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  1. Altrocklover
    So, I have some decent headphones if you've seen my profile(hd800s, beats pro, the list actually goes on) and they are very expensive, and very nice, and very unable to take out in public. I know a lot about over the ear, but surorisingly little about in-ear headphones. I have listened to more beats and sennheiser, and I was surprised. The ibeats sounded like trash, as well as all the other beats earbuds except for one, and the sennheisers were surprisingly outperformed by this one pair of beats. Now aside from the pros, I have thought of beats as trash, hence why I sold a few pairs. But these tours are amazing! I thought they were very crisp, and had an amazing bass. Can you guys find or reccomend any other earbuds under 150$ that are as stylish and have good tone quality like the tours?
  2. Chawanwit
    Consider these :
    Head-Direct RE0
    Sleek Audio SA6
    Etymotic HF5
    Fischer Audio DBA-02
  3. ZARIM
    The GR07, Sony EX600, UE TF10Pro, Klipsch Image X10 offers deep punchy bass and fairly wide soundstage with crisp, clear mids, highs.

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