1. J

    Creative Aurvana Live CAL's Sale is pending..

    Sale is pending..Up for sale is a pair of CAL's. They are around a year old and have only been used indoor. The have approximately 200 hours of use.   Price $35 incl. free USPS shipping with tracking.   Paypal only and US sales only.   Feel free to PM me any questions.
  2. DoubleB123

    Help Me Recable My Creative Aurvana Lives

    After the connector on my Creative Aurvana Lives started being faulty I decided to do a full recable with using this thread as guidance I think I will use Canare L-4E5C Mini Quad but I don't know which size or type of cable sleeving...
  3. MonoMood

    Are HD 598s a great starting choice for headphones? Or..?

    I've been lurking head-fi for quite a while, and the forum quite influenced me on my last pickup of IEM's (GR07's) and I've decided to make an account And now, I've decided on getting a full-sized pair, and I'm currently looking at the Senn HD598's Would these be a great pickup, or are there...
  4. cizzley89

    looking for amazing sound headphones under 300.00

    Im looking to buy a nice pair of headphones under $300.00. I had beats solo hd's. Which sounded ok to good. I mostly listen to rock hip hop and rap. Im really looking for something loud and that sounds good. Most headphones ive come across, the cheaper ones just dont sound good. Any models or...
  5. hoo7h

    Need an advice a headphone for a friend, want it super comfortable for movies

    Hi\   A friend of mine tried my HD650 and he liked it very much Budget is $300 His usage is movies and tv shows only   If amp or dac is needed then its ok but the whole budget should not exceed 300-350       Thanks
  6. cbro94

    mom looking for gift for 11 yr old

    hi-  need some help finding a pair of headphones for my son-  dont really want to spend more that $75-100.-  i just cant stand him cranking his Ipod around the house anymore!! saw a pair of Monster Ncredible Ntune for around $50.00 on dealnews-but have no idea what is junk and what is good or if...
  7. arconreef

    suggestions for budget closed/sealed headphones with metal music in mind

    Hi, I've been looking around for a pair of budget headphones with a max price of about ~$150. I will be using them in noisy places, so they must have a closed/sealed design and have passive sound isolation. They need to be reasonably sturdy, and not prone to breaking under moderate stress, since...
  8. Knockout

    Best choice for Headphones under 100$

    I am looking for a new decent headphones for under 100 dollars which isn't much but its all I can afford right now and here are my options.   Koss PortaPro Grado iGrado Grado SR60i ATH M50   Need help!!
  9. antigen

    Jvc s400 vs koss porta pro vs other? What the better solition?

    Hi to ALL!!!     i news your help, what is the better headphones into this list?   koss porta pro   Superlux 681   JVC S400   Creative Live aurvana   Please help me to chose the best solution!   audio source: iPod Classic with ALAC and iPhone with spotify  ...
  10. Anonymous User

    Best overall heaphone? (under $200)

    Hi, I'm looking for an overall headphone for under the $200 mark. I need a headphone that can deliver on pretty much ever spectrum of music as I listen to pretty much all genres. For some examples I listen to very low bass rap songs, I listen to some electronic music like Skrillex or Deadmau5, I...
  11. DoxiZz

    New pair of headphones for gaming and movies

    Hey guys i looking for a new pair of headphones for gaming and movies. I have looked at creative aurvana live and superlux hd 330. I will use them for games like battlefield 3 and movies so i want them to have deep bass and don´t know the exactly word for this so like in counter strike you must...
  12. newphones

    Help Me Spend $80 On 'Phones :)

    I would love to get some IEM's for noise isolation but have been soured by a very disappointing pair of klipsch IEM's. Horrible sound quality.    I may give IEM's another change with vsonic GR06's, which should provide good isolation and hopefully adequate sound quality.    I have always...
  13. gamingdave

    Narrowed my short-list down to 4 of the common favourites but have some specific questions

    I am looking for advice concerning a new purchase of some closed back headphones. The primary use will be in an office environment during the day, but they will also be used for travelling and possibly some late night gaming or film watching. I currently own a pair of Sennheiser HD 595 which are...
  14. trainergames

    Looking for a new pair of headphones,need some good options.

    Ok i just moved and some how in the move my headphones got damaged the right earcup keeps cutting corresponding to how i move the cord,so i need to look into getting something new i can't afford anything now,but around the first of next month i have a good paycheck,and i should be able to afford...
  15. Heitek

    Audio-Technica ATH-M50 Headphones: Best Overall Headphones ~$150. True or False?

    This is my first post on this forum. Hai everyone! *waves*     So yeah, I was critically thinking about getting the ATH-M50's for Christmas this year, and I saw ALOT of reviews that said it had amazing sound quality, great mids, epic highs, and a low, deep and rich bass. But I wanted to...
  16. AzixTGO

    Best "Budget" Headphones

    This is a duplicate thread. Seems the headphones I mentioned are in this section, and not the other.    Good morning fellow people with ears. I'm looking for the best headphones around the $50 range.. At first I was looking at the...
  17. Pedro Oliveira

    Best Headphones for Prog Trance, Trance and Uplifting Trance (within my budget)

    Hi guys...   Sorry to bother but i am in a dilema here... Here's the deal... I love all types of music but i a lean a little bit towards EDM. Love House, Prog House, Prog Tance and Upfliting Trance, especially the last two genres (but i am going to ear other types of music such as rock or...
  18. atsq17

    Creative Aurvana Live! 2 - SOLD (AUS)

    The new Creative Aurvana Live! 2! Red Color. RRP: $199.95 USD.    You won't find a better price on this anywhere. NOW OVER HALF OFF RRP!    As new condition. Tried them for a few hours and put them back in original packaging. Sounds better, looks better and is more comfortable than the original...
  19. best7

    Closed back headphones for classic rock, prog rock, etc.

    Hello Guys   I been lurking here for two years now and I thought I may start posting now. Actually, I need some advice on choosing a closed back headphone so I hope it doesnt bore you.   I am looking for a closed back headphone I can use while commuting to work. So far I came up with...
  20. avitay18

    siberia v2 usb vs sennheiser hd 202

    well 50% for gaming and 50% for music i know siberia is very comfort but how are the sennheiser vs them in games like black ops 2 with heavy sound ?
  21. peterm

    Creative Aurvana Live! or JVC HA-RX700

    I have picked two pairs of student-budget-cans and now I need a little advice, which should I choose. They will be used in an office (with PC or Sony NWZ-A815 as a source) so the less sound they leak - the better. They will also be used for long hours (4-8 daily), so the comfort is also...
  22. mohsin

    Creative Aurvana Live VS Sennheiser HD515

    I have just got myself a Fiio E5 and an ipod touch and wanted some headphones to go with them. I was originally looking at the Denon ah-d1001 until I found out the Creatives are the same headphones but rebranded.   I have managed to pick up a pair of Sennheiser HD515 for £35 and can get the...
  23. manarius

    FS/FT: Creative Aurvana Live! Headphones

    I've had these for about 6 months now, and while they do sound great, they just aren't getting the listening time they deserve, so I've decided to let them go.   They're in great condition with a few small scratches on the cups from normal use.   Included is the original packaging, the...
  24. nicolasete

    Replacement earpads for the Creative Aurvana Live?

    Hi guys, I've been looking for some time and I just can't find any concluding info about this.   The Creative customer service sells spares, but they charge 20€, and I don't want to pay a third of the whole headphones' price (60€) just for the earpads.       Does anyone know of any other...
  25. kidcharlemagne

    FS - Ultrasone DJ1 (sold), Creative Aurvana Live (sold)

    The DJ1s are in great condition, though the pads are hardening abit. I will include a pair of new Shure SRH240 pads in case you'd want to replace them. They are made of pretty much the same material as the Ultrasone pads (vinyl?) so it doesnt affect the sound.  I bought them about a month ago...