My Ultimate Ears Triple-Fi 10 IEMs broke today. Advice?
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Nov 28, 2012
The left one has broken.  I was gently tugging on the cord and it just fell apart.  
I really, really like these IEMs.  Does anyone know of a place that would repair it?  Perhaps if I got a custom reshell, it could be repaired in the process?
Any advice is greatly appreciated!


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Oh...I feel your pain.
I myself was a recent owner of the TF10s.
And I did that to my IE6 not too long ago by a careless accident.
Unfortunately, the cables weren't removable and I destroyed more than just the connecting parts :frowning2:
I'm quite sure the wiring isn't complicated and could be easily fixed at a local electronic store.
Or you could probably even do it yourself if you have any soldering experience.
I don't know anything about the reshelling part.
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I think reshelling is definitely an option as the new molded ear pieces will have a new connector added.  May want to contact one of the custom reshell vendors and ask for their opinion to make sure.  
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I would try to find someone good with soldering iron to solder it back on because you dont have stuck pins, even if soldering the connector back doesnt go well the drivers are still unaffected. The price of reshelling cost more than the iems themselves, and for the cost you can purchase a new pair of different, or look around for a pair of used triples
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I woke up with that very same assembly jammed in my ear lol. 
Uh you can pay a little bit for reshells, but honestly go grab some "wedge" shaped IEM's like Westone, Earsonic, Shure, etc. and it won't really happen again bro.
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Inearz they are fast do a great job and great service

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