What Types / Models Of Headphones Are Best For Different Kinds Of Music? Please Help????
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Mar 27, 2013
Hey, been a member for about a month after finding this site on a google search because I've been looking to get new headphones, currently still using the crappers that came with my phone.
I've looked around and read pretty much all the "required stuff", but one thing is puzzling me. In the "Headphone Buying Guide" it states:
"3: Music: Lastly you want to consider the type of music you listen to, not all headphones are created equal! Every headphone is designed to cater to a certain sound type and a headphone that may be excellent for classical music might lack in many areas for those who listen to drum and bass. If you have an eclectic music taste then it's best to find something that will suit what you listen to most."
I'm puzzled because, while it says that different types of music are better with certain kind of headphones it doesn't tell you what is recommended for each genre of music, so it really doesn't help you at all if you don't know much about headphones already.
So, I'm wondering if people here could fill me in on what type / models of headphones are best for different kinds of music.
Specifically interested though in information which will help me select the best headphones I can get for my musical taste and headphone needs. Here is a bit about me to let you all know what I'm looking for:
Don't Wants
-I wear hats basically always so headphones with band are out of the question
-I hate the feel of ear buds, so none of those
Leaning Towards:
-Because band headphones & ear buds are not what I am looking for I am looking pretty much solely at clip on headphones, the two I've found I'm interested in the most are:
Phillips SHS4700/28
Koss KSC75
These are just the only two I've found, but I'm open to any suggestions of other models any of you all know of. Although, I must say my budget maximum is $30.
The Music I Listen To: (bands in order of how often I listen to them)
Reel Big Fish
Dropkick Murphys
Chixdiggit! , Common Rider, and Classics of Love (these are all pop punk bands probably 99 % of people haven't heard of)
Michael Jackson
The Offspring
Cherry Poppin Daddies'
So mainly rock, and with the exception of Radiohead very high energy very upbeat music.
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Oct 11, 2009
Frankfurt am Main
If I remember correctly the Koss KSC75 shares it's driver with the Koss Portapro, which is practically a headphone legend for offering excellent sound at rock bottom prices for many years.
The KSC75 gives you the same sound in a cheaper smaller package.
The sound these give is energetic and fun, and should suit your listening tastes. 
Never heard the Phillips so I can't comment on that.
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Sep 15, 2008
The ksc75's are absolutely brilliant headphones.
Unfortunately, I found the high frequencies too steely and harsh. This was exacerbated by the fact that I turned up the volume since the detail was so phenomenal.
Check out the portapro appreciation thread: you may be able to attach portapro or sportapro drivers to the ksc75 clips, if you want darker sounding headphones in the event that you find the ksc75 sound signature a bit too harsh.
Also, the portapro's and ksc75's have significantly different sound signatures: the 75's have a fair bit of treble boost, while the portapros are dark and bassy. The 75 drivers are titanium coated; portapro drivers are not.
edit: if your budget is $30, then perhaps you can get the 75's and EQ them to give them a bit of a treble roll off.
The 75's and portapro's are not limited to a particular genre. I've listened to all types of music on portapro's and the 75's, and every genre of music sounds good through both pairs.

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