1. dozerman

    Durable IEMs for less than 100$

    Hi there, I am looking for some durable iems for 70-100$. I have been looking into Klipsch image x10's but I don't know if they are durable enough, but they seem like a good choice for the price range. I've had the ue500's and I really liked their sound but the right driver stopped...
  2. WiFi-WiRe

    Bose IE2 vs EarPods

    Hi, i´m thinking about replacing the EarPods that came with my iPhone 5, because they dont fit in the ear properly (my left ear canal seems to be too small^^) Quality wise they are OK as I have better headphones for home use. I do NOT want an isolating IEM!   So the question is, should...
  3. sneaglebob

    IEMS better than UE Triple Fi 10

    Hi everyone. Recently I posted a thread asking about the UE TF10 and according to the descriptions of sound quality, it seems as if it is the best IEM here. I may be completely wrong and I believe I am but just to be sure is there IEMS better than the triple fi 10 in all aspects including bass...
  4. ksimm033

    TDK-BA200 EQ'ed with E07K...Does this mean I like a different sound signature?

    I've spent about 100 hours so far with my BA200s. I'm using them with an EVO/iPhone 4s and E07K. my settings that I really enjoy on the E07K are +6db, +6 treble, and +4 bass. I listen to most genres of music ranging from R&B to Country to Hip-Hop and Rock. Sometimes the bass is perfect on the...
  5. Saint Henrik

    Best iems for under 450$ ?

    Hello all so i'm planning to buy some iems that can be driven unamped from my Sony Walkman Z Price range: under 450$ I mostly listen to rock , alternative, classical, soul , indie and sometimes country and pop. I don't listen that much electronic , techno , trance, dubstep or metal. I...
  6. nighthart

    UE700, SE425. Which one is better?

    Hi everyone.   I am currently using a set of Logitech UE 700s and have been wondering how they compare to the Shure SE425.
  7. Trojacked

    Logitech Triplefi 10 Vs Logitech UE 900

    I was wondering how the new UE 900 stacked up to the great triplefi 10's. The triplefi's are very well know for there bass and mids, how does the new ue900 compair to the old triplefi's. which one sounds better and what are the differences?         IMMORTALMUSO
  8. Wokum

    Best IEM's for DnB under $150.

    Hi there. I'm new to this site and forums in general. (Forgive me if I am posting this in the wrong place) My purpose for signing up is to ask your opinion on what my next personal audio purchase should be. I'm looking for a nice pair of IEM's. I mainly listen to DnB, House, Classic rock and...
  9. Qazed

    IEM after gr06

    Hi all! Some days ago i lost my vsonic gr06 and i'm here looking for some advices for my next purchase... I'll start saying that I found gr06's mids too forward with some songs like they overwhelm other frequencies, in particular with hip hop or rap tracks and that I was hearing sibilance...
  10. happy spastic

    Recommend IEM's under $200 Similar to the Sony XBA-2

    Hi guys,   this is my first post on the forum.  Fantastic info, well done!   I am just looking into getting some IEM's, it will be my first pair.  I decided to step it up from the stock standard iphone buds.  They will mainly be for working out, I lift weights and do plyometric's and...
  11. needsnewcans

    best iem 150 or under

    i just broke my vsonic gr06 today    so im in the market for a new set of iems would like to spend no more than 150    i listen to rap, hip hop, indie, rock, classical rock, and some orchestra   my source is samsung galaxy s3 with a digizoid zo2 amp   p.s. liked the gr06 but they...
  12. jacobgong

    Looking for a new pair of in-ear headphones.

    I am currently using a pair of Etymotic Research MC5, I got these not long after it came out so that's about 2 or 3 years ago I can't remember. I wanted to get a new one and I'm looking for the following features: -The MC5, well the biggest complaint I have is probably the build quality. the...
  13. bobjohnson201

    Updated: Monster PRO Copper VS Klipsch X10i VS Sony XBA 3 ?

    Hi, This is my first post here and I'm looking to buy in-ear headphones and would like some advice.  The ones that I am strongly considering are: Edit: I narrowed down the list to my favorite 3 Monster Turbine PRO Copper  Klipsch Image X10i, (would prefer X10, but discontinued) Sony XBA 3...
  14. excalis

    Help me select a new IEM Vsonic GR07 MK2 or UE Triple Fi 10?

    Hi, I am new to these forums. I have spent several weeks reading reviews of several members here and have narrowed it down to either getting VSonic GR07 MK2 or a UE TF10 (Blackbox not Logitech). I originalIy had Sony MDR-EX600 thrown into the mix but eliminated it as a choice since it has become...
  15. Okamoto

    Differences between Ultimate ears triple.fi 10 and 10 pro

    What are the differences between the "pro" and "proless" versions?   Here in head-fi, every good review i read is about the pro version, and in amazon the price difference between the two is huge ($168 to $409), so i was guessing the pro one must be very superior, but i'm not really sure why...
  16. MAD IEM

    Please help me indentify

    I am buying this from china, since i am studying here. This looks really real, and i have read the comment of the buyers   http://item.taobao.com/item.htm?id=10357741115&ali_trackid=2:mm_14507416_2297358_8935934:1353741798_310_1398114781   so i would like to share it with u guys, is the...
  17. tinners2000

    Advise on replacement for UE Triple Fi Pro

    Hello everyone, new member here so go easy :) My current pair of UE triple FI headphone have broken and even though they are under warranty UE can not fix them nor replacement them as they are EOL. For my trouble they have refunded the cost and sent out a pair of UE 700. I wish to purchase a...
  18. Erh1117

    UE 900 vs. Grado GR10

    UE 900 vs. Grado GR10   I am a newbie, so please forgive the multiple posting of this question in different threads...   I am interested in any thoughts fellow members have on the UE 900 vs. Grado GR10.  Particularly, I am wondering about sound quality, and especially which is more...
  19. aminjon1

    Help me Get new good earphones

    hello this is my 1st post and i apologize if i dont know the rules here II saw this website that is all dedicated to headphones and their quality I like listening to music and especially in a good headphones. Before i had      SONY Extra Bass Earbuds Model number: MDR-XB40EX  ...
  20. owais

    Best bass orientated IEM's around $200-300

    Hi, I recently broke my GR07's and am now looking for a new pair of IEM's. The GR07's were great but not practical at all.    I like earphones with good bass, so factoring that in, which earphones should i be looking at?   I wanted a pair of TF10's as i've heard them before but i can't find...
  21. Dextral

    What headphones should I get? ~150

    Budget: ~150 Closed or open back: I don't understand about the difference. I just want the one that has good isolation. Portable or non portable: Both, I don't want them to be heavy. Will be using it at my house most of the time though. Sound preference: Bass that shakes my head but good...
  22. Chris_zuper

    IEM for iphone low/mid range prices

    Im considering buying my first pair of (hopefully) good sounding and insolating IEM. However, Im dont know that much about what is good and what is not..    Im primarily going to use them with my iPhone without external amp (as dont have such), so they need to pretty easy driven I guess -...
  23. Altrocklover

    New IEM

    So, I have some decent headphones if you've seen my profile(hd800s, beats pro, the list actually goes on) and they are very expensive, and very nice, and very unable to take out in public. I know a lot about over the ear, but surorisingly little about in-ear headphones. I have listened to more...
  24. smsmasters

    Triple-Fi 10 to UE900

    I had my Triple-Fi 10s (bought half price at around £125) replaced under warranty for the UE900.   The UE900 has an issue with the blue VI cable, the sound cuts out just by fiddling with the jack. The black cable is fine.   Logitech sent me another blue VI cable, same issue.   Logitech...
  25. Raggor

    Signature for performer use (IEM)

    Hi,     I'd be really grateful if anyone could advise not on specific models but on the general sound signature which is likely to suit my situation. I hope that you will forgive that although I have a rough and ready audio knowledge, I'm aware I lack the technical expertise of posters...