1. tjeco

    New headphone suggestion?

    Hello, I'm new to the hobby. first offs! hello head fi! :) and this is my first post, hopefully im in the right forum category :D   I just bought a new White Marshall Major headphones which I'm using for music, which is great! I'm using it solely for the purpose of listening to Music...
  2. Lumpiersorz

    Best amp to fix annoying sibilance on AH-d2000?

    So, I just recently purchased a pair of denons ah-d2000 from ebay, but unless i equalize the treble REALLY low, it hurts my ears A LOT when they sing anything with ''s'' in it.   I was thinking it might be my cheap amplifier, i'm using a Fiio E3 that i got for my old sennheiser. My budget...
  3. GusGF

    What model are these Shure headphones?

    Dug up (literally ​) my old Shure IEMs which go back as far as 2005 if not earlier but have no idea what model they are. They look like E4Cs but they are damned expensive and I wouldn't have paid that much I'm sure. Bass is weak compared to my Jaybird Bluebuds X for example but that could be...
  4. MagnusThome

    FIIO E3 - reverse engineered. Remove bass boost. Change gain.     To remove bass boost:   I've just removed C4 and C6 (you can instead short both of them if you want, will result in lower gain). Don't forget to do it on BOTH...
  5. actorlife

    C&C Box V.2 and Fiio E3 amps

    I have both these amp for a couple of years. I was just wondering if I should upgrade? To be honest I only use them once in a while. I see a crop of newer amps from various companies for 120 and lower. I've looked at recents good review of the newer amps such as Fiio E7, E11 and also Soundmagic...
  6. Headphonefred

    FiiO E3?

    Hey, does the fiio E3 distort the sound through an ipod? Im thinking of getting it for the Grado sr80i to power them fully, but i also want to get the best listening experiance i can out of my ipod. Please share your thoughts, thanks
  7. madmonkey

    Sansa clip zip headphones

    I have koss portapros on order did i make a mistake i listen mostly to rock and metal music.
  8. GlorifiedG

    New here. Looking for over ear headphones under $70 or

    Im looking for great sounding over ear headphones under $70. And I honestly don't know whats good or not. So Im wondering if you guys could help me out. I listen to a lot of Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, My Bloody Valentine, etc.
  9. Itskewl42

    Best amps (portable or desktop) under $40

    Are there any amps (portable or desktop) under $40 that really improves volume and bass. Ive looked at all the fiio amps from e3 to e6 do they really help the music? Ive never owned an amp so i need to know if any amp under $50 is just a waste of time and if not, which are best for the money. I...
  10. Itskewl42

    Lookin for sub $50 headphones

    I have radius atomic bass 2s which i am very happy with but i want some over ears and my knowledge of those goes about as far as some $30 skullcandys. I listen to rap/reggae/house/dubstep so i want really good bass but i need clarity too. Thats about it but please actually own these before you...
  11. arjun90

    FiiO E3 vs. E6

    Which FiiO is recommended based on price and reviews?   FiiO E3 vs. E6?
  12. mcgruber

    The usefulness of the E7?

    Let me get this straight. -You don't need a FiiO E7 when the soundcard of your pc is good enough. I guess that in a year all soundcards will be better than the soundcard in the E7. -The only other thing useful about the E7 is that it's portable? But all it does is amplify your mp3/4...
  13. arjun90

    Does anyone have feedback on the FiiO E3 Miniature Headphone Amplifier?

    Does anyone have feedback on the  FiiO E3 Miniature Headphone Amplifier?
  14. sandaz93

    Zune HD + Koss Porta Pro

    Recently, I purchased a Zune HD 16gb. While I love the UI and build of the zune, the volume feels far too weak. Previously, I was using a iPod Classic 5th generation + Koss Porta Pros, which, while sounding a bit muddy at times, were always loud enough using maybe less than a quarter of the...
  15. EpicPie

    Review: GoVibe Martini+ Amp

    Haven't had time until now to post up this long awaited review as I was waiting for a replacement knob for the amp from Jaben so I could take pictures before posting this review. Hope you guise here on Head-Fi enjoy reading it. :) What's Included With The Amp: Velour carrying bag, 5.5" M/M...
  16. mrinflatable

    amp for Ipod & IEM?

    Hi i currently use a 4th gen Ipod Nano & Vsonic GR06 IEM as a music player to travel to work, gym, and just casual listening of music   Im just wondering if adding a portable amp will increase the sound quality (and bass)?   I'v been looking at getting something such as the Fiio E6 & LOD...
  17. Gabe Springhett

    Bought a Fiio E3 was this a mistake?

    Hey guys, I'm pretty new to the whole "good headphone" thing. I recently bought a pair of Audio Technica ATH-M50. I figured I would also buy a small headphone amp for them so my iPad and it together would better drive the headphones. I was wondering if I'm going even see benefit from the Fiio...
  18. Wiredin

    Because life is to short to be listening to bad audio at the gym

    Hello all,   I've been living in a realm of medicority and sub-par audio for years, hoping that by buying higher end headphones and earbuds that I can relieve some of the strain of the dreaded ipod sound quality on my ears. I've purchased a large collection of ear buds and over ears from...
  19. Mr_Junesequa

    reducing hiss Fiio e3

    Hi,   Im running an m8-e3- atrio's   I like bass   Anyway my problem is hiss and very harsh highs, Im using the sptialisation function on the meizu m8 and specifically the phase correct eq   it really hurts my ears   I have an old impedance adaptor which seemed to sort it...
  20. ClieOS

    FiiO E6 - story of the tiny amp continues... (w/ review on 1st page)

    Here is the new chapter for the story about FiiO's tiny amps' line-up: E6 has been in development for over a year now and ready to be launched months ago. But due to the respect for Westone, which has decided to bundle the new E6 with some of their IEM, the launch is delayed till 25th of August...
  21. togepi258

    ATH-M50 vs HD25-1

    Hello, I've been lurking this forum for the past weeks and finally decided to join. Of course, it's because I have a question and I know you guys are very helpful. I've been saving up money to buy some headphones and after weeks of research, I decided to go with the Audio-Technica M50s. I listen...
  22. mrlolftw

    Portable amp for AKG K702?

    Hey guys, i've recently purchased (well bid on) a second hand pair of AKG K702. Theyre in spectacular condition and come with everything original. The way i decided on them? I went to your forums and spent days researching the many options, and it seems that the AKG K702's are well praised! At...
  23. keanex

    [Review] Superlux HD668b, They Cost How Much? (Foam Mod+More for 668b+681!)

        Pros: Stunning clarity and balance Cons: Comfort issues, build quality feels cheap.   I chose to review these with my FiiO E7 with my E3 LOD to my iPod Classic as they definitely need some juice. The E7 is able to power these to comfortable listening levels though without a...
  24. Elsoreth

    Amplification recommendations for the ATH-M50?

    Last year I decided to get my first full size headphones, and after a period of deliberation I decided the ATH-M50 would be the perfect set for me.    After a few weeks of listening to them, I eventually decided that they would benefit largely from an amplifier, a concept that seems in...
  25. DeadP1xels

    HippoBox+ used with a second amp???

    First of all   Hello Head-Fi!! Long time lurker first time poster i've gotten into portable audio from head-fi and started of with a generic 2gb mp3 with stock headphones   Heres the stuff i use its nothing special but its a start   Sources: Zen X-fi 10gb (8+2) , Htc Wildfire...