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Differences between SuperFi5 and UE600?

  1. shonor6
    Are there any differences? Or are they exactly the same?
  2. nikp
    UE600 is just a rebrand of the Super Fi 5. 
  3. kckc
    It's weird cause on comply's compatibility page they list the Super Fi 5(vi) as using 400 series tips, while the UE600 uses 200 series tips. This suggests the SuperFi 5 has bigger nozzles than the UE600.. 
  4. shonor6
    Oh so it's just a re-brand?
  5. wovenhand
    I'm interested in this as well. Had the SuperFi 5 before and now since they aren't available anymore I'm going for the UE600. I wanna get the Comply tips again though but wanna make sure I order the right ones. If the phones are indeed an identical re-brand, why T400 for SF5 and T200 for the UE600..? I know I can always mail Comply directly but I feel I'll get a faster response here. :)
  6. wovenhand
    Or not. :D

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