1. Jethro10

    Wanted - On-Ear phones with a sound like UE Triple-Fi 10's

    Hi, I'm looking for comfy on ear phones. Tried about 3-4 months ago, but failed and gave up for a while.   I bough the Wife some UE Triple-Fi 10's for christmas and she loves them, I've tried them and love the liveliness and attack, the enthusiasm of them. I've tried V-Moda Crossfade...
  2. PeterCheng

    Which IEM should I choose? UE 600 or other alternatives?

    Ive only heard UE 600 and i find that it has 'airy' and forward mids that im in love with. However after searching for more discussions, I found that its built is not that desirable. Just want to ask if i want ue600-ish signature mids and crisp highs, better durability, will there be any iem...
  3. sofastreamer

    Upgrade for UE6000

    which would be the better upgrade regarding sound quality alone? m100 or yamaha pro 500? i need a portable solution with some bass and really like the ue6000 for that, but sometimes i wish better layering and soundstage and a tad more oomph.   so which would be the better choice?
  4. lamboman

    Sennheiser Momentum, Harman Kardon BT, and a few others...

    Hi all,   After a rather poor customer service experience with Apple, they have offered me £100 to spend on anything that I would like from their online store (which of course means a limited range of headphones). This should mean that I will be able to essentially get a substantial discount...
  5. DenverDrew

    My first Head-Fi post = Needing help selecting a balanced over ear headphone!

    UPDATED 12-30-2012!   Hello everyone at Head-Fi! I finally broke down and created an account here after stalking your forums far too many times.  I'm a fledgling audiophile just sticking my toes in the water for the first time at 29.  I can already see this is going to be another dangerous...
  6. rebelx

    Headphones Noob. Need advice for NC for $200

    Hi all, I've recently purchased a Sony Playstation Pulse wireless headset on a whim (paid about $130 after tax) and I regret my decision now that I've realized that 7.1 only works with a PS3 (I sold my PS3) and that I really should be getting something for noise cancelling. I have about...
  7. NickWest

    New headphones Recommendations

    Hello Everyone,   To begin with, I don't know much about headphones. But I'm looking for new headphones I previously had beats. Tired of them and want something new and better quality, with noise cancellation and very little or no sound leakage. Quiet the opposite from the beats, haha. I...
  8. Aslfrasle

    Headphone Deathmatch

    Alright, now I've got about six different headphones, and no clear decision between them so I want to set up a comparison between them to declare a winner. If everyone could rank these six headphones on four criteria that are important for my headphones, I would be eternally grateful.   The...
  9. 10DeeQ

    Headphone for a big head that sounded similar to Dynaudio ?

    hi, im new here and i'm ready to "burn my wallet" well, not so much as i'm still new :) anyway i've got some question and need some recommendations, so please guide me here.   i have few audio source , it's not high end just normal audio source, i still don't know which one will give me...
  10. sofastreamer

    Its getting hot --> i need a decent set of on ear (not over ear!) headphones

    As it is getting warmer in germany, i am in the need for an on ear headphone. I noticed that all my over ears get to warm, so that i cannot wear them while sitting in the sun. I already own the m80, but it does not isolate well enough and i would like to get better detail and soundstage depth...
  11. Poisoner

    Headphone recommendation for an overwhelmed person

    Hey guys, I have read and read and done a lot of research.  After being an audio lover for many years I decided to get into hi-fi.  I've currently have what I consider a good setup, but I am looking for more.  I am looking for more because I know there is more out there.  However, I get...
  12. ACR69

    Wondering If I could've already damaged my headphones while burning-in

    I got my Logitech/UE UE6000 2 days ago and wondering If I could've damaged them. Since I've got them I've been listening to them for 5-8 hours already and played them at 65-85 percent volume. I heard about burn-in and did some research about it and said that If you play the headphones at a high...
  13. elkend

    Just bought Bose AE-2 for $99.

    Can't decide if I should open them or take them back. Are they good headphones for $99? Are there better ones for that price? I'm completely new to the audiophile world, besides knowing they hate Bose.
  14. drew026

    Best headphones for studying in the $200-250 range.

    I have a pair of the QC15's that I got as a gift, however I'm not terribly impressed with them especially when it comes to studying in the library, or blocking out roommate noise when I'm trying to sleep. Problem is, I don't have anything to really compare them to. I do like the design however...
  15. Lordeagle

    Looking for new headphones(need help)

    Hi! Ii'm currently looking for some new headphones. What i'm looking for in theese headphones are a good and solid bass, noise cancelling ( always nice to shut the rest of the world out ;)), and a well balanced tune. Good looking is always a positive thing. i'm thinking the cost should be...
  16. matthewy968

    I'm about to buy headphones and know nothing about them. Need advice

    I am buyin my first pair of decent headphone, no knowledge jus lookin for sum advice. I listen to mostly rap but all music occasionally. Whats most important to me is being able to make out the lyrics. My favorite group is bone thugs n harmony a lot of their songs are fast paced I want the...
  17. wakazuki

    A newbie questions

    Hey guys so I'm new to headfi and I wanted to get some advice from you who are quite into headphones :)  So I've owned a v-moda crossfade LP for 2 years and they were fine while I was really into house and those kind of music's but recently I've started to listen more and more to pop and more...
  18. Mr Lulz

    Need Help

    Hey guys! I know that there are many threads based that are alot like mine, but i need some help. I listen to alot of Drum 'n Bass, Hip-Hop, and Rock, but the headphones I am looking for need to focus on the first two genres I listed. I will be using an iPod Touch 4g (unamped), so the headphones...
  19. trenzterra

    Would an impedance adapter or an in-line volume control function the same?

    Here's the deal. I have a UE600 (rather low impedance) that is apparently drawing too much current from my new Galaxy S4 (which probably has rather high output impedance), such that above certain volume levels, I experience audio clipping.   Will an impedance adapter or an in-line volume...
  20. ColtMrFire

    Newbie looking for purchase advice

    I am not a headphone expert but I appreciate good sound and am looking to upgrade from my skull candy in ear phones to something much more substantial.   My price range is $100-$300...maybe more depending on how good the headphones are, but certainly nothing more than $500.  I have an iMac...
  21. bluesrocktitan

    HELP!!! need to find the right pair of headphones/earphones

    Can anyone help me! I am looking for a pair of great sounding in ear headphones in about a $100-$200 price range, I am big on sound quality and want ones that sound really clear, I like rock, blues, soul and some pop music so none of this deep bass rubbish. Anyrecommendations?
  22. AzureBeat

    $200 for one can to rule them all. Sub $300 shootout?

    So, that's my objective. I currently have $200 for headphones. I may get more sometime, but at this moment I'm not sure. If I do get more, than I'll have $300 to play with, so I'd like to see a sub $300 can shootout. (I did search for one, and didn't see such a thread.) So here's what I'd love...
  23. Waynester

    My Ultimate Ears Super Fi 5 Pro are DEAD, need advice on replacements

    Hi Guys   my Super Fi 5 Pro headphones are dead, Logitech sent me a replacement cable but it made no difference one side is louder than the other, and the bass is not as it used to be i only used them about 10 times in 3 years, holidays and the occasional long car journey, disgusting...
  24. m1ku

    isolating IEM under $200

    my past IEMs are UE600 and currently using a SE215. I'm trying to get an IEM under $200 for my sister. She tried the bower wilkins C5 from her friend and like it, but I'm sure there are better alternatives, but not sure. She listens to rock, hip-pop, some classic and some jazz. Would like to...
  25. leoncsl

    On Ear Noice-Canceling Headphone advises please!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hi guys, I wanna get a on ear noice cancelling headphone around $200. Can you guys give me some suggestion? The headphone will be used for daily music and it will be great if it look good. Also it will be great if the cable is replaceable. Thx guys!