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What to move to from Klipsch S4

  1. toyopl
    I've had Klipsch S4 and I really liked them.
    The bass was good, not too harsh and good sound isolation. However I want to move to something better, a little step up, since I lost them somewhere I might aswell try something better :)
    I like warm sound, nothing too harsh, and I'm a bass head. My budget is about $200 so please recommend something.
  2. tehsprayer
    I am looking for the exact same thing. I have the S4 and looking for even more.
    What i've found to be better so far are the:
    Klipsch X10
    Shure SE215
    Westone 3 (Could go under $200 on Black Friday)
    Ultimate Ears TF10 (Could go under $100 on Black Friday)
    What I'm going is waiting until black friday to see if the TF10 will drop to around $95 (as they did like 2 years ago!) but a little concerned about the fit as people say they have problems finding a good seal. My second option is the X10 which are already at a fairly good deal for only $130 on Amazon which I hope for it to drop to under $100 on black friday. SE215 is also good and is probably easy to find for around $100.
    Note: I think all of these have a fair bit of bass, which is why I chose it as you stated the bass was good on the S4. (Personally I find it to be a little muddy)
  3. Mooses9
    I would go with the w3 if you can get them in your price range. From there the tf10 those 2 are some good iems imo
  4. toyopl
    Reading a bit here and seems that Westone 3 should be a good step up for me.
    Now hoping for some decent pricing for Black Friday.
    Did they come down in pricing last year for Black Friday ?
  5. tehsprayer
    The are like $230 on SonicElectronix and you can get a 5% off coupon. It may go lower than $200 on Black Friday as they're discountinued. Hoping to pick one up if I can!
  6. Mooses9
    thats a good deal
  7. toyopl
    I didn't know that they're discontinued.
    I still see them on Westone website, did they get replaced by a new line ?
  8. tehsprayer
    Not 100% sure on discontinued but they now have the UM3x and the W30 to replace them.
  9. alexm23
    I think the W30 is the replacement for the W3.
    The UM3X is in a different series.
  10. Mooses9
    Right the w30 and w40 are along the same lines as the w4 and w3
  11. zombywoof
    I have seen a notice on a site saying "Westone up to 30% off...making space for the new lines."  This banner shows a Westone 1, 2, 3 ad 4R.  The Westone W10, W20, W30,and W40 are now available on the same site along with new UM Pro series.  My guess from this is that the 1 through 4R will be not be available once stocks are depleted.  I am going to use this opportunity to grab some 4R's.
  12. tehsprayer
    What site I might grab the 4r if it's a good opportunity?!
  13. The Dan of Steel
    I believe that's earphonesolutions.com that has an "up to 30% off" banner. 4r is 369.
  14. tehsprayer
    I'm looking for something decent around $200, might go a little over and get the Westone 3 from sonicelectronix
  15. The Dan of Steel
    I'm still kicking myself for not jumping on the Amazon W3 deal last week for 179. Only something like 2% sold. I'm going to wait to see what Black Friday has to bring.

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