Best method for fitting IEMs
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Headphoneus Supremus
May 5, 2012
Just wondering if there is a good method for getting a good seal with IEM tips? I have a pair of Triple Fis. The right ear fits ok, but I can never get a good seal with the left one, no matter which tip I use. Bass response suffers.
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Two main ways to do it, search YouTube for Monster Cable's how to insert an IEM or Etymotic's how to insert an IEM.  I personally do it the Etymotic way.
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The Etymotic method works well so far. I'll have to wait to see how well they stay in outside on the road. 

Glad to hear.  Also, I'm not sure if you're wearing your TripleFi up (with the cable going up and around your ear) or down (cable goes straight down).  You'll get a more secure fit if you wear them up :wink:  It'll also reduce microphonics (cable noise).

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