My Ultimate Ears Super Fi 5 Pro are DEAD, need advice on replacements
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Sep 15, 2010
Hi Guys
my Super Fi 5 Pro headphones are dead, Logitech sent me a replacement cable but it made no difference
one side is louder than the other, and the bass is not as it used to be
i only used them about 10 times in 3 years, holidays and the occasional long car journey, disgusting that they cant even take this little use
i need a new set, they have generously offered me a 35% discount code, i`d love the UE900 but even with discount, they are still too expensive
not sure about the UE600 or to get some Shure SE215?
i dont like loads of bass, but it has to be there with a bit of "ooomph" lol!
i listen to Rock Music, some jazz funk mainly, prog rock, that type of thing
any advice on comparisons between the UE600 and SE215?
even thought about the Triple Fi 10, but they are old now arent they?

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