1. cmirza

    Koss PortaPro ComfortZone Setting

    I have a question about the PortaPro's comfort setting, and since Koss has no manual for their headphones I guess I'll ask here. When I switch my headphones from firm to light I cant switch them back to firm from light without collapsing the headphone first. Is this the way they are supposed...
  2. ilikedonkeys39

    Whats the Ugliest Headphone EVER

    What do you think the ugliest headphones are? Post a pic or link to a pic   rules: must be over ear or on ear isnt a super old grampa headphone     ps ik this has been done before but not in 2012
  3. Supreme-Magnum

    The best headphones i can buy! ( money is no issue)

    as the tile says, i listen a lot to (dubstep+DnB-40%-+Trance+House+Glitch+Bass+Classical music 50%) and i game 50% of the time + listen to music 50% !
  4. Sjaudio

    New Portable Headphones Around 40 bucks

    Hello Everyone, I will shortly introduce myself, I am a young (23 years old) hifi lover and formally I only listened to floorstanding/monitor speakers with good results. Price tag was very different, from 100 bucks to around 6000 bucks which was the most expensive kit I had. I live in The...
  5. HeroicPenguin

    Mid-centric headphones for indie rock?

    Hey guys,   I posted this in the Recommendations thread, but got a pretty inconclusive answer. I want a mid-centric, preferably open headphone for ~$200-250. I'll be mainly listening to indie rock (Arcade Fire, The National, Phoenix, etc.) and some classic rock/British Invasion (The Who, The...
  6. Koss PortaPro - Headphones ( semi-open )

    Koss PortaPro - Headphones ( semi-open )

    This high quality portable stereophone set performance and comfort standards for personal listening worldwide. Over the years, much to the delight of devout PortaPro enthusiasts, Koss has preserved the original design and performance that made the PortaPro a portable music icon. Today the...