1. SpartanD63

    New here, looking for advice

    Hello! I have been lurking here for several months. I have now decided to post to ask for advice. I am looking at getting some higher quality IEMs but I am not sure which to get. I have been looking at the Etymotic HF5s, but I am not sure since there are many mixed reviews. I listen to all kinds...


    Hi there,   I'm pretty new to this thread, as you can see... I was looking online and found an IEM called Sennheiser IE8 NOw Ive been researching and the list price is $190 Should I get these IEMs if they are at this price and are they worth it The kind of music that i listen to is...
  3. redskinsboy13

    Ultimate Ears Triple fi10 or Audio Technica ATH-M50 over ear?

    I know this is like comparing apples to orange here with in ear monitors and over head cans, but i have the money i can get both in about the same price range, i really dont care if its over ear or in ear, just tell me which to get. The majority of the things i listen to, are rap hp hop...
  4. passg1

    Westone 2: Did I make a mistake?

    Hi everyone!   Couple months lurker and audio newbie here.   I bought a few weeks ago a Cowon J3 and wanted a good IEM to get the best of this player, so I read a lot of forum posts and opinions looking for a good build quality and mostly neutral sounding IEM and finally setled on the...
  5. TyShawn

    Is it worth the upgrade UE 500vi

    I currently have a pair of 500 vi's I got a second pair as a gift. Being i already had a pair I returned the second pair. Being I have the extra cash is it worth adding a bit of cash and upgrading and use my current pair as back up? I was looking at the UE 700's or the triple fi's. I listen to...
  6. Nitrilic

    Ultimate Ears Triple Fi 10 (UE TF10?)

    I recently bought the UE TF10 a month ago to upgrade my Monster Tours or however it's supposed to be titled. Also, it had to replace my ATH M50 that I bought last year because they were too tight on my head.   I bought the TF10 from Amazon.co.uk for £109.99 (approx. $172) since it was 59%...
  7. Gilly87

    Balanced signature with slight warmth/color, strong punchy bass, sparkly treble, high isolation, mids not recessed

    Is there anything that fits the bill sub 400? I prefer over ear fit. Ive been looking at the se535, tf10, GR07, UM2, SM3. I want to rock out, I mean really rock out, to Infected Mushroom, but theres just nothing Ive heard that wil really do them justice...Im tempted to go with SM3 or GR07, they...
  8. bubsdaddy

    Explain to me how customs provide a seal

    I have never experienced customs but I am intrigued by the thought of re-shelling my TF10. I guess what I don't understand is how a hard acrylic or plastic shell, even one that is molded for my ear, can seal better than a rubber or foam tip. Rubber and foam both expand to form a gasket like...
  9. CurseTheSky

    Looking for IEM Recommendations - $150-250, Rock / Metal

    Hi guys,   I've been reading up on various Head-Fi reviews and impressions for a while now, but I just can't decide what to drop my money on.   I'm using a set of Klipsch S4's right now. They fit well and they're overall so-so, but I want something with better clarity. I prefer something...
  10. iemguy

    Crossover / Multi-Driver vs Single Driver

    Be it BA or Dynamics, I have always had a preference for a single driver IEM. My holy grail is ER-4S for neutrality and the FX700 for enjoyment. I've heard the ATH-CK10, ADDIEM, TF10, FXT90 and they all sound weird. The JVC FXT90 uses no crossover but relies on the differences of the drivers to...
  11. vespula95

    (NEED HELP) Should i reshell and add a driver for my TF10

    I have been searching for this in google and head-fi forum, however nonetheless, i am still unable to find a answer. I am actually in the dilemma of whether i should reshell or reshell and add a driver for my TF10. I would be having my TF10 reshelled in UM. Please help me.
  12. glock19er

    Need IEM under $160.00

    Hello. I'm looking for the best IEM I can get for $160.00 or so. I Listen to all kinds of music and bass is not that important. I like bass but I don't want it to overwhelme the sound. I was thinking about getting the Sony MDR-600 but would like more input. Thanks Sent from my SAMSUNG-SGH-I727...
  13. D Rob

    Upgrading from SE215's I need some experienced input please.

    As the title suggests. I am upgrading from my SE215's (a whopping 10 days later) and I need some sound advice on what I should look into. Price isn't really a problem though at this time I would like to keep it around $250 or less. I feel like, pricing, isn't really an accurate factor in what...
  14. Ataranea

    HELP: SOUL by Ludacris - SL99 vs Ultimate Ears TripleFi 10 Noise Isolating Earphones

    Hi, I was using the Shure SE535 headphones for a while until recently when they were stolen. But since I can no longer afford such high end IEMs.    I was wondering if anyone can help me decide between the two. I am concerned about the cord of the TF-10s. Hearing a lot of bad things about...
  15. lynxy

    IEMs for pop/dance/techno/electro ; between $150 and $250 in europe

    Hi guys,   The SE110 that I have used for the past 3 years recently died. I have been quite satisfied with them so far, but now i would like to get better IEMs.   I can spend up to $250 on them, but they have to be available in Europe.   I listen mostly to pop/dance/techno/electro...
  16. Sylaw

    Westone 4 Driver miss match... should be disscused!

    Guys i gt my w4s one week ago.... and they were pretty fine... but just frm the begining i knew smthing isnt right abt theas.... and yesterday i figured out that their is a little driver miss match on mine.... its mostly about the bass punch!  im not an a audio pro.. but the bass seems to be not...
  17. WampWamp

    What to Choose, What to Choose... IEMs

    So guys, the time is upon me. I'm getting my first iPod (in the form of the iPhone 4S) and am wanting some good sounding IEMs. I guess I'm not an audiophile, as this will be my first real pair of IEMs or headphones, but I am a great lover and believer in music sounding great; no Apple earbuds...
  18. dany74q

    Rec. for a new pair

    Greetings all , I`d like to ask for a recommendation for a new pair for myself . My favoured genres are - classic rock , alternative rock , 70's-80's disco , light metal at times . Basically , I`m looking for the best pair I could get up to 250$ . My searches this far ended up listing - ue fi...
  19. calipilot227

    Venturing into customs. Reshelled TF10 vs 1964-T

    Hey guys,   I decided I've fooled around long enough with universals. I've tried almost every style of IEM (shallow vs. deep insert) and can't seem to find one that fits my ears, particularly the right one. So I've decided the only logical route would be customs.   However, I do realize...
  20. Vaibhav

    My First IEM

    I recently purchased a pair of Klipsch Image S4i that I use with my iPod Touch everyday to listen to music. I loved them the instant I put them on, which is quite expected given the fact that my previous headphones were the stock Apple buds and a Sony EX50 LP I have burned them in for ~60 hours...
  21. supbrowawawa

    Bass-heavy multi-driver IEM?

    I've been using my Ultimate ears TripleFi 10 for quite some time now, and I absolutly love them, but I wished the had more bass. I listen to a lot of electronica music (trance, dubstep, house, and electro) and I feel the IEM don't really satisfy my bass needs.   So, I am considering selling...
  22. AznInvasion138

    Need Help with UE Triple Fi 10s!!

    Hey guys, so I got the UETF10s for Christmas and they sound great. The only issue I had was the cable and how it got tangled real easily so i decided to get a replacement cable. I decided to go with the FiiO RC-UE1 Replacement cable and as I was inserting the pins into the sockets one of the...
  23. E

    Poll: TF10 lifespan?

    Hi guys. My friend's had a TF10 for 2.5 years now, and the drivers still work fine, but the cables are giving out (as usual). It's his second recable. On average, each cable lasts him a year; I'm just helping him find out if it still makes sense to keep recabling, and that's where you can...
  24. JacKerouac

    Help me Decide on In-Ear's ~100$

    I'm sure there is countless threads on this already...But, I was wondering if you guys could point me in the right direction or give advice on the best In-ear Buds around 100 bucks. It can be a bit over or under...I like a nice balanced headphone, not bass heavy, but not missing the bass. I...
  25. vsvs

    looking for easy to wear, high isolating IEMs

    fed up with my new TF10s, cant even walk around without losing the seal (supertips) would like recos for an IEM that is small, easy to wear, seals well and wont fall out, and good isolation prefer to wear them straight down    .....(would etymotic hf5 fit the bill?)