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Just bought Bose AE-2 for $99.

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by elkend, Dec 29, 2012.
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  1. elkend
    Can't decide if I should open them or take them back. Are they good headphones for $99? Are there better ones for that price? I'm completely new to the audiophile world, besides knowing they hate Bose.
  2. Dawzy11
    Are there better ones for that price? Yes.
    Hating Bose I believe would come from the fact that they are pushed as excellent headphones driven by their extremely high prices for sub-optimal quality.
    One thing I cannot stand and I think its a testimate to the quality of the cans is whether they display the tech specs of their product. 
    Bose - Cannot find tech specs
    Beats - Cannot find tech specs
  3. Mheat122134
    I'd say return them.
  4. Kukuk
    The Around Ear headphones from Bose really aren't that bad. You can probably get better headphones in the price range, but maybe not so good as to justify the effort of taking those ones back, and waiting for a new pair to arrive.
  5. OneRhythm
    Sennheiser HD 439.  I believe they are currently on sale at Best Buy for $80 and they are definitely a better alternative to the Bose AE-2.  
  6. syryanyang
    They are pretty good for $99? Super comfy.
  7. OneRhythm
    The Sennheiser HD439 are also very comfortable.  I also own the Ultrasone Pro 750 and the UE 6000, and the Sennheiser HD439 is easily less lighter and much more comfortable than both.  Of course the same could not be said for sound quality (Though the HD 439 is not that far from UE 6000 in passive mode IMO), but IMO, the HD439 sound better than the Bose AE2 and they are definitely worth their price ($80).    
  8. elkend
    Since I'm completely new to this, what should I want to look for in a headphone? I want one pair that I can use for pretty much everything at home (not physical stuff like running, but for listening to whatever, which would include games, movies, music, and my guitar amp). I do not want something that I have to also buy a mini amp to use. I also definitely want a detachable cord. Would the Bose pair benefit from the headphone amp?

    Is this the chart people talked about?
  9. CirrusPilot
    Probably wouldn't benefit much from an amp. There is a lot of Bose bashing on this site for no real reason. Yes, you are paying more for the name, but the AE2s are by far the MOST comfortable headphone. As for other good headphones in that price range, the MDR-V6 or 7506 is great (I have a pair), but they are terribly uncomfortable and don't have a detachable cable. There are also the ATH M-50s, but again if comfort is key, you will be disappointed. 
    If I were you, I would keep the AE2s. They are quite enjoyable for casual listening. They are incredibly lightweight, and incredibly comfortable. 
  10. mcast20
    I think for over all use the AE2 is a very good option, looks good light weight, very comfortable and sound is not my cup of tea but I find them pleasant. Enjoy them my preference is the grado sr80i in that price range but any headphone you buy in the price range has something missing. Please enjoy them and Bose has great customer service.
  11. elkend
    It looks like I'll be keeping the AE2's.  The internet seems be be divided on "These are pretty good for $100," and "These aren't worth $10."

    Long term durability is what I'm looking at, and if i think they'll last me for five years, I'll for sure be keeping them.  My cheapo sony mdr-v150's lasted me for five years and still work the same as when I got them, and I'm sure the AE2's are better built.
  12. wolfetan44
    Nonono. Bose do not have good build quality. They might last you a year.
  13. CirrusPilot
    I know people who had the old tri-ports for almost 5 years, even though they were way more delicate than the AE2s. You'll hear a lot of Bose hate out there simply because people don't want to associate themselves with a mass-marketed brand, no matter how it sounds. Good choice keeping the AE2s. You won't find a more comfortable headphone out there that can be driven without an amp!
  14. Lorspeaker
    For 100bucks its a good catch, portable..comfy, sounds great paired with an ipad...for cafes n macdonalds. 
    If i dun have my denon 1100, i would keep this AE2.
    For home use, there are better cans...:the dacs, the amps...etc etc etc P
  15. wolfetan44
    I think the AE2's are super comfortable. But still, it doesn't sound as good as say.. a CAL!
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