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IEM nozzle comparison

  1. AlbertoDN
    Dear all,
    I have recently purchased the Ultimate Ears Triple-Fi 10 IEM's including a pair of custom fit sleeves. The Triple-Fi's don't realy suit my hearing 'taste' and therefore I would like to change them for another pair. I would however like to keep using the custom tips without ordering another pair. Therefore I would like to start a discussion thread on which IEM nozzle sizes are comparable. For example; will my custom fit sleeves fit on a Shure 535 or Westone 4r?
    I am looking forward to hear from you!
  2. Marcus Jang
    Both of them have thin nozzle as far as I know. They both use Comply's 100 series, while TF10 using 500.

    Not sure what other good pair of IEM has that thick nozzle. You can search on Comply website and find out maybe.
  3. AlbertoDN
    Hi Marcus,
    Thanks. On a package on the Comply site I can see that Harman Kardon and Sennheiser at least use the same thickness (500 series). I will try to see if I can find more brands that will fit.
  4. AlbertoDN
    Mylarone, Radius and V-Moda should also fit with a 500 sleeve.
  5. Marcus Jang
    It seems UE900 fits with Comply 500 series, as it also has multi-nozzle. It has quite different sound signature so I thought you might try it. Sennheiser also uses 500 series on their IE8/80, but I'm not so sure about 800. Maybe the next guy will answer that.
  6. jant71
    You are coming from larger size so you are not limited. You can use larger bore phones and smaller bore plus adapters. A lot of good small bore phones and they need not be discounted because with minimal cost and effort they will work with your tips.
  7. Marcus Jang
    Oh yeah, totally forgot about this. I guess this thread should help you: 
  8. AlbertoDN
    Thanks. Is there any good website (preferably EU) where I can buy nozzle adaptors?
  9. jant71
    People usually just make them buy cutting off an extra tip stems or even taking a small stock tip and turning it inside out and putting it on the wrong way(reversible as you don't cut any tips up if you don't want to buy extras). Or taking the cores from used up Comply tips. Peel off the foam instead of throwing the whole thing out. 

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