1. killerfrenzi

    Replacement cables for TF10s

    It's about 1.5 years since I got my TF10s and the stock cable is finally giving out.   I have about $60 in my budget to spend on a new cable, can I get some recommendations conUS? I was thinking about Dark Lords, but these the only pair I can find ...
  2. Aerinqq

    UE Triple Fi 10 vs pro version? run/alternatives

    Hi everyone, can anyone tell me the difference between Ultimate Ears Triple Fi 10 and Triple Fi pro version? I can get the normal version for 200 USD (beeing refered as noise isolating version on ebay) but the pro version seems to be around 400 USD...is the difference rly that big? Or am I...

    Triple Fi 10 Broken Right Earpiece, Swap or Buy

    Gday guys I sought out this forum after I unfortunately broke my right ear piece.   I pulled my solder contacts right off the silicon board when changing my headphones out with a new earbud. (to many weat-bix)    So if anyone has a right ear piece im interested in purchasing it  ...
  4. 21rmpark

    I just lost my Klipsch Image s4's.

    Ok, I am no audiophile but I certainly do like my music experience to be pleasant. Could you guys suggest me some headphones, something that is a step forward from the image s4's.
  5. chickentender

    Super.Fi love remains... but do you prefer it still?

    Hey all... Well, I've lurked here for, well, years actually very off and on. Just got a ridiculously great deal on a pair of barely used triple.fis and have to pose a question here. I've listened to a few other higher end sets of IEMs but was always ridiculously happy with my Super.fi 5 Pros...
  6. Jethro10

    Wanted - On-Ear phones with a sound like UE Triple-Fi 10's

    Hi, I'm looking for comfy on ear phones. Tried about 3-4 months ago, but failed and gave up for a while.   I bough the Wife some UE Triple-Fi 10's for christmas and she loves them, I've tried them and love the liveliness and attack, the enthusiasm of them. I've tried V-Moda Crossfade...
  7. hatebreed

    Alternatives to the Shure se215 for stage monitoring?

    I am a touring drum technician and need some IEMs for live stage performances. I am not playing so i don't need the whole mix only the drums and for people to speak to me through them.   The Shures are in budget and look to do the job but was was wondering if there are any alternatives i...
  8. magicman1028

    Triple Fi 10 iPhone cable found!

    i finally found a seller who has iPhone remote and mic cables for triple fi 10   http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=151022517096&ssPageName=STRK:MESE:IT
  9. Sauce021

    Help deciding on IEMS, please!

    HI everyone. I'm new here. Let me get right to the point.  Okay. So I've been doing a ton of research on many different IEMs. I've only just found out that there are far more superior IEMs than Bose has to offer in that price bracket. I wanted some expert advice on which to choose...
  10. jonyoo

    [ Need help finding new IEMs ] (bass of IE800 and high of mini Darts)

    Greetings head-fi people!   I recently owned the IE6 until I accidentally destroyed it into pieces which I am embarrassed to explain further. I am in desperate need of your help!!!   I have been listening to a couple of different types of IEMs to find one that matches my taste...
  11. gabriel255

    Earphone recommendations similar to Triple Fi 10vi?

    Hi so I previously had a triple fi 10vi but just lost the left ear bud... so am looking for a replacement. I really enjoyed having this model so I was looking to find something similar, more all roundish as I am not a base head (although I do listen to songs with base but not obsessed with...
  12. 329161

    Best method for fitting IEMs

    Just wondering if there is a good method for getting a good seal with IEM tips? I have a pair of Triple Fis. The right ear fits ok, but I can never get a good seal with the left one, no matter which tip I use. Bass response suffers.
  13. unowned

    broken ultimate ears triple fi earpieces.

    Hey folks,   My end pieces have broken off my headphones...and I've lost them :(.   I'm out of warranty, do I have any options?
  14. jay19

    Custom IEM Fit Issues Thread.... Help! (with Pics)

    Hey guys,   I've always been a universal IEM kinda guy but recently decided to venture into customs. Saw lots of hype in the InEar Customs thread and decided to pull the trigger on a reshell for my Triple Fi 10's. Wanted to do it right so got moulds done at the local audiologist and shipped...
  15. dSmurf

    HELP!!! All rounder IEM under $200

    Hi Guys!!!  I'm just new on head-fi , i'm looking for an IEM that will suit my music style under $200 cause i can't bring my he-400 since its pretty heavy, it must be an all rounder one since i really do appreciate all genre in terms of music but here's my routine:   MORNING: I listen to...
  16. AlbertoDN

    IEM nozzle comparison

    Dear all,   I have recently purchased the Ultimate Ears Triple-Fi 10 IEM's including a pair of custom fit sleeves. The Triple-Fi's don't realy suit my hearing 'taste' and therefore I would like to change them for another pair. I would however like to keep using the custom tips without...
  17. ucrime

    why don't headphone match music as created

    Sorry if this has been asked, but I am really confused and cannot come up with an answer on my own   I think of a musician creating a song I think they use voice, guitars, bass, drums, etc... I think these are all done at volumes to make the music well..., for lack o better english...
  18. katulu

    So my first "non-cheapo" cans were....

    I've always loved music but never delved into equipment that much. Around 2006 I got my first iems (d-jays) and liked them so much I quickly got q-jays when they came out, then TF10s around 2008-9. But remembering further, I recalled I used to have a pair of Sennheisers I bought on a whim one...
  19. Waynester

    My Ultimate Ears Super Fi 5 Pro are DEAD, need advice on replacements

    Hi Guys   my Super Fi 5 Pro headphones are dead, Logitech sent me a replacement cable but it made no difference one side is louder than the other, and the bass is not as it used to be i only used them about 10 times in 3 years, holidays and the occasional long car journey, disgusting...
  20. JoshR

    Triple fi 10 cable

    Hey Head Fi. Sorry for posting this, being that it has been posted millions of times. But i still haven't found what I'm looking for. I would like the most durable cable i can get. I just finished with the fiio cables. I've had to repair them a few times. They didn't even last as long as the...
  21. ZekeZapata

    My Ultimate Ears Triple-Fi 10 IEMs broke today. Advice?

    The left one has broken.  I was gently tugging on the cord and it just fell apart.     I really, really like these IEMs.  Does anyone know of a place that would repair it?  Perhaps if I got a custom reshell, it could be repaired in the process?   Any advice is greatly appreciated!  ...
  22. Stocky

    Need suggestions for replacement cables for Triple fi10's

    Hi guys , long time lurker . I'm on my second pair of cables from the company that did the remolds of my TripleFi10's . The first pair lasted a few months and the same with the second pair . The remolds they did , were out of this world spectacular . I'm just not sure the cables are anything...
  23. raclimja

    need an upgrade cable for UE Triple Fi 10vi

    my cable died and I need a replacement cable for it.     i searched around the forums and the name "dark lord telfon" often pops up.     problem is, it doesn't have a microphone.     can anyone recommend a good replacement cable for UE Triple Fi 10vi with microphone under $60     thanks!
  24. TheBoss

    Will JH audio ever release a universal IEM?

    Since Jerry Harvey basically designed the Triple fi 10... wouldn't it be nice if his company re-release the classic Triple fi 10 under JH brand with higher quality cable (at least something comparable to Westone EPIC cable) and sell it $250 msrp?
  25. thegamer36

    Triple Fi 10 Custom Mold No Bass

    Hey all...I have a pair of custom molded Ultimate Ears TripleFi 10's.  I put them on the other day and realized that there was no bass at all.  I tried a different cable but still no luck.   Is there anything else I can try? Can they be fixed and is it worth it?   Thanks for the help.