1. scaryweb123

    portable headphones under 60 dollars

    i was looking at the sony mdr xb500. i want good bass headphones that are maximum 60 dollars in AMAZON. the prob with xb500 was that ppl said it was not the best. i certainly think it looks cool and the leaking can be fixed with tape on the holes of the headphones. are there are any other...
  2. Shahi

    Best Budget Headphones

    I literally have no clue about Headphones, so hoping you guys can help! I need a pair of headphones, my budget is tiny at about £40-50. So far I've found only the Koss Porta Pro which is pretty cheap and the Panasonic RP-HTX7. Anyone have any ideas? :D Thanks!
  3. ajjekko

    Portapro upgrade

    I've listened to a fair share of headphones such as the DT770, HFI780 and ATH M50s, but I always find myself going back to my portapros. To me, those headphones are not worth the upgrade cost and frankly, boring to listen to when I could get the same experience from the portapros. I've been in a...
  4. tool462

    Federal inmates = budget audiophiles

    Some institutions have Koss Porta Pro on their commissary and now some institutions have Sandisk Sansa Clip+ for sale.  They are encrypted and running a custom firmware of course, no Rockbox here ;)   Now if only I could bring my own setup to work so I could ignore them...
  5. blakey72

    Need light, very comfortable semi-open or open phones for wife's uni lectures.

    Hi. I'm looking for a pair of budget headphones for my wife. She will be using them for listening to podcasts at home so have to be nice and light and be very comfortable. She really doesn't like them to be HUGE just standard sort of size. Semi-open or open would be her choice as she finds her...
  6. Siva108

    What's the best out of these?

    Hey guys.   So I'm in the market for some new gear to upgrade the stock earphones in my Sansa Fuze (which are incredible since I haven't really sampled any high end gear).   My options are:   Sennheiser HD201   Sennheiser HD202   Sennheiser HD205 MK-II    Sennheiser...
  7. mistarobotics

    Cheap but Great Sound Quality Headphones

    Well I'm planning on buying my friend a pair of headphones for her birthday. I don't want to spend a lot of money so probably around $20-$30. She doesn't want Earbuds. She's been mostly looking at on-ear headphones. I want it to have good sound quality and good isolation for the price. Please...
  8. Rocko1

    Bassiest $30ish Headphones?

    Looking for a inexpensive set for my 15 year old sons Bday. Bass would be the priority over accuracy.  I have been looking at the Sony MDR-XB300. Are there any others in this price range that I should look at? Thanks.
  9. Charlesyes

    Best headphones for around 100$?

    V-MODA Crossfade LP Metal Headphone Sennheiser HD 439 Headphones   Grado Prestige Series SR80i Stereo Headphone   These three are the ones Ive been looking at, any other suggestions?  I listen to soft rock to metal and everything in between, and I am a bit of a gamer.   Thanks
  10. NickAcrobat

    Best headphones for 50 bucks?

    My choices are skullcandy Hesh, skullcandy Agents, Koss UR50, or Koss R80.   If anyone knows of anything better than these close to $50-$60 please let me know.   Im looking for a headphone that covers the ear, with minimal leakage, and low frequency response like less than 20 Hz. Thanks.
  11. ytisawfulnow

    Headphones that sound better than beats solo for $50 or under

    I know what you're thinking, "Oh no! not another beats thread..." I would like to say first off i am not interested in beats by dre, i just want to ask something. I always hear people say that the Beats Solo HD are really bad for $200 (which they are) and you can get headphones for around $50...
  12. DM616

    Panasonic HTF600 vs Koss PortaPros

          Alright, I'm tied between the two of these. I listen to more bass heavy stuff (hardcore techno such as happy hardcore). And I also want phones that I can wear on my head for hours. Oh and some gaming :P I'll get a headset down the road.   What I like of the HTF600:   -Better...
  13. Slivortal

    Good Cans <=$80

    So, I was looking around for a decent pair of CLOSED headphones to ask for for my birthday. Looking for some that are relatively light, durable, and portable, with good sound (obviously). ABSOLUTE upper limit is $80. Also the headphones need to not leak sound (so closed, I guess). Usually I...
  14. smokecrack

    Any competition for Portapro's if these are my requirements?

    I love my Portapros, but am wondering if there is another portable headphone that outdoes them in the sound quality department, but maintains the comfort, small size and portability. My price range is flexible.
  15. waynes world

    Sennheiser PX 100-II bass issues?

    Hello,   I brought this up in another thread (and JK1 provided me with a lot of helpful info), but I thought I would start a new thread for it with a related title in order to get more impressions from PX100II owners.   Background: I am new to "not complete crap" headphones. I am trying...
  16. Orel

    Porta Pro VS KSC75

    I'm looking into buying some cheap portable headphones lately and I stumbled these too which I've heard alot about in the past, and I also read a few topics about them, Anyway, which would be better in sound and comfort? Also, will they require an amp? (I know the porta pro needs one), and is...
  17. Nexodon

    Portable headphones advice with medium budget

    Hi there, I am looking for a new pair of headphones for listening Music on-the-go, but I do not know what to buy. I'd like to have a bright, clean, analytical sound, but a little bit more of bass maybe good as well, if it does not make the sound too much darker. I listen mainly to...
  18. SilverBlade

    Tried the Koss Portapro

    So...I tried the Koss Portapro.    Immediately...didn't like them.  I have a large head and they were tight on me, even when the headband was extended to it's maximum.  (I even tried the Sennheiser PX 100 - it clamped on me so tight that my ears felt like they were going to bleed)   Plus...
  19. waynes world

    Is it okay to like the portapro driver more than ksc75 driver?

    This is essentially driving me nuts. I have both. I plan on keeping only one set. For reasons of personal preference, I am getting the cheapo part-express headband for whichever pair of drivers I keep. I am holding both sets of drivers to my ear with the same amount of pressure (the amount of...
  20. sandaz93

    Zune HD + Koss Porta Pro

    Recently, I purchased a Zune HD 16gb. While I love the UI and build of the zune, the volume feels far too weak. Previously, I was using a iPod Classic 5th generation + Koss Porta Pros, which, while sounding a bit muddy at times, were always loud enough using maybe less than a quarter of the...
  21. Syvere

    Any good on-the-ear headphones for under 80$?

    Are there any good on the ear headphones that can rival the porta pro and bose OE2 for under 80$? I'm looking for a new mobile set to go along with my new iPod Classic. I listen to all variety of music but I prefer clean sound and detail over boomy bass. I havbe zero tolerance for sibilance as...
  22. metllicamilitia

    Looking for headphones now

    Up until recently I've been using IEM's but now I want some headphones. I listen to metal, using a Cowon C2. I've always used colder more analytical earphones but I want a warmer headphone, I want the music to be fun. Any suggestions? All price ranges please. Aus dem geist der geisterkranken
  23. HiFiGuy528

    Are there FAKE AKG Q460 in the wild?

    I am seeking a lot of AKG Q460 on eBay selling about $79 form China. I am worried they may be fake. Are there fake ones in the wild?
  24. JohnnyBlaze554

    Benchmark headphones for review

    I'm looking to make a list of headphones that people really wanted new stuff compared to in different price points.   So far looking around the shop this is what I'm thinking that we have I could compare things too.   50-   Koss Porta Pro Classic 100- Grado SR-80 150-  Audio-Technica...
  25. yoyojoe

    How did you become an audiophile?

    I thought it would be interesting to see how people started along the audiophile path.  I'll keep it short I was rummaging through my parents garage and found a pair of koss PortaPros and an old Denon receiver. I found Head-Fi when I was researching them and have been buying headphones since...