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Bass-heavy multi-driver IEM?

  1. supbrowawawa
    I've been using my Ultimate ears TripleFi 10 for quite some time now, and I absolutly love them, but I wished the had more bass. I listen to a lot of electronica music (trance, dubstep, house, and electro) and I feel the IEM don't really satisfy my bass needs.
    So, I am considering selling them and getting another set my multi-driver IEM. Any recommendations?
  2. seekadds
    Westone 3? I own them and love them. I briefly tried TF10's as well. I'd say they are very close overall. TF10 has slightly more detail, W3 has slightly more bass quantity. 
  3. KimChee
    W3, also has more mid bass and a midbass hump.  Have you tried eq'ing for your TF10
  4. nipit
    Earsonics SM3
  5. Nulliverse


    Any reason why you want to stick to multi-drivers? And by that, do you mean BAs? I listen to a lot of trance, dubstep, house and d&b, generes which to my ears sound better on dynamic driver based IEMs.  Also, if you're after more bass, dynamic drivers may well be the best way to go.
    I'd naturally recommend the FX-700, or the FXT90 as a more cost effective option. I'd also recommend checking out bass heavy IEMs such as the IE8s or Atrios. If you want to stick with BAs however, I'd recommend the SM3, which I found to be very good with dance / electronica (though far less so that then JVCs).    
  6. Evilcalyptic
    Go with shure, there excellent for bass

    or you can get a JH16 pro with 4 bass drivers

    or... better yet you can buy my 10 Driver UM Zeus with its 4 sonion 3300 bass drivers, its really toooo much bass for me man.
  7. kckc
    For multi-drivers, I'd also say the W3.
  8. jc222284
    Hippo VB not multiple drivers but INSANE bass/sub-bass. If not go for SM3's

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