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Headphones for women.

  1. Mdraluck23
    Christmas is coming soon and a female friend is looking for a pair of headphones. What are your suggestions? She can't stand "suctioney" IEM's or "HUGE" over the ear models. I was looking at something kind of like the HD238 or possibly a true earbud with no suction, just haven't kept up on recent Head-Fi trends. Educate me! Assume a budget around 100 dollars or less. Modern poppy *** and Taylor Swift in excess, but also lots of piano. Educate me! Color choices/good looks couldn't hurt.
  2. Elektrospeed
    Citiscape Downtown might just be what you're looking for.
  3. Mdraluck23
    Those look nice, The only foreseeable problem is the padding. Like I said, she isn't much of a fan of size. It's a tough spot. I plan on testing the waters once I narrow it down, maybe tricking her into giving some opinions somehow.
  4. ZARIM
    The Sony XB800, JVC ON EAR with NC, Harmen Kardon CL are detailed and good sounding on ear pairs.
  5. Mdraluck23
    A lot of them seem pretty big that's the problem, I could easily pick a larger set for myself, but I was looking more at the on ear form factor like the JVC's you mentioned. Harmon Kardon CL's are nice but maybe a tad expensive.The HD238/239/229 seems like a perfect form factor for her, just wondering what else is out there.
  6. Doc-holliday
    Here is a great option. Can be found as low as 25 dollars with free shipping:

    Jvc has400w


    Also i agree the philips downtown would be a great sounding choice with great looks. Currently 40 bucks shipped from ben's outlet.

  7. Negakinu
    My girlfriend uses a small, white Koss Portapro 
    An even tinier AiAiAi Tracks
    And sometimes a Jecklin Float
  8. ostewart
    AKG K518LE
    HD238 are open, so they wont block out any outside noise, and the stock cable is terrible.
  9. Mdraluck23
    The AKG 518's have been on my radar, really good deals on Amazon right now. PortaPro's would be solid but they pinch hair, which will happen guaranteed with her.
    All great suggestions! 
    List so far:
    Philips Citiscape Downtown
    Sennheiser HD 239/229.
    AiAiAi Tracks if I could find some.
  10. Elektrospeed
    Here my man http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_noss?url=search-alias%3Daps&field-keywords=AiAiAi+Tracks
    Definetly more discrete and as fashionable as the Downtowns, but absolutely no idea how they sound though...
  11. Mdraluck23
    Apparently not much different than px100's but a little better overall. I feel like they arent much of a value at their current price. I will probably pull the trigger on some Downtowns, especially at that price! Seeing them on Tyll's wall of fame is very convincing.

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