1. Walla

    Brainwavz M5 or DUNU Trident?

    Hey guys! I've been searching for new IEMs and I came up with these two: the Brainwavz M5 and the DUNU Trident.  Both are about right for me as far as budget goes.  From what I have gathered, both are very durable and have good sound quality for their price range.  I enjoy listening to music of...
  2. jab1235

    Looking for cheap IEM's with good isolation.

    Hey everyone, I've been using the IEM guide here for quiet a while to help in my previous few purchases of IEMs. However, the headphones I've been using (Visang R02) broke in only a few months both times I've bought them. While I really love the Visang R02s I'd rather not spend $40 to get a pair...
  3. sashakrik

    Looking to buy new in-ears to use with my iphone

    Hello everyone ! I had an old pair of sennheiser CX300II that are falling apart so i want to buy a new pair of in-ears. I'm using the earphones with my old iPhone 3GS to listen to music on my way to work. I'm normally hearing electronic music (House, Dubstep) and Rap/Hip-Hop.   My...
  4. daviscup1980

    Desiding what in ears to buy, today! help!

    Ok, so today i get a 24 hours deal for the following in ears:   Nuforce ne-700x (dollars) Nuforce ne-700x new & improved ( dont know if thats also the case with ne-700x) (80 dollars) Philips Fidelio s1 (70 dollars) Monster gratitude ( 70 dollars)   I look for an upgrade of my Dunu...
  5. daviscup1980

    Finding my perfect in ears, please help, desperate!

    Hello everyone!!,   First of all my name is Dave and i am from Holland. I really want to buy a new set of in ears. I currently listen music with mu Dunu Trident dn-12's. I also owned the Fischer Audio Consonance and the wooduo 2, but i sold them for a really nice price.   My taste of...
  6. corycc

    Need new IEMs for the bus (~ $60)

    I take a school bus mornings and afternoons, and I'm looking for a pair of IEMs that can satisfy me for about 45 minutes as far as comfort and sound go. I don't need anything fancy; I wouldn't spend more than $60, but I would like to get the best sound for the price.    Genre-wise, I listen...
  7. rockywu0204

    DUNU DN-12 Trident free review event.(update8/22) Experience DUNU's amazing model.

      Hi Head Fiers                    updated 9/15   Thanks for join DUNU Trident review event. DUNU would like to thank all the joiners and fans for supporting this event. 2nd Stage is coming.   However too many too choose for us, ~~ so  the ten lucky reviewers are   mythless    ...
  8. mark2410

    DUNU Trident (DN-12) Review

      DUNU Trident (DN-12) Review   Thanks to Frogbeats for the sample     First Impressions:  The box looks exactly like that of other DUNU’s but I not the absence of the hard case.  That’s a bit of a shame but I guess it’s not really the end of the world, particularly given the look...
  9. kiteki

    FS: Dunu Ares / Dunu Trident / Dunu EX-150

        Accepting offers.      
  10. Y

    Review || Dunu Trident [DN-12]

    What's good Head-Fi! I was lucky enough to be one of the ten picked to review the Trident and I'd like to thank Rocky @ Dunu for the opportunity. This is my first Dunu product I've tried and look forward to trying more. I have this and other reviews on http://inearaddiction.blogspot.com if you...
  11. Y

    FS: Dunu Trident [DN-12]

  12. ostewart

    Dunu DN12 Trident Review (Updated with Photos)

    Firstly I would like to thank Dunu for selecting me to review one of their products, and I know some of you will not read this review as you think it is biased, but I assure you I will write as honest a review I can. These IEM's have had at least 50 hours of burn in before this review...
  13. tomscy2000

    REVIEW | DUNU DN-12 'Trident'

    I received my copy of the DUNU Trident as part of a company-sanctioned review event on Head-Fi in September, but unfortunately, I was unable to find time to publish a proper review until now. In particular, I’d like to apologize to Mr. Rocky Wu of DUNU for being so tardy about the review.  ...
  14. zhfac

    Dunu DN-12 Trident

    Owners of this pair of IEMs, what replacement ear tips would you recommend? I've lost my favourite pair of eartips and I'm looking for something that is compatitble with this IEM. I am not sure if any of the Comply foam tips work with the Trident.
  15. some1

    Dunu Trident DN-12

    Looking to try a pair of these heavy duty in ears, Frogbeats seem to be out of stock otherwise i would just buy a new pair from there as there prices are so good.
  16. rockywu0204

    DUNU "To bid or not to bid" , Bid DUNU DN-16 Hephaes and share in FB to win DN-12 !!! Last to bid event.

    To bid or not to bid”. DUNU new event.   DUNU DN-16 Hephaes Bid link http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=180884699207     To bid or not to bid, that’s the question. Brand new event for DUNU fans still not get one or who want to get a new pair. Now DUNU fans will have two...
  17. DUNU-Topsound

    “To bid or not to bid”. Bid DUNU DN-12 Trident or share to win Silver impact DN-18 Hawkeye. (2012 April 5~12)

    Bid link http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=180857233236   DUNU FB http://www.facebook.com/DUNU.FANS   “To bid or not to bid”. DUNU new event.   To bid or not to bid, that’s the question. Brand new event for DUNU fans still not get one or who want to get a new...
  18. Xinn3r

    A Simple <DUNU Trident DN-12> Review

    Hi fellow Head-Fi'ers, This is my first review/picture thread, so if you'll excuse me for being new to this...   Let me start with how and why I got this IEM.   As it says in my Profile, I live in China, and I became very interested in this particular IEM, mainly because of the rave...
  19. EC09

    DUNU Trident (DN-12)

    Impressions: I recently got myself a pair of Dunu Tridents after hearing that they are one of the best budget earphones available. Upon getting the package, I was very impressed with the packaging and presentation of the product. They are packaged extremely well and the earphones are displayed...
  20. NuclearZro

    IEM sub $30 question: Dunu Trident vs. Brainwavz Delta vs. CW31 vs. M9-SL

    I've found all of these within the $15-25 range, and really can't figure out what to do. While I'm not really a bass head, I'm worried that since I've only ever had standard headphones I've grown accustomed to overdone lows. My current earbuds are CX200s which have survived longer than any other...
  21. zenlunaticc

    looking for $50 headphones

    I may be in over my head here. I don't know much about headphones. I usually go for $20-$30 pairs that are on sale, which I always seem to break every 6 months. I am looking for a $50 or less set of headphones. I listen to spoken word on the go and electronic music (digitally imported premium)...
  22. hatebreed

    I can't decide between the Astrotec AM-90 or the Dunu DN-12.

    After looking through this guide: http://www.head-fi.org/t/478568/multi-iem-review-265-iems-compared-dunu-i-3c-s-and-dn-19-tai-chi-added-11-21-12   I've decided between these two. Isolation is essential, these two scored highly on the guide. What's bothering me is that i've read the AM-90...
  23. Selv

    Replacement for Porta-Pros

    So I had the blue, classic variant of Koss Porta-Pros for around 5--6 years before having cord problems that could no longer be fixed. Then just recently my friend and I have gone through a total of 5 Porta-Pros, with ALL of them apparently having problems between the 3.5 mm plug and the cord...
  24. raftymcscrafty

    Brainwavz, RHA or Dunu?

    Right now I'm looking for some in ears around the range of £30 I've found the Brainwavz M4/M5 (don't know which yet), Dunu Trident or RHA MA-350 Anybody know what would be the best choice? Main listening would be rock/metal, some electronic, some hip-hop, so pretty bassy stuff, which I've...
  25. anthony81212

    Help! My IEM's are out-of-phase from the factory!

    Hey everyone,   So I bought a pair oF Dunu I3C-S IEMs a fellow head-fi member. When I met up with him, I auditioned the IEMs for a brief moment with Coldplay - Princess of China.   Right at the start of the song, I immediately noticed something was different about this pair of IEM's -...