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Upgrade from Beats Solo HD. Noob needs help.

  1. charliebrown42
    Okay so I got caught up in the Beats fad about 2 years ago and with my 200 hundred dollar budget (regretfully) got the Solo HD's. This past week they finally broke, and needless to say I'm free now. The question is what do I get now? Reading all these forums there seems to be hundreds upon hundreds of options. After doing some research, however, I have came up with the Audio Technica ATH-M50x and the V-Moda Crossfade LP2. The M50x's seem like they are better overall sounding but lack bass, unlike the LP2's. My budget is again 200 dollar, with a little bit of wiggle room. I listen to 99% rap/hip-hop, but mostly only new stuff like G-Eazy, Logic, Kendrick Lamar, Kanye West, Tyler, The Creator. , Childish Gambino, Eminem(new and old), new Jay-Z, Big Sean, Drake, etc. Anyways, I need some help in the right direction. Bass is a key choice but my Beats just drowned out the mids and highs and I wasn't a fan of that. I would also consider getting a "portable amp" as long as the two together are under 200, but I'd like to stay away from that. Portability and comfort are both key also because of traveling, and the buttons to control the music on the line are nice too. I will just be using an iPhone 6 Plus for the source, 64gb. Any help is appreciated! Thanks!
  2. Mshenay
    honestly the new Beats Solo isn't a bad headphone at all! If you like the looks of the old one and the new I say go for the Beats Solo 2 
    Or try the Logitech UE 6000 
  3. charliebrown42
    I would literally plug them in sometimes and just not hear parts of the songs? Like all I could here is rattling bass. I'm done with beats, sorry.
  4. Mshenay
    Uhh yea the old Beats are garbage, trust me I heard the entire line they were all terrible
    the new beats are under Apple and have gotten very good reviews
    how ever :3 there are many alternitives 
    such as the Logitech UE 6000, the Creative Aura Live, the Sound Magic HP 100/150, the Shure 840, the AKG K550 and the Beyer DT 1350 or one of the V-Modas
    How ever any of the above cans [the DT 1350 is a touch over $200] will sound fine out of just the iPod 6+ headphone out,  
  5. charliebrown42
    Would you agree the m50's aren't for the music I'm listening to? And which V-Modas, lp2 vs m80? I like the AKG's looks lol.
  6. Mshenay
    Actually the M50 would work nicely 
  7. charliebrown42
    I just went full circle and now I'm back to lp2 vs m50x
  8. OMGLadyGaga
    Im a hip hop head and id strongly advice UE6000 or Beats Solo 2 given that you want ipod controls as well. Those work nicely and sound very good to me.
  9. OMGLadyGaga
    Sony MDR-1R works too
  10. Mshenay
    Indeed, I second this advice :3 
  11. charliebrown42
    I did some more research and am seriously considering the Logitech UE6000, V-Moda Crossfade LP2, ATH M-50x, and lastly the Sony MDR-1R. I'm leaning mostly towards the Sony and the V-Moda because of the bass, which I'm seriously interested in. I have just heard that the Sony's isnt as sloppy as the V-Moda's. How would both compare to my old Beats Solo's?
  12. cel4145

    Any of the headphones you are considering will be a good improvement of the Beats Solos.
  13. Mshenay
  14. Jbdawson

    So out of all these models listed as well Beats Solo Drenched for rap/hip-hop you guys would recommend the UE6000 (especially if looking for bass with no amp)? I posted here years back for recommendations and was told to get the XB500's got them and they've held up really well over the years. I want something new and fresh though and still the bassy sound that I get with my XB's I look forward to any advice.
  15. TacticalBeard
    i would personally recommend V-Moda my last pair lasted me 6 years and i only just sent them in 6 days ago to be upgraded with there immortal life program and the LP2 sounds like just what your looking for for your music. and if you like cosmetics you can get custom shields with your order( extra cost obviously if you want 3d printed steel or precious metals) but aluminum or fiber is free last i checked 

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