1. MuZI

    Did I make a mistake? (AKG K 272HD)

    Hi guys, I recently purchased a pair of AKG K 272HS headphones. They arrived today and compared to my Koss Porta Pros they seemed a bit muffled. I understand they are closed vs. open headphones but I'm slightly disappointed.   I do have to set the volume much higher so I was wondering if the...
  2. scarf

    Upgrade my Koss PortaPros

    Hi Headfi. Love this forum, even though I'm brand new here! Anyways, as I said in the title I would love to upgrade from my PortaPros. I think they're a great pair of headphones, but I know there's better out there if I'm willing to shell out the dough. What I really like about my PortaPros...
  3. xzifi

    Which headphone to get

    I'm planning on buying a new headphone in the <50$ price range but I'm not sure which one would be the best for me. I mostly listen to electronic/dubstep/house/electro type of music, however, I don't want "basshead" headphones as I have heard they exagerate the bass and "overshadow" the other...
  4. danielos

    Portable Headphones that definitely do not require an amplifier

    Guys, your help will be appreciated to choose a portable headphone that does not require an amplifier, up to $200.   My source of music will be a last generation Ipod Classic (160gb). Now I'm using Koss Porta-Pro's, and I want to move forward.   After a lot of research (including an...
  5. Hovis

    Need some recommendations.

    I'm on the hunt for some headphones that will probably end up being my first serious purchase, they will be used as an all round pair of headphones.   So what I'm looking for is a pair of ON-EAR closed back headphones. I'll be using them at home as well as outdoors, so that's why I'd like to...
  6. xlEnt

    Gym headphones NOT IEM

    Looking for some decent headphones that can be used at the gym   can't be IEM's as my ears are sensitive and the sweat being pushed into my ear is the reason i'm now looking for non IEM   was considering the px100, but they've gone up in price the last time i checked, and even then i...
  7. kidpunk16

    What should I buy?

    Hello, my name is Facundo, I'm from Argentina and I've just made this account to ask about headphones. I want to buy a new pair of headphones for around 500 pesos argentinos ( around 76 dollars) My current ones are the in ears Philips SHE-9000 that in my opinion sounds wonderfully but lacks...
  8. YellowSloth

    Fake Koss PortaPro headphones? (Black cardboard box, not transparent plastic.)

    Hello Headfiers,   A couple days ago I ordered a Koss Portapro. Because I know there are a lot of fake Portapros, I wanted to buy it directly from Amazon and not through another seller. Now I received them, but I am not sure if they are the real deal, and now I can't remember if it do was...
  9. LaPierre

    JVC HARX700 vs Koss PortaPro: Poll

    POLL: Two of the best budget headphones around, but which has a better price:performance? Poll is indefinite, to be useful for those of us looking into a good pair of budget headphones. If you're going to vote it's preferable that you'd heard both and aren't biased, --- which isn't easy for...
  10. yepimonfire

    Does anyone wear fullsize headphones out in public?

    I've been considering doing this simply because no matter how good IEM's can sound, they're no match for fullsize cans. 
  11. Praraja

    Not sure what to shoot for, given my less than stellar source

    So. I've been a little bit dissatisfied with the quality of my sound for a while now and the death of my ancient porta pros kind of made the upgrade very easy to justify as my only other option, the cheap iems I found in my closet, are raping the hell out of my hearing. Anyway, I've scavenged up...
  12. bb62610

    Best Over/On-Ear Headphone for under $30

    My friend was wondering if he could be a decent headphone for around $20 and I recommended to him the Monoprice 8323 a.k.a Kicker HP541's but I was wondering if there were more options out there.  Which would you recommend?  Anyone?
  13. csice

    Best headphones for under $60

    I don't really have a preference for style (in ear/over ear), I guess the more portable, the better, but sound is foremost. I will be using them with an ipod and maybe some on my pc/laptop. What are my best option at this range? So far, it looks like these two are the highest regarded...
  14. codefusionx

    Budget Headphones between $60-100

    Hi, folks! I'm fairly new to this forum so this is my first post. I'm currently looking for some headphones for my iPod classic. This is my first pair of headphones (since my earbuds broke) so I'm fairly new to all these. Initially I wanted to get a pair of Razer Electra's since they were $60...
  15. Peco

    Have £200 budget to get myself 2 pairs of headphones/earphones please help

    I thought i would treat myself to some decent headphones (2 pairs actually). Music is my passion so i thought why not invest in something to take my listening experience to the next level I have a budget of £200 (+/- £20 if its worth the extra funds) and with that I would like to get 2 pairs. 1...
  16. GabeGz


    Please list any headphones that are in the price range of $100 or less that give you the most for the money you spend! All opinions welcomed!
  17. JuanseAmador

    New to Audiophile world

    Hi guys, I wondered if you can help me... I want to be an audiophile, but I need help choosing headphones. These are my choices: HiFiMan HE-400 Shure SE215 (IEM) And I still have $300 for a more portable headphone, probably On-Ear. Grado 325i Grado 225i Koss PortaPro Sennheiser HD25 ATH-M50...
  18. Mekka

    Portable closed full size headphones for beginner 250$

    Hi everybody, I signed in as I couldn't find enough information in my country. So, here's the thing. Until today, I've been listening to music with Koss Porta Pro. It's a bang for the buck but when I'm listening to other cans, it's crap... So, now I'd like to make one step further. I listen to...
  19. HforH

    AKG K99 or other comparable headphones for young child?

    I am in search of headphones for my 3 year old for a listening program. Recommended headphone is Akg K99 though am concerned about fit. Wondering if there are other comparable headphones out there in similar price range more specific for children? Important considerations: - frequency response...
  20. shadow21

    PX 100 equivalent - removable cable

    Hi, I have had a pair of PX100-ii headphones and i am very happy with them. But recently (within less than a year) the wire got loose. I am wondering if anyone know a pair of headphones equivalent to PX 100 - ii, but with a detachable cable. so that loose cable is no longer a problem   I saw...
  21. DJDestroid

    Replacing cable on Koss Portapro

    Basically the jacks on Portapros tend to go after a while for me. I managed to salvage this pair by soldering on an old KSC cable where the connection at the phone itself had gone bad rather than the jack.  Is there anywhere I can order a cable ready to solder on? Like preferably something...
  22. FCO2013

    Upgrading! Good, cheap (30 USD or lower), portable, and mid-centric headphones!

    Hey all!   So I've been thinking of upgrading my current portable set of cans to something nicer, but still not too expensive, so I'm looking for some suggestions. I currently use my Sony MDR ZX-100 headphones for my on the go, throw 'em in a bag type headphones. I like them because they...
  23. Supertoaster

    The Ugly Headphone Duckling

    List some headphones that can be considered ugly/strange/funny looking but actually have a very good sound
  24. moouers

    Good headphones for a person who wears glasses, under $50.

    I am looking to buy a pair of headphones for my sister when I visit her in a few weeks. I recently learned that the only method available to her to listen to music is through her laptop speakers. She absolutely loves music (flute performance major), so I know she'd love something with higher...
  25. lateralligator

    Need help finding better headphones

    I badly need a better pair of headphones.  I currently use Bose IE2's, and while I think they sound great, they constantly fall out of my ear whenever I do any athletic activity.  I really only wear them when I'm running or at the gym, and I have to constantly adjust them or put them back in my...