1. Zedd56

    Best IEMs available for < $150 or so?

    So I've spent most of today reading countless reviews and comparisons of IEMs within my budget, and I've decided to try to get some personalized advice haha.   So far, I've been looking at:   Westone's UM1's / Westone 1's (which i'd like to get a comparison of... I've been having trouble...
  2. scannon18

    Atrio M5 or Triple Fi 10? How should I spend $200

    I'm having a really tough time with this one.  The Atrio M5 seems like a great headphone, but right now it can be had for the same price as the UE Triple Fi 10 ($190)  I really want to upgrade my portable setup, so here is what I am looking for: -Isolation -Soundstage -Clarity (must be at...
  3. Fantasysage

    Do TF10's make a seal with youe ears?

    Never mind, I have deiced to return them.     Never mind again - I am an idiot apparently. After an hour of hurting the hell out of my ear poking them with these iem's found the sweep spot. No, they will not be getting returned, becuase the sound damned good!
  4. Racer24

    Attn Chicago Head-Fi'ers: Need help finding ear impression

    I got a pair of UE TF-10's a year or so and I still love them. The problem, however, is that I've carted them around and wound the cable up so many times that they sound "tinny" unless I have the cable pinched in just the right way. Obviously for folks like us, this presents the opportunity to...
  5. Hydrocharged

    JH-16's bass compared too...

    How would you compare the bass of the JH-16's to, say, the TF10 and XB500? Yes, I know they are two completely different headphones, but I have both and am very, very interested in these customs and need to know about their bass response. Thanks!
  6. average_joe

    Multi-Custom In-Ear Monitor Review, Resource, Mfg List & Discussion (Check first post for review links & information)

    This is the custom in-ear monitor (CIEM) resource thread with a collection of review summaries for many of many CIEMs with links to full reviews as well as quite a bit of information.  I complied this resource since CIEMs have poor resale value and I could not find a resource that compared more...
  7. sdhiman33

    Ultimate ears 700 vs Triple fi 10 vs Monster Turbine gold pro

    Alright i just got the UE 700s and they are impressive.  The highs are extremely clear along with the mids, but the bass end of the spectrum lacks.  It's there, but there is no kick.  I understand these headphones are not designed for strong bass, but out the other two IEMs, what would have...
  8. Fantasysage

    Fake or broken Triple Fi 10?

    Long time lurker first post.    I am vexed. My Shure SCL4's cable finally went and I was not buying another shure with their terrible build quality. So I did a little reading and got a set of UE Trople Fi 10's off of amazon. SO I get them today and jack into my PC to test them out. Now while...
  9. High_Q

    Customize either TF10 or SE530, or get 1964 customs(which one)?

    I've decided to go custom route out of curiosity since there are more affordable options out there.  I've been doing some researching, and leaning toward Fisher molding my TF10, SE530 or getting 1964 to make customs for me, since they are in the states.     If anybody have experience from...
  10. Metal prophet

    Ultimate ears Triplefi. 10 optimum format for them? (iTunes).

    So, I have had these Earphones for a week or so now and I have just been putting selected albums on my iPhone in the Apple Lossless format. Realistically, I obviously can't put all my music on my iPhone, lossless. I also won't get all of it on there at 320 kbps AAC. Would going any lower than...
  11. DrGroove

    What IEM to try next?

    Until now I had considered myself a basshead, but after trying several sets of IEMs I'm not so sure. It's hard to find that perfect balance. Spent last night out with a friend of a friend who let me listen to his IE8's and I was pretty impressed with the soundstage and general warm balance.  ...
  12. Trysaeder

    Comply versus reshell: triple.fi 10

    I currently have a pair of tf10s that I use for daily stuff. The problem with them is that they stick out so far that if they or the ear that the memory wire is on wobbles, the noise carries on and gets really annoying. The sawn-off comply tips reduce this quite a bit, while providing extra...
  13. sofastreamer

    IE8 soundsignature with details and precision of ba drivers - suggestions?

    i own(ed) a couple of top tier universals so far, but none of them seems to fit my needs.   short summary:   sm3: muffled lower mids combined with a soundstage that does not expand to the sides, but to the back. Bass OK, Treble OK   tf10: nice soundstage, nice bass, bad mids, too...
  14. alphaxono

    Best IEMs for Trip Hop - Currently using Etymotic 4p

    Hi all,   Currently I am using the Etymotic 4ps to listening to my music with my Macbook Pro connected to a Fiio E7. I ordered a Nuforce uDac 2 because I heard the DAC is supposed to be better than E7.   I love the clarity of my Ety's and I am a treble lover but the lack of bass for...
  15. kellte2

    Enyo Cable, right-angle plug build quality

    I just received my Enyo cables from Null Audio and as I was hooking them into my TF10s, I noticed that the right-angle connection that I received seems like it might be faulty.     I can see through the seam on the plug from both sides and the gold-plated connector seems to slightly wiggle...
  16. tuan2195

    Upgrade from Klipsch Custom 3 (less than $150)

    Hi guys I'm having a Klipsch Custom 3 and really enjoying its sound - warm and balanced. Unluckily, the C3 is FUBAR - awful cable, broken jack (i've modded a new, but still some problem) and a broken nozzle cause by my lil brother) so i think it's time i upgrade to a new IEM (or reshell my...
  17. 1

    confused. difference between TRIPLEFI 10 and TRIPLEFI 10PRO

    im very confused when people talk about the triplefi 10 PRO.is that the same as triplefi 10?????are they around 180 bucks on amazon? cos i see the same thing, but with a PRO and it costs twice as much..like 300.    
  18. busyychild

    UE TF10 + Westone ES cables - Cabling Setup

    Just wanted to make sure that I have my Westone ES cables correctly connected to my UE TripleFi 10's.    (I am NOT using the flip-flop/reverse mod on these)   Right - Red - Dot racing Rearward Left  - Blue - Dot facing Forward (UE logo)      
  19. PixelSquish

    Of the Top Universal IEM, which is easiest to drive?

    so i do love my Triple fi's but on my zune hd i have to use volume 23-25 out of 30 to be happy with the volume, and this is probably hurting my battery life quite badly. any other IEM's on the same level as the TF10's that have a noticeably easier way to drive them loud enough?
  20. blubibk

    IE8 ? Monster Miles Davis Tribute ? some (relatively) bass-loving ba driver phones? for hard rock, metal, jazz, funk/soul

    Hello,   I spent about 9 hours searching and reading now and I don't know why, but with every hour I feel more confused about my buying decision. This forum seems like really offering the most informations and really worth staying.   I'm planning to buy a replacement for my 2,5 year...
  21. Hydrocharged

    Westone ES Cable for TF10 question!

    From what I've read, the Westone cables improve the mids and highs, but lessen the bass. I really like the bass the way it is right now, but I can't stand the cable at all. I've read that the Lune also has a bass reduction. If anything, I'd like an increase in quality or quantity or to keep them...