Much appreciated suggestions for Electro/House closed cans
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Nov 12, 2012
Hello everyone, I've been away from the hi-fi sene for quite a while, unfortunately, but not long enough for a mate of mine to ask for help picking up his first decent set of cans. 

All he asks for is that "they're good" (well, duh), around 50-80 euro (let's make it 60-100 USD), and preferably 'local'. Well that's where the problem starts - we live in Portugal (western Europe in case your geography is failing you ^^), and over here we have not even 1/100 of the market (most of) you people have over there in the Americas. Much less variety of offer, and for much higher prices usually. I've already given up on national, and am leaning towards, just so you know.

He will be using them for study (in public places), listening mostly to Electro and House.

I did my updating and came up with these three possibilities (remember, heavily conditioned)
º Creative Aurvana Live!
º Sony MDR-V6

º Sennheiser HD429

What he's used to listening to his music with are a pair of ATH M-50s of mine, he likes them a lot (just for guidance, I guess. I'm not hi-fi savvy)

So if anyone has any suggestions I'd much appreciate them! Don't mind the geography restriction - just a name is enough and I'll crosscheck with what's available close by. Thanks!

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