Looking for something iem headphone ( Ath m50x---HA-FXT90--AKG K 240 )
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Feb 28, 2013
Hi everyone i been aways for a long time ahah.
I always had great advice here so i have some question :)
So im looking something to fit with my  future Nexus 5 from lg Currently on a samsung Nexus.
I do think a iem will be a better choice for portability and all.
So currently i been trying to find something good for in home use and outdoor.
The ath-m50x is like 180$   Closed back.
The Ha FXT90  seem to be an awesome earphone.   88$
AKG K240  open back not the best for outdoor use and look a bit strange. 120$
Any idea what could be the best in all these 3
Im currently using  MEElectronics M9P they sound good. but i want something better if it possible ahah.
Thank you

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