1. thegamer36

    Triple Fi 10 Custom Mold No Bass

    Hey all...I have a pair of custom molded Ultimate Ears TripleFi 10's.  I put them on the other day and realized that there was no bass at all.  I tried a different cable but still no luck.   Is there anything else I can try? Can they be fixed and is it worth it?   Thanks for the help.
  2. truereflections

    best NEW noise cancelling headphones?

    Looking into selling my shure 535s and getting something with better fit/isolation- more like the  triple fi 10s that i loved maybe.   i'm considering getting Phonak Audeo PFE 232s, but curious if there's any newer technology that would be a better fit for me.       what do you recommend...
  3. D3Seeker

    So I Was Browsing the UE Site.......

    .............Yes after the hoorah over the UE900 died down I decided to take a look at the UE web and notices that they are only showing their latest speakers now.... Annoyed I decided to go check our every beloved Logitech website and I was sort of surprised by what I saw   The have the...
  4. Derlus

    Looking for a replacement cable for Ultimate Ears Triple Fi 10, will this work?

    Hello!   Recently my stock cable for my Ultimate Ears Triple Fi 10s decided to stop working, so now I need to find myself a new cable. There are some default ones that I could pick up, but I found this one and it seems a lot nicer AND in has a remote with volume (something the 10vi cable...
  5. Hapster

    The next step from Triple Fi. 10? (under $400)

    Thread closed, purchased T-Peos H-300
  6. thapchild

    Null Audio Arete Series MKII Cable w/ Apple Mic - Review (pics)

    Enjoy my Book:   Recently I purchased a Null Audio Arete Series MKII Cable with Apple Mic from Null Audio.  I’ve had the cable about 3 weeks now, and finally took some time to make a write up for anyone who is considering purchasing an upgrade cable.   I consider myself a closet audiophile. ...
  7. NawiLlih

    UE Triple-Fi 10- Still worth buying?

    Hey all,   I have found myself in the market recently for a makeover of my current audio setup. As part of this, I'm looking to get some high-end IEMs. Currently, i am looking at the Earsonics SM64, Dita Answer or Sony H3.   However, I have noticed in my time on Head-Fi that the UE TF10 are...
  8. Swimsonny

    [REVIEW] UE Triple Fi 10 and the Twisted Adventures of Cables

    Ultimate Ears Triple Fi 10 Review     Intro The UE TF10 (will refer to the earphones from now on as TF10s), an old favourite and an earphone that you have surely heard of. They have been in circulation since 2006 and have fluctuated in price range with offers on Amazon letting them go...
  9. Tenchi211

    Just Received my PortaPro KTC!

    Hey Fellow Head-Fi-ers!    Just received the new Porta Pro KTC headphones! As you can see, the KTC comes in totally different packaging than the original Porta Pro. I'm planning on taking more unboxing photos as well as do a review on these phones. I just wanted to take a quick photo or two...
  10. AndroidVageta

    Custom IEM to Universal Reshell?

    Just picked up a pair of UM Shure 530x6 and was wondering if there is a company that will convert it to universal? I know I could go custom but it's more expensive, more difficult to deal with, and hurts re-sale value...so I definitely no doubt want a universal shell.   Any help here? I see...
  11. ThatKidGio19

    broken ue triple fi 10: fix,sale or reshell

    I have a pair of ultimate ue tf10 that I bought over a year ago. One day while sitting outside the right monitor cable broke and one of the pins got stuck inside. All the components inside still work the only bad thing being the broken pin. I would either like to sell them or reshell them. I...
  12. nimbostruck14

    Portable amp/dac suggestions

    Hey there I am in the looks for a new portable amp/dac. I need suggestions from you guys that will fit the criteria below   Note: I will be using the amp/dac for my vmoda m100 and westone 3 IEM's (for now)   - no more than $100 - balanced sound - bass boost option - sturdy - small...
  13. nhancakes

    2013 Beats internal battery

    Hi all,   As a preface, I've owned TF10s, Grado sr60, Alessandro MS1, and currently use Monster MD Tributes.  I've received the 2013 matte black Beats as a birthday gift, and I've enjoyed them for what they are - stylish, good comfort and decent sounding with hip hop (albeit annoying ANC...
  14. maddox6912

    Ultimate ears connectors

    So i'm thinking of making my own ultimate ears cable for my triple fi 10 pro. Where can I buy the special 2 pin jack that actually connects the headphone cable to the driver unit?    
  15. kylecassidy

    Triple Fi's got quiet in one ear

    Hi Folks --    I have a pair of ultimate ears Triple Fi 10's which I love. About six months ago the volume dropped in the right earpiece by about 40%. I cleaned it out, nothing. I posted to the interwebs and someone said the cable had gone bad, so I upgraded to the one with the microphone in...
  16. itshot

    [Review] Moshi Clarus *Initial Impressions*

    Disclaimer: This is my first review, so just keep in mind that I'm trying my best.    Okay, so I just got them in the mail this morning. And I've got to say Moshi has put a lot of consideration into aesthetics. Even the shipping box looks nice and is better "built" compared to amazon's!  ...
  17. calvin lin

    Recommendation for headphones <150usd. Will dt990 pro work for me?

    I have a koss ur40. While I really like the wide and open feel, I am always finding that it is lacking something.   Firstly, it lacks bass and the sound is not full, as if there isn't much weight. When the volume is increased, it simply get loud, without the weight. The sound also feels very...
  18. Starcatcher

    Broken TripleFi10 - Any Options?

    Hi!   I found this forum last year, lurker but never registered. I was on a search to take my music listening to another level and found UE TripleFi 10 to be the ones for me. They are great, used it since then (Feb 2012) and I recently decided to replace the original cable with Dark Lord -...
  19. chococya96

    How do you clean out bits of earwax from IEM (Ultimate Ears triple fi 10)

    I've been using this for couple of years and although I regularly clean the inside (you know the two small holes where the sound comes from) by using the cleaning tool that came with the IEM, I can see little bits of earwax stuck deep inside the canal.   I tried to use a pin with small...
  20. xyyz

    best budget DAC for around $50

    since i'm spending more and more time with at the comp, i'm looking to purchase a portable DAC that i can tote around and drop in when i want to listen to my Spotify lists. i have a budget of $50, and i will use the DAC in tandem with a CMOY to drive a set of ADH700s, HD280s, and, on...
  21. Cosmonaut

    TF10 replacement cables

    What's out there as far as replacements? I've finally tired of the stock cable, mostly because of how it kind of holds the shape after I take it out of the case. So I'm looking for something less rigid, but also something that sounds as good or better.   This Fiio one from Amazon is what I've...
  22. boxthorn

    Where to get Triple.Fi 10 Reshelled?

    Hello everyone,   I have come to the realization that I really like the triple.fi 10's for most of the music that I listen to. It's not great for Jazz or Classical but I have the AKG K701's for that. Otherwise, I am perfectly happy with the sound and I hope that my chasing of the dragon has...
  23. idkman

    Best Earphones for Quality and Value for money.

    Hey guys I'm in the market for a new set of earphones. I'm look for earphones at about $100-$150. I know absolutely nothing about them. I listen to Rap, trap, trance, house. What would you guys recommend?
  24. Bohdy

    Upgrade from TF-10?

    Hi, I'm after some recommendations for a new IEM going from UE TF-10. Now I know everybody loves these phones but I think some things can be improved upon: 1. The fit. These things are sometimes a struggle to keep them in my ears while walking etc. 2. The sound. Be aware that I listen to...
  25. toyopl

    What to move to from Klipsch S4

    I've had Klipsch S4 and I really liked them. The bass was good, not too harsh and good sound isolation. However I want to move to something better, a little step up, since I lost them somewhere I might aswell try something better :) I like warm sound, nothing too harsh, and I'm a bass head. My...