1. nguyenning

    Ultimate Ears TripleFi 10s are ripping (wire coming out pic inside)

    Hey guys, new to the forum.   I'm past the 1 year warranty and a wire has now made its way out of the headphone... is there a way to fix this or do I just live with it? The headphones still work, but it's a bit unfortunate aesthetically... any advice would be much appreciated!    
  2. qawsed

    Something like TF 10s

    A bit of background, currently I have Denon 2000s and Brainwavz B2s powered by a Fiio E10. I like a bit of bass, and I find the B2s to be a bit too trebly and harsh (sibilant?).   My favourite headphones were the TF 10s I used to have and I also quite like the sound of my Denons.   What...
  3. Merlyn

    IEM for running/jogging

    Hi all,   I am currently using UE TF10s and love them, but when i use them for jogging or running they keep falling off and i need to keep putting them back in, which is pretty annoying.    I usually jog/run about an hour a day, i am looking for IEMs which are not too expensive ~100 $...
  4. DavvyJones96

    Best In-Ear Monitors/ Earphones/Earbuds under $100.

    I'm in the market for a new pair of In-Ear Monitors and didn't want to settle on anything, but the best. I've tried the usual Skullcandy and Apple fair, which neither I have found worth my money. I've also tried to Astro A*Star In Ears which, while pretty under the radar, performed to my liking...
  5. cerealbox760

    Should I purchase the Pro 900s? What other headphones would you guys recommend?

    I never purchased headphones $150 and up. So how would the Pro900s compare to an IEM like the IE80 on all the frequencies? Im really debating whether I should purchase the Pro900s or not. I just dont want to dish out $300 for a 'slight' upgrade but I also dont want to miss out on awesome sound...
  6. Tarheelvolvo

    Good headphones for Guitar Practice

    I have combed through the past 5+years of Head-fi posts and have found some great suggestions, of course that leads to more questions. I went to the closest Guitar Center to try out a few phones and wanted to elicit opinions and what might be the best option for me since some of the headphones...
  7. Djchase

    Help me find an IEM, as i am becoming an IEM: Internet Exploring Maniac

    Yes, the title is lame, but the purpose of the post isnt. As suggested, i require help from my fellow Head-fi-ians, whether its merely a recommendation based on a hunch, or one based on trial and error. I have spent COUNTLESS hours online researching what IEM would be best suited to my sound...
  8. Agony

    Should I give up on IEMs?

    Alright, so over these past two months, I've researched many threads including ClieOS's and Joker's - I've bought these three IEMs:   - Ultimate Ears TF10 - VSonic GR06 - Sennheiser CX300   ... And I didn't like any of them. The GR06 are still brand new and were used today after a...
  9. talisman42

    Halp me create my shortlist.

    Hi Head-fiers! despite my experience with various audio gear - it's been very limited to IEMs. Through experimentation and knowledge gained here, I think I'm ready to ask for your recommendations. I've already (and still in the process) gone through lots of trial and error to discover my...
  10. terry1109

    labkable super nova cable review

    Introduction When I started to pay attention to music quality and purchased my first set of proper earphone, which is the UE TF10. But after a while, I started to question myself whether I should purchase a replacement for the standard cable, since the original cable is not convenient to use...
  11. wolfetan44

    Ugh. UE TF10's

    So I changed my cable on my TF10's to a westone cable. And the sound in the right ear is still louder than the one in the left. Its so annoying! i have to squeeze the left earbud to get it loud. What should I do? Does UE have good customer service?
  12. Albinoni

    Looking for good quality sweet sounding IEMs

    I am looking for a good quality and sweets sounding IEM's to purchase, I dont listen to rapp, hip hop but more so classical, rock, vocals etc. I plan to use these with a headphone amp (cmoy).   Basically what I am looking for:   1. Something with good low and high ends   2. Nice...
  13. FrenchDavid

    Best in-ear earphones for rock and classical music, around $150

    Hey all,   My Atrio Supersonics just died on me yesterday, so I need to pick up new in-ear headphones very soon. Since there is no better place than head-fi to ask for advices, I'd like your advices to help me find the best in-ears for my needs :   - I connect my headphones to my iPhone...
  14. GigaFi

    Help me understand what I'm hearing - X10 vs TF10

    I'm currently comparing a pair of Klipsch X10 to the TripleFi 10s but I'm not exactly sure how to describe what I'm hearing.   Every note I hear coming from the X10s seem sharper/crisper/thinner/??? while the TF10s sound more full/less detailed/???   For those that have heard them both...
  15. crazypete04

    What next after TripleFi 10s? Any recs?

    So I've gone and lost another set of earphones - this time a set of Sennheiser IE8s.  I was hoping on some recommendations on a next set before I just go back to TripleFi 10s (the set that was lost before my IE8s).   I really liked my TripleFi 10s, much more than the IE8s which just never...
  16. hydralisk01

    Resale value of headphones, IEMs

    Hi,   Im wondering what is a general rule for the resale value of headphones and IEMs in terms of %   Such as 80% RRP?  For very good condition near new gear?   Guideline would be useful.   The trade thread said not to post there unless trading so im asking here.   Thanks!
  17. wolfetan44

    Fav headphones you own?

    What is your favorite headphone? I sadly dont own a pair of headphones . I own the UE TF10's though. and I love them 
  18. A

    IEM $100-$200

    So I made the mistake of buying Beats Tours in January (I know...) and I'm looking to replace them.   I've been looking at the Shure SE215, Shure SE315, and the Klipsch S4i. I'm completely open to suggestions if they're in my price range but ideally I'd like it from $100-$150 but I can...
  19. Areios

    Need help deciding between TF 10's or Budget Headphones

    I started out with sennheiser HD428's and really liked the signature of the headphones and the only complaint I had was that the bass wasn't as strong as I would like it to be. I decided that I would rather try in ear headphones so I got some RP-HJE 900's and loved them. I loved their balance it...
  20. mrodav

    IEM upgrade suggestions, budget £200 ($300)

    I currently own a pair of Shure Se-115's, and am looking for an upgrade, my budget is around £200 ($300) From listening to the shures Pros: Good midrange Really good isolation Cons: Lack of bass emphasis Rolled off highs I listen to lots of different types if music, but mainly Electronic...
  21. MC LeBron 23

    Questions on Reshelling IEMs.

    Hello, Its been a while since I last visited the forum.   Anyway, I've been luking around the forums seeing what people suggeest for a good IEM for rap/hip hop. I pretty much picked the UE TF10. It seemed to be the best for my needs (bass) without disorting the clarity of the vocals. They...
  22. AyeVeeN

    Custom or Universal at ~$200~$400?

    I've been using headphones for awhile (HD25-ii for on-the-go, FA-011 at home w/ E9 whenever I feel like using it though usually just use my M200mkii's. More recently been using MP8320s though just because they're more convenient than using HD25-ii's), and would like to switch because they're...
  23. oqvist

    Yamaha EPH-100

    IEM newbie checking in. These are my second attempt. The first was a pair of Philips SH9750 that performed so poorly I just about totally wrote off the use of IEMS.   Got to listen to the EHP-100 and it was clear instantly they played on a different level and had a tonal balance I has been...
  24. manfrog

    Opinions for person that just likes to listen to music...

    First...this site is great. Much appreciated all the input and opinions that this place has. For someone that really doesn't know too much I feel I have learned a lot in a short amount of time. So thanks all!   I have a question to the folks here...I am essentially wondering what in-ear...
  25. kage

    Good Sounding IEMs for Under $150

    I have an iPod Touch and I'm want to purchase a IEM that is around $150. I want them to be comfortable, good bass but not overpowering, and a balanced sound. The type of music I listen to is Rock. Please recommend me a iem.