1. Technicolour

    Burn in

    So I just bought a pair of Creative Aurvana Live! headphones and I'm a bit new to sound so I have some questions: How long must I let them burn in before I can notice an increase in sound quality? and is there any specific genre I should be burning this kind of headphones with or should I use a...
  2. Gomas

    General purpose headphones under £100

    Hi everyone :)     I'm not very knowledgeable when it comes to headphones, so I'm seeking your help. I need a new pair of headphones, for gaming (mainly Starcraft), and general use. The music I listen to is rock and electronica. I obviously also watch movies :P.     The soudcard I...
  3. Porkchop1

    Samson sr850 vs koss pro dj100 vs Creative Aurvana Live

    I currently own Samson sr850 but im looking for new headphones in 75-125dollar price range.   I checked the guide on this site and only  CAL and koss pro dj100 headphones were available in my country. Would either of them be any better than Samson sr850?   Imo the sound of the Samson sr850...
  4. ljokerl

    Shootout: 114 Portable Headphones Reviewed (Xiaomi Mi Headphones added 04/21/2015)

    Introduction   I started planning this review around the same time I joined head-fi and saw how useful multi-headphone comparisons could be for a newcomer. I put my meager (at the time) collection of portable headphones to good use and tested them against each other. What started out as a...
  5. lakersfan

    Best Headphones under 100 for ipod listening only

    Hi everyone!   I am looking to buy my first pair of over the ear style headphones. I have read through many of the threads on here, and have not been able to decide between a few headphones.   The main uses of the headphones I am buying are for portable use (in a car, train, airplane)...
  6. alexhutu

    Creative Aurvana Live, Philips Fidelio L1, Sennheiser HD558 or something else for listening at home?

    I am looking to buy some good headphones for listening to music and watching movies at home.   The most important thing is that they have to be VERY comfortable, for long listening sessions. I usually have issues with the headband, so that should be extra-comfortable.   I will use them with...
  7. LordYarkan

    ATH-AD700 vs Creative Auvana Live

    Hi all guys , i want to buy a new pair of headphones that are good for music and for gaming . I heard about this two pairs of headphones but i can't really decide which to buy . Can you help me please ? If there are other possibilities that are better than those 2 headphones tell me please . As...
  8. disillusion

    New Creative Headphones

    Hello, newbie here (but have been lurking for a while). Just saw this on Engadget (, maybe some people will be interested?     Creative Aurvana Platinum Creative Aurvana Gold Creative Aurvana Live!2 Aurvana Live...
  9. SheaMolt

    Looking for some nice headphones (headset) for gaming + music

    My headphones now are skull candy earbuds and I like them - the are perfect for college as they are extremely portable, however, I think my ears are asking for some better sounding audio )greater then $20 earbuds. I've heard Beats and I didn't think they sounded much better then my SC Titan's. I...
  10. nicholars

    CAL! Not bad for £60

    Removed. Not sure what I was thinking TBH.
  11. john53

    Headphones and comfort.

    I believe that comfort when using headphones depends to each person's head size/shape,ear size shape etc.   For example,I see too many comments about the "supreme" comfort of the Sony MDR 1R. I have the Sony's and I also own the shure srh840.It may sound strange,but I find the shures to be...
  12. Jay_WJ

    [Comparison Review] Searching for accurate sounding closed cans under $100 (9 headphone models compared)

    I was recently in need of closed headphones and curious about what the market offers. I thought I might share my findings with someone in a similar situation.   I am a speaker builder with measurement equipment, so I know what is neutral and undistorted sound. Unlike speaker systems, most...
  13. jackwess

    Creative Aurvana new range of headphones to be released!

    They Just announced on a press release the new range of models: Aurvana platinum, Aurvana gold, and Aurvana Live! 2   If they are anything like the classic Live! headphones (sound quality wise) i'm in! 
  14. professor74

    Best over ear headphones in price range of $40-$100

    I'm looking for a pair of over the ear headphones that have pretty good quality sound for my price range of $40-$100. I am getting these for a friend as a gift so them trying them on prior to purchase most likely would NOT happen. These headphones should be good to go by just plugging in an iPod...
  15. billyp245

    Headphone Choice

    Hello all, I am pretty new to the headphone scene and am having trouble deciding which headphones I should purchase. Now i'm not a complete noob, as I know a few things that will narrow down the search.  Firstly, I prefer headphones over headsets due to the fact that the sound will be...
  16. Magicman74

    The "Original" M50 Killer

    I'm not starting a bashing thread but just posting some thought for the newer members who missed these back in 07/08. So many people say the M50s are the gateway into this hobby. You younger guys REALLY missed out. These were and still are the best headphones in this range ever.  The M50's...
  17. K_19

    WTB: Denon D1001 or Creative Aurvana Live! in good condition

    Hey all,   Looking for a Denon D1001 or a CAL! in good, near mint condition in their stock form... it is hard to find the CAL! in Canada for some reason.  I have a Phonak PFE 012 with grey filters (effectively a 112 without the accessories) that I can offer as a trade if one's interested.  The...
  18. Bobz216

    Recommendations for headphones at about $50-100 (A little over would be fine)

    Hi Head-Fi. I am new to this forum, so pardon my newbiness when it comes to headphones, considering I have used Skullcandy for so long and now found that *gasp* there are better headphones for cheaper (sometimes)! So, I listen to post-hardcore/pop/alternative (A Day To Remember, Rise Against...
  19. germius

    Low Budget Home Djing Headphones

    Hi Guys, awesome forum and nice to emeet you all   I'm looking for a low budget home djing headphones.   I have Numark Mixtrack Pro (traktor) and Macbook.   Currently i'd like to buy one of this:   - Creative Aurana Live   - Superlux HD668B   - Superlux HD681   -...
  20. HyenaPrime

    URGENT!!! Need good sounding, comfortable headphones for EDM, Rock, and Rap (UNDER $100)

    I am trying to come up with a pair of headphones to ask for for Christmas. I will mainly be listening to EDM, Rap, and Rock. They NEED to meet this criteria: They need to be very comfortable. They need to have crisp sound quality. They need to be just bassy enough (I want to hear those...
  21. Garnished

    Any good pairs of headphones under $75?

    My best friend's birthday is soon and he is an audiophile as am I. Does anybody know some good quality headphones for under $75?
  22. PureCarnage

    Creative Aurvana Live for gaming.

    I looked around, and I really like the look of the Creative Aurvana live, and was wondering if some of you guys have tested it in gaming, and how it holds up vs more standard gaming headsets/headphones.     My current headset is a Creative Sound Blaster Arena surround, so if anybody knows how...
  23. ramaka

    Creative Aurvana Live (CAL)

    Selling these very mildly used mint condition headphones for cheap. Shipping only the headphone, no manual, adapter or original box as I have lost them. I will cover the Paypal and shipping charges.
  24. Titan89

    First headphone

    Hi All,   I'm looking for my first on-ear headphone. After a few days searching I found some pretty nice. Firstly let me tell you what headphones I'd like. Mostly I will use it on streets with an iphone 4 so mobility is important. It should be closed system and one important thing is the...
  25. Prophes0r

    Very specific headphone/audio recommendation

    First, a preface. Yes I did search, exhaustively.  Mad Lust Envy and The Nameless have great posts.  I haven't found any other posts that are close enough to my request to find the information I need to make these decisions.  If this should be moved to another forum because It slants more...