Replacement for Porta-Pros
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Dec 21, 2012
So I had the blue, classic variant of Koss Porta-Pros for around 5--6 years before having cord problems that could no longer be fixed. Then just recently my friend and I have gone through a total of 5 Porta-Pros, with ALL of them apparently having problems between the 3.5 mm plug and the cord, so that one side of the headphones soon becomes mute unless the plug is twisted in a certain direction. Koss changed from a 90-degree-angled plug to a straight plug (around the same time they started having braided cables, and also these cord issues) and then back, but even my friend's newest headphones (with a 90-degree plug) soon suffered the same fate.
Now, since I don't really have soldering equipment available, I thought it's time for me to finally try other headphones. Some helpful pointers to help you know what I'm out for:
- I mostly listen to metal, but I enjoy the occasional calm instrumental with acoustic piano, strings etc.
- I really liked Porta-Pros and their capable bass and overall sound quality (especially when listening to metal)
- So far I haven't found better headphones within my budget of $60
- I'm looking for something primarily for portable use, but decent Skype/gaming usage (on computer) is a bonus
- I don't know whether I should get another pair of supra-aural headphones, or if I should give in-ear ones a try. (I don't really like circumaural ones since they're bulky and expensive.)
So far I've found the SoundMagic E30 in-ear phones, which have received favourable reviews and are within my budget. I just can't test them before purchase since I can only order them from abroad, so I'm wondering if these are something I'll be satisfied with as a metal listener who is migrating from Porta-Pros, or if I should get another pair of supra-aural headphones. (And if so, which ones?)
Thanks a ton in advance! :)
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You know they have a lifetime warranty, right? So have two sets of PortaPro.....when one fails, send it off for repair and use the backup pair. Cheaper than sliding down the slippery slope of upgraditis, if you like the PP that much.

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For a quick fix you could try the monoprice dj headphones, they are 20something and have a removable cable.
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E30 are great, also PL50, also the new Telefunken TH-110T is great
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I do like the PPs, but not enough not to consider other options, as long as there are good ones. :p I hate sending stuff to be repaired; I simply don't find it worth the bother if it's just going to happen over and over. Even a trial set of PPs at a store (for listening before purchase) had the same problem as the ones me and my friend have had...
Was just wondering if in-ear phones are generally worse than supra-aural ones like the PPs, at least for listening to bass-heavy music. I have very little experience of in-ears since the only such ones I've had are the incredibly crummy freebies that came with mp3 players, phones etc.
If not, I guess I could give the E30s a try, but if so...yeah.
Thanks for the replies so far!
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E30 may not have the bass you crave, Dunu Crater or even the cheaper Trident may be a better match for you
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Hm... doesn't seem to have the Craters (I live in northern Europe so my options are rather limited), and at .com they cost $83 which is kinda out of my price range. :frowning2: As for the Tridents, I would still like decent mid-range and treble quality, so if the bass in E30 isn't much weaker than the PP's for instance, then I'd rather opt for them--even if they're more expensive.
Then again, I have no idea how quality IEMs rank against supra-aural phones like the PP, so I have little idea... =|
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I understand, E30 are great, kind of neutral
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Thanks for your input. =) Shame that everything is so much more expensive in Europe... The E30 cost $40 in the, and £40 ($65) in =__= I'll have to figure something out...
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Yes, european prices are quite high...

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