1. XERW

    Entry-level recommendations

    In the market for either IEM or a full-sized cans (closed) that can be driven without AMP. Budget around $160 (USD) remote location means I'm stuck at ordering online. Any recommendations? Going to venture outside inner-fi this time - need more input.   Previously owned cans: - HD201 - HD202...
  2. seamon

    New headphones: ATH M50X?

    I am currently using a pair of Skull Candy SK pro. I really like the sound but the problem with these is that after using them for sometime, my ears start to hurt. I have pretty big ears and my ears do not fit inside these Skull candies. I am looking to buy a new pair of headphones and was...
  3. MaztotheUla

    Best Replacement Pads for M50x's?

    Just bought the M50'x's havent really compared the sound yet but the pads are much more harsher compared to my HD 439's. Im considering buying velour earpads, and I'm confused between the sound professional pads or the shure 940 pads. Suggestions? Thanks   I'll probably purchase the HD 558's...
  4. footballguy108

    Best Headphone For Under 300$?

    Hey everyone, im new so please dont hate on me. I recently returned my old headphones to best buy (Beats by dre Solo HD). I got in store credit for them and i opted to upgrade to the Beats Executives because i likes the look and the comfiness. I think they are great but i want to see what other...
  5. Arcaneex

    Need help finding the perfect one.

    No, ain't a dating thread. Anyway, I love music. I cannot do something without it. I had tons of in ear headphones,was alright but looking for more. Anywho, I'm listening to mainly electronic genres like Dubstep, Psytrance, Hardstyle and so on, I like bass I must say. In looking for over ear...
  6. Jmurphly

    Looking for a closed headphone for rock\blues around ~$200

    Hey there everyone one.   So I'm not exactly new to the headphone game. I've got a modest setup of a set of HM5s and a brand new Schiit Vali/Modi stack. I really like my HM5s but I'm starting to get the itch for something a bit better. I live with a couple of loud room mates so the headphones...
  7. Corcorac

    Looking For Some New Cans

    I'm trying to find some new audiophile cans. I don't have a lot of requirements, but the ones I do have will be deal breakers. I'm looking for over-the ear, preferably closed back. Comfortable is helpful considering I'm always listening to music at class and at home. (Well and in the car but...
  8. fuens

    choose my next headphones, bassy (not too much)

    Hello mates :) I make a call to you for choose my next headphones, they are very differents but what I'm looking for is a something similar to DT 770 pro (250ohm), some bassy (not too much) headphones. Also I own DT 990 pro (250ohm) and Sennheiser HD 25-1 II I don't know if ATH-M50X (are a...
  9. djdakine

    replacing my DT-770 250ohms with what?!?

    SIGH   lets just put my stupidity in quick recap   had a baby - so wanted something portable sold my DT-770 picked up ATH-m50x - felt it really lacking at home picked up a AUNE T1 MK2 regret not having my DT-770 at home   I cant get myself to buy the 770s again, especially paying more...
  10. C x 2

    Headphones around $200 CAD

    Hi everyone, looking for a pair of closed headphone (preferably with a removable cable) for around $200 CAD. Comfort is huge as it was an issue with my last pair of headphones (M50x). I'm also looking for clarity, powerful vocals, controlled bass, and a wide sound stage (I'm a beginner so please...
  11. jsanfilippo5

    Alternative to the mdr 7506

    I Currently have the Sony MDR-7506 they sound great, but they are a little too bright for me - I like everything else about them, but the highs can get a little piercing and annoying if wearing them for a while.   Can anyone recommend a similar spec'd headphone with a more tamed treble?     ...
  12. orenco

    Buying new IE

    I own a pair of ATH M-50 I bought half a year back and I'm quite satisfied with 'em, but they're messy to carry around with and I'm afraid to leave them in my room when I'm gone. I was thinking about getting new pair of headphones that would give me a different experience from the M-50 (aka...
  13. Johnstephen95

    Don't let me buy these, need help with lightweight suggestions (around ear headphones)

    I need some suggestions for around ear headphones. I just purchased the ATH- M50s from Audio Technica a couple days ago, but I don't find them very comfortable. What I am using them for: - Listening for long hours - Small amounts of video editing (less important to my purchase) What I am...
  14. laughs

    Need help deciding on a good set of closed-back phones below $300

    Hi there! First post and happy to be joining the community (my poor wallet though, I don't think it will ever forgive me for the decision).  I was wondering if I could get some help on deciding on a good set of closed headphones under $300.  I would love to get some open ones to fully enjoy the...
  15. A

    Headphone Recommendation: Audio Technica ATH-M50x v.s. V-Moda Crossfade M-100

    I am looking for a headphone, and I am considering the Audio Technica ATH-M50x and V-Moda Crossfade M-100 headphones. I will write down what I think in each department and ask some questions. Please help me choose the one that is better (for me).   1. Comfort - I want my headphone to be...
  16. yerodtr

    Looking for first "good" pair of headphones.

    Ok, so I am looking for a decent pair of headphones. I have split my questions/posts up into the appropriate forums as I am also looking for an amp/dac to go with them. Thread:   Here is the quick...
  17. Maximal

    What headphones would suit me?

    Hey guys, don't know if this is the right section of the forum to post this, but anyways.. Sooo, I'm new to all of this, I have never owned any good or "expensive" headphones, more than some cheaper in-ear from local stores. But since I don't know anything I have always thought they have had...
  18. Lucagt9

    Beyerdynamic custom pro/beyerdynamic dt 770/ audio technica ath-m50x ?

    hi, i want to buy a new pair of headphones for less than 200$, which of them you suggest me? i could buy also a DAC. there are other ones that you think that are better of them? thank you very much
  19. Lucagt9

    best headphones under 200$

    what are in your opinion the best headphones under or about 200$? i'm searching for great sound quality and deep clear bass for electronic but also pop music. i can also buy an amplifier if it could help
  20. B

    Looking for something iem headphone ( Ath m50x---HA-FXT90--AKG K 240 )

    Hi everyone i been aways for a long time ahah.   I always had great advice here so i have some question :)     So im looking something to fit with my  future Nexus 5 from lg Currently on a samsung Nexus.       I do think a iem will be a better choice for portability and all.     So...
  21. Prolificaudio

    What is a closed headphone upgrade that is leaps and bounds above the Ath m50x? Lets make a list of the step ups in quality help me out my friends!

    The title pretty much says it all. I don't want something that is a side step or a little upgrade I want something that blows the M50x out of the water. I want something that is superior SQ, Very Fun sound,l bright, analytical, detailed, Lush, warm, beautiful soundstage, with good speed. I have...
  22. TechGamer

    Headphone Burn - in or Break - in...??

    Hey guys...! ☺ I was recently looking into the Audiophile world... And bumped into this process or a term (I am not sure)... It is supposed to bring out your Headphones or something... Make it more vibrant... Can you give me some advice on the Right way to do this... Which noise to be...
  23. Colactix

    Just a Couple of Questions

    Hi there   just picked myself up a pair of ATH M50's, they sound great but im unsure of my setup. I have a Asus Xonar D2X soundcard with a 5.1 surround sound setup coming from it. From this i  have my M50's plugged into the sound controller from the surround setup. Im new to this , so...
  24. thejsm

    Foam ATH-M50x Comfort Mod

    Hey Guys, This is probably my first real post here so be gentle. I first of all love my ATH-M50x's (and my HD650's) but the ATH-M50x's are no where near the same comfort level as the HD650's naturally because of the cup size, depth and same with the pads. I banged my head in the wall for a...
  25. mindstormer

    Audio-Technica ATH-M50x best of its price? Significant upgrade to Audio-Technica AD700?

    I own Audio-Technica AD700 and now, I'm having issues with the left sound working only when the cable is tilted a certain way (cat damaged cable). Also, sound leakage is a bit of a problem. Came across ATH-M50x + an audio recorder of ~$80 value for $144 after rebate, obviously a good deal. I...