemed generally cheaper and also very reputable...