Looking for new home listening headphone!
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Oct 28, 2012
Hey guys, recently Ive been looking for another new headphone that I can use while sitting at my desk enjoying my music, as well as some light gaming. In the past months Ive really grown away from my LP2s bloated bass, and my Zoros clamping pressure, both have begun to fatigue my ears after about an hour of listening. And I actually plan on selling both sometime in the future.
But for now Im looking for a new can that I will mainly be using to listen to my more treble hungry music such as Metallica, Guns N' Roses, AC/CD, and Bon Jovi. But I will also be using it to play a few games on my laptop such as FPSs, so a good soundstage and positional accuracy would be great. Now I know it probably isnt alot of to go off of, but I am not looking to spend much over $70 at the moment. Reason being is because Im saving my money to purchase Samsungs new Galaxy phone later this month. At the current moment I do not own an amp of any type, I was gonna save my amp experience for when I could afford to buy some Schiit gear with some great hi end headphones.
Now Ive already looked at a few cans but couldnt get a definite reading on how they may perform with the things I want them too. Those cans being; 
  1. AKG K240 Studio
  2. Creative Aurvana Live
  3. Sennheiser HD429 
  4. Takstar HI2050
I looked into all 3 of those and saw some good reviews, some terrible reviews, so I really wasnt sure about any of them. Im completely open to new suggestions as I dont have my heart set on anything right now. Thanks for the help!

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