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Buying new IE

  1. orenco
    I own a pair of ATH M-50 I bought half a year back and I'm quite satisfied with 'em, but they're messy to carry around with and I'm afraid to leave them in my room when I'm gone.

    I was thinking about getting new pair of headphones that would give me a different experience from the M-50 (aka: more bass, etc), ones with a microphone that I could use for my Galaxy S III and most importantly that they would be IE and that they would fit into my ear.

    My right ear is quite small and I've had some problems with IE headphones in the past so please do consider that.

    When it comes to genres I listen to many different types, including:
    Alternative metal, rock, dubstep, hip hop, pop, trance, classic.. and more, as I said I listen to many different types.

    Tyvm in advance.

    Foolish me, I'm willing to invest around 500$ in ebay (I live in israel)
  2. orenco
    Bump, please do help me I would an advice by people who know what they're talking about.
  3. pjyi
    with your budget and taste of music, I would either get UE 900, EX1000, or UM3X
  4. orenco

    First of all thank you secondly do they all include a mic? Can you assure me they would fit in my tiny right ear? And is there a parameter I could use to check if IE headphones can fit a small ear?
  5. orenco
    Once again, bump :x

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