1. Aerinqq

    UE Triple Fi 10 vs pro version? run/alternatives

    Hi everyone, can anyone tell me the difference between Ultimate Ears Triple Fi 10 and Triple Fi pro version? I can get the normal version for 200 USD (beeing refered as noise isolating version on ebay) but the pro version seems to be around 400 USD...is the difference rly that big? Or am I...
  2. AUserName

    Suggestions on Full Size Headphone around 300$

    I'm looking for some advice on a pair of headphones around 300$ or less.  I will primarily use them at my desk at work (software dev). The people in the adjacent cubes aren't cool with playing music over the jambox or laptop speakers so I'm not entirely sure a pair of open/semi open would fit...
  3. lippi

    Want some more closed cans but cant find any that tick all the boxes!

    I am looking for some new closed cans for use when I am out (with ipod), but I cant seem to find ones which tick all the boxes for me, so thought I would come here to see if anyone can provide some inspiration about which ones may fit the bill...   I currently have:   Sennheiser HD595...
  4. davidhunternyc

    Which IEM's Have the Best Soundstage?

    It almost seems like a contradiction of terms to ask this question but I am wondering nonetheless. It seems far easier for full-sized headphones (especially open headphones) to convey soundstaging (headstage), but IEM's? So which IEM's do you think have the best soundstage and >>>>>why?<<<<<
  5. Waynester

    My Ultimate Ears Super Fi 5 Pro are DEAD, need advice on replacements

    Hi Guys   my Super Fi 5 Pro headphones are dead, Logitech sent me a replacement cable but it made no difference one side is louder than the other, and the bass is not as it used to be i only used them about 10 times in 3 years, holidays and the occasional long car journey, disgusting...
  6. iscorpio71

    IEM customs reshell inearz vs inearcentral, my experience.

    Hello Forum!   I sent a couple of month ago two iem (UM3X and TripleFi5) to inearz and inearcentral respectively.   Right of the bat both cost the same, so no difference there. But inearcentral charges the money upfront while inearz charge you when they're about to ship! so that is a better...
  7. vausham

    Earphones for psychedelic trance and chillout trance

    Hi Guys.. I am thinking of buying new IEM in the range on 150 $  or less. I currently have Sennheiser CX300 II, but want to see better earphones. The music I am looking forward to enjoy on new earphones is Psychedelic trance, Chillout trance and may be some rock bands of 70s.   Can you guys...
  8. sergiup

    Replacing Super.Fi 5 jack

    Hello all! My UE Super.Fi 5 have a pretty much dead connection to one of the buds, traced to the cable literally at or just before the jack. They've long been replaced by a pair of Triple.Fi 10, but for sentimental reasons and because I love fiddling I'm looking to fix them anyway.   Now...
  9. dogears

    UE sf5v2 in Custom Shell

    by Stage93 Singapore:
  10. ajmiarka

    Scosche IEM856 - Dual drivers, one armature and one dynamic

    This is an interesting concept to me.  Are there other companies doing this?   I love a warm sound, but sometimes wish that there was a bit more sparkle on the mid/high end.  This seems like it would solve both issues.    I know that Scosche isn't know for their sound, but I thought I would...
  11. MSQRD

    Ultimate Ears Triple.Fi 10 / Super.Fi Series non UE brand cable w/ microphone & button

    Dear god, does anyone know of a triple.fi 10 / super.fi 5 cable replacement that's not Ultimate Ears and that has a microphone / button?   I go through the UE VI cable every 2 months. I've literally went through a dozen. It's driving me crazy. They quality on the UE brand cables are...
  12. wirbeltier

    It has been a while......

    ....that I have been lurking around here. But that was for the best of all reasons: I was very satisfied with my super-fi 5s :) But now they are starting to fall apart and I fear that I have to look for some new in-ears. What would you say: which are closest to the sf 5s? I like the slightly...
  13. JLai

    It's been a while...Need help deciding on a set of cans.

    Hey HF,   I'm in need of a new set of headphones for use @ work.  It's been a while since my last headphone purchase, so I'm a bit out of the loop.   Criteria are as follows: - Under $300 total (preferably around $250) - Closed - Around the ear - Amp not necessary   2...
  14. Mikol1011

    Best IEM/Earbud + Cable

    Hey I'm doing this just for fun, so please don't ridicule me. I absolutely love the Sony MDR-EX32's size and look. So my idea is to change the driver within the EX32 with something that also has a 9mm driver, or a microarmature small enough to fit in, which i highly doubt (aside from the...
  15. SevenForce

    Any <$120 IEM recommendations for isolation, bass and comfort?

    Hey all, After a year of contentment with my previous recommendations (HD595 and MS-1) I have decided that I need more headphones - in this case, some IEMs - and after hours of trawling the forums, I need some help in making the decision. I've just moved to London and will soon be faced...
  16. shonor6

    Differences between SuperFi5 and UE600?

    Are there any differences? Or are they exactly the same?   Thanks.
  17. LarryKingsShoes

    Seeking Suggestions for In-Ear Headphones

    Greetings!   I am looking at acquiring a new set of in-ear phones. After doing a lot of reading on these forums, I've made a short list of possibilities and I'm coming to you now in hopes of getting more personally-tailored advice. These forums have been a terrific asset in my search and I'm...
  18. TitoB

    UE Super fi5 pro is equivalent to what closed headphones?

    Hello,   New member but avid forum user before I joined. Thanks to everyone, learned a lot about headphones and portable amps (omg, they can be expensive!) reading threads.    I'm an IEM user wanting to upgrade? to full-size closed over ear headphones. It will be used for everyday...
  19. Greg_R

    Help needed: UE Triplefi ear cushion solution - large ear canal

    I've had a set of UE Triplefi Pros for that few years and have always enjoyed them when I can get the earbuds to seat correctly in my ear canal. I also have a set of ER4Ps which fit significantly better. By "fit better" I mean that they stay seated / sealed for a longer period of time. The UE...
  20. tailschao

    UE replacement cables in Bangkok/Thailand?

    So I'm here in Thailand, and the cable on my UE IEMs is starting to break. I bought a replacement before I left (I'm going to be away from home for a few months), but the week before I came my old one broke. So I replaced it with the new one I had, and decided that was good enough. Now the...
  21. CloudSurfer

    Recommend an amp for a bass head with a hippo biscuit and UE SF5pros <$100

    Hey guys, I would appreciate it if you could recommend me a portable amp. I have recently purchased a hippo biscuit, and I am kind of a noob in the audiophile world. My budget is under $100, and I was thinking the fiio e07k, but I am unsure of the DAC compatability with the biscuit. Some info...
  22. A

    Custom IEM socket issues

    Hey guys,   I got my UM customs (with additional drivers) from a warranty repair back today. The problem was that one of the units (right) had a loose socket which caused it to fall off the cable and crack. They've fixed it.   It took a long time, mostly because of postal issues on their...
  23. Cloud9Blue

    New guy here, suggest me some upgrades!

    Hey all, been lurking on this forum for almost a year now, but finally decided to join the community.  So here are some of the gear I have right now.   Desktop Setup Source:  HTR Music Streamer II+ USB DAC Amp:  Little Dot MkIII with M8100/CV4010 upgraded driver tubes, a pair of Voshod...
  24. Cody Brown

    Complete noob looking for in-ear headphones in the $100-150 range

    I found this site after a bit of research on the topic, and from what I can tell, people here know exactly what they're talking about.   I personally have no idea what I'm talking about on the subject. To be honest, until I looked into it, I was planning on buying Bose in-ear headphones.  ...
  25. kevroc

    UE Superfi 5 Pro

    So, I sold my 535's and am awaiting my new/old W4's to get here and was rummaging through my audio box and came across my Shure E2c's (yuck) and my UE Superfi.5 Pro's.  Had to look them up as I didn't know which model they were.   Any way, they're pretty good.  They don't seem quite on par...