1. suicidal_orange

    Latest news in the world of fake Koss Porta Pros?

    Today I've unwrapped a pair of Koss Porta Pro Black Beauty which came from ebay which were sold as damaged packaging for the not stupidly cheap price of £22 (about $35)  I'm aware that ebay has a bad rep for Porta Pros so at the first opportunity I unpacked and examined them, then put them on...
  2. sportsfan88

    Best headphones under $30?

    Hey guys,   Can I get some suggestions on some headphones for under $30?   I saw Amazon has the Koss PortaPro for $24.99 and the Sennheiser HD201 for $19.99. Which one is better?   Also anyone know a really good headphone extension cord that I can buy?
  3. A

    I ripped the cable out of my portapro by accident... anywhere to get a recable for cheap?

    Title says it all. I just got new portapro KTC's and I accidentally stepped on the cable and ripped one out... I'm so bummed. I think Koss has a lifetime warranty but they're Kramer modded so i don't know if that voids it. (I can't solder)
  4. kiteki

    kiteki giveaway (Koss PortaPro)

        Post in this thread if you're a Mexican student and I'll give you my Koss PortaPro's for free and send them to you for free.     You must be a Mexican student.    
  5. salannelson

    Which Koss Headphones share the PortaPro driver?

  6. h8uthemost

    Portapros or Senn PX-100

    Both are in about the same price range at the big A, so these are the two I'm looking at. I'm just looking for a portable, comfortable, and good sounding pair of headphones(that I'll be using with either my Android, Sansa Clip, or Cowan D2) for work. I listen to mostly jazz and blues, but i do...
  7. darren102

    Koss PortaPro Alternative

  8. Tsujigiri

    Difference Between Koss Portapro and JVC S400

    Hi everyone, I have just bought these two headphones to initiate a couple people I know into the world of audio. Since they are gifts, I can't really open them and try them out, so I was wondering what the difference is between them for those of you who have heard both. Then I can figure out...
  9. doobooloo

    Quitting Head-Fi...

    So. It's been a fun ride so far. I've tried many different phones, some out of my budget and some within: Koss PortaPro Grado SR-80 Grado SR-225 Grado SR-325i Alessandro MS-1 Alessandro MS-2 Alessandro MS-2i Alessandro MS-Pro Sennheiser EH-2270 Sennheiser HD-580 Sennheiser HD-600...
  10. tostada

    Android Bluetooth DAC advice

    I'm not really the world's most passionate audio connoisseur, but I listen to podcasts and music 8 hours/day, and I'm a geeky developer who has to over-research everything.  Lately I'm taking a Nexus 7 to work everyday and listening to stuff that I pre-download on Play Music All Access.  It's my...
  11. SoundGoon

    PortaPro vs. SportaPro

    What are the differences between these two (drivers, etc.) and which would you consider better (build, sound, etc.)?
  12. holyangel117

    Best portable headphones for 20-40 USD?

    I'm trying to find a pair of headphones for my brother for Christmas. I'm thinking of a pair of jvc's or panasonic's.
  13. kimare

    Closed headphones sub $100

    Newbie looking for closed headphone to use with a Windows Phone. I'm no audiophile, music varies from Pixies, Elliott Smith to Kanye West. I've got a pair of Koss Porta Pro which I like, but the leak is massive. So something with similar sound, and minimal leak would be nice. Warm, mellow and...
  14. RoRoLaw

    Recommend me Non-In Ear buds

    I'm looking to replace the stock headset that comes with the galaxy s2 because it is In Ear which is not comfortable for me so I am looking for regular earbuds something similar to these http://www.amazon.com/Sennheiser-MX5...7707600&sr=1-1 But with a microphone/volumecontrol/  Price...
  15. theVashtaNerada

    TDK IE800 and/or Philips Citiscape Uptowns for your open/semi-open phones

    *Uptowns are gone.   I'm looking to trade my TDK IE800 and/or +/- cash. Great condition still have packaging.  I still have a bunch of silicone tips for the IE800.  They sound similar enough to my BA200 that I won't really miss them.   I'm looking for some open headphones or a V-Moda...
  16. donisan69

    Convert open to semi-open (PX100, KSC75, PortaPro, and etc..)

    Hey guys, hello to all the modders, so guys, to those who use leather (or other material) instead the foam pad, what are the benefits, and downsides of that mod? also, is it adds some sort of isolation, from outside noise? if it stupid thing or so..I'll just get a closed back, but it the last...
  17. niv141

    Budget headphones for a basshead ($50)

    Hey there, Ive been browsing in the internet and mostly in this forum to find a headset suitable for my needs but really couldnt find anything that completely suit my needs, and right now I have a big headache seeing all these names and brands of headphones and "Do I want these" and "Do I want...
  18. dcsquirrel

    Looking for headphones based on headphones I have tried and liked

    Ok I have listened to the sennheiser hd 428 and bose ae2 (The Over ear one) and I really liked the sound of these headphones. However both of them are over my budget around $50. The hd 428 are close but I am worried about the thin undetachable cable. Just as a comparison how do these two...
  19. Itskewl42

    Headphone reccomendation

    Im going into high school and i want some new headphones. The main concerns are price sound and look. The sound has to have decent base and clear high lows and mids. I listen to rap but bass isnt that important to me. The price should be $100-150 and they should be portable and look decent. I...
  20. -xX-Mew-Xx-

    Best Quality For Absolute Lowest Price

    I dont need advice but for the new head-fiers needing some suggestions! I think the Koss PortaPros are the best for the lowest price :) i dont like them but they have such good value! No specific genres or type, just all out best value!
  21. Brainmatter

    Tinnits headphones

    I would like us with delicate and sensitive ears to share our experiencis as to which headphones work for us and which ones do not. Give examples of both the worst and the best headphones for us proned with tinnitus and hyperakusis. I developed severe tinnitus and hyperakusis after having bougt...
  22. BeepBop

    Cheap, Bassy Over-ear Headphones for 20$?

    Hi, I am new here and I am wondering about The title ^.   They need to have average mids and highs.   Thanks :)
  23. Lukask

    Koss porta pro. Looking for shop in london. unsuccessfully

    Please. I Looking shop in London, where they have headphones Koss Porta Pro White Storm or classic.   Does anyone know of some?   Anywhere in London.   I do not want to buy online.   Thank you!
  24. BikeSnatcher

    Need low budget headphones

      So my friend gave me 30 bucks to buy some headphones. He plans to mostly use them for gaming, but maybe also some music. He listens to all kinds of music so that isn't much of a big deal. I've been looking around, and the JVC HARX700 sounds like the best dead i'm not completely sure though.
  25. Knockout

    Best choice for Headphones under 100$

    I am looking for a new decent headphones for under 100 dollars which isn't much but its all I can afford right now and here are my options.   Koss PortaPro Grado iGrado Grado SR60i ATH M50   Need help!!