1. cbro94

    mom looking for gift for 11 yr old

    hi-  need some help finding a pair of headphones for my son-  dont really want to spend more that $75-100.-  i just cant stand him cranking his Ipod around the house anymore!! saw a pair of Monster Ncredible Ntune for around $50.00 on dealnews-but have no idea what is junk and what is good or if...
  2. S3VBR0

    First time purchasing nice headphones- Help

    Hey guys, I'm looking for a nice pair of headphones that: 1. Have nice sound quality (not an audiophile but I have a good ear) 2. Look somewhat stylish (I'm going to be wearing these out and about, and around campus) 3. Cost ~$100 4. Sounds good with indie, alternative, and electronic...
  3. kuroshiro

    Superlux HD-668 vs Philips SHL5605BK CitiScape

    so what i want to know is which is one better in terms of sound and comfort.plan to use it for more than 10 hours a day and primarily for music.
  4. BooZZysbm

    Broken Sony XB600, need recommendation for new headphones (80-100 $).

    Hi!   I bought in octomber 2012 a pair of XB600. After a while, the synthetic leather on the earpads started to wear out, until about a fourth of it was peeling off the earpad. Since there's no way of glueing it back, I decided to rip it off completely. Little did I know that the synthetic...
  5. indigotheory

    Akg k550 questions

    Hi all. Decided to sign up after a few months "lurking" and reading reviews etc. Seems a great forum. Ok I've been on the lookout / saving for a new pair of headphones for a while and im pretty much sold on the Akg k550's they "seem" exactly what im looking for in a heaadphone. Down to quality...
  6. maximilians

    Marshall Major, HELP master!

    Hello guys, i interested in Marshall Major for Portable Headphone. What do you think? Worthed enough? And how the characteristic of it sound? Or someone have an other recommendation? I like so much Coldplay, yea kind of much treble or sumthin like that. My budget was around Marshall Major price...
  7. sesame

    Philips Citiscape Downtown vs Senn HD428

    I've read several reviews of the Citiscape Downtown, but haven't been able to find any comparing it to the HD428. The Downtown is on a 24 hour sale for $40 here:, bringing it into a similar price point as the refurbished HD428s. They'll be used...
  8. Tom22

    can anyone recommend me a neutral, isolating on ear?

      i'm just using these headphones on my mac and iphone no amp.   i'm looking for a pair of headphones that has a neutral sound signature, easily powered through my iphone.    what comes to mind is the philips citiscape, and the vmoda m 80s, does anyone have an other suggestions?  ...
  9. shipwreck276

    Trying to decide between some headphones - never bought any quality ones before

    Hi, I haven't ever had any even semi-nice headphones before and am looking to buy some. My cousin got a pair of beats mixr for Christmas and I thought they sounded really good. Then again the nicest headphones I've had probably cost $15. It sounds like those aren't really highly regarded around...
  10. esoteric11

    Headphones under $60

    I am new to the whole high quality headphones , yet I am very excited to get into this world and potentially be an audiophile. My first purchase was the Superlux HD 681's, which I like very much. I plan on slowly increasing my collection of hi fi headphones.     So my question comes in, I...
  11. Snarff

    Wife is looking to buy her sister a pair of headphones, help please

    My wife wants to buy her sister a pair of headphones and Amazon has the V-Moda LP for $75, will these need a amp if they are used with Iphone, Ipod, Ipad. I don't think her siser will invest in a amp.   Next up is the Sony mdr-v6 for $50 on Amazon.   Thanks
  12. tacobff

    Sony XB500's vs. Citiscape uptown/downtown

    How do those two headphones compare to each other in terms of bass?   I know xb500s are a bass monster, however I'm not entirely sure about the uptowns and downtowns. I've only heard that the downtowns are bass heavy, but the uptowns are balanced with a tinge of bass.   Care to weigh in?
  13. bb62610

    Brainwavz HM3 vs. Philips CitiScape Downtown

    Recently I bought the Philips CitiScape Downtown headphones for $30.00 at Best Buy on clearance.  I was actually planning to buy the Brainwavz HM3's on sale at MP4Nation, so I was wondering whether I should return the Philips headphones and buy the Brainwavz or just keep the Philips.  Opinions?
  14. Mdraluck23

    Headphones for women.

    Christmas is coming soon and a female friend is looking for a pair of headphones. What are your suggestions? She can't stand "suctioney" IEM's or "HUGE" over the ear models. I was looking at something kind of like the HD238 or possibly a true earbud with no suction, just haven't kept up on...
  15. Xaborus

    Panasonic RP-HTF600 or Panasonic RP-HTX7 or Philips CitiScape Downtown For Girlfriend?

    Price differences are not an issue, I can get them all for $30.  Just a small christmas present for my girlfriend.    I'm leaning towards the Panasonic 600's as i feel they would probably have the best sound quality, but I've never heard any of these headphones.    Suggestions needed :]
  16. Makaveli6103

    Help replacing my Phiaton MS400

    I have had these headphones for around a year and love the sound quality but they are not comfortable at all. I have smaller ears and the padding is not thick enough and my ears bottom out on the grill.  I was looking at the V-Moda M80 as a replacement pair or something else around that price if...
  17. Rosbife

    What would you gift your girlfriend?

    UPDATE: I made this thread quite a while ago so I thought I'd change the header into a much simpler one. Basically I have a challenging wish which is a set of headphones for my girlfriend, who can be rather picky. Requirements are being full-sized, over ear cans for at least decent isolation...
  18. zclgb29

    Looking for advice on new headphone purchase

    Hello,    I've been browsing the forum and I thought someone might be able to give me some advice.   I'm looking for a set of headphones for around £80 ($100) for use on my daily commute to work.  I'm probably looking for over-ear rather than in ear due to personal comfort preference...
  19. CherryBoom

    I need help finding headphones for two different ends of the spectrum

    Hello there I've been lurking the forums and haven't found the answer I need so made an account to make a thread. I'm a student on a budget of under $100/£60-70 max. Low but I'm not even in uni yet. I need headphones that provide the bass for songs such as cherry cherry boom boom -one and...
  20. ridfighter

    Looking for a headphone for my wife in the $50 to $100 price

    Hi everyone, well here i am again after all of yall helping me buy the Denon d2000 and suggesting a fiio e11 amp, Thanks!! now i want to buy my wife a decent pair of headphones in the price range of $100, as for her preference, she likes it to be comfortable, not too heavy or too big, not too...
  21. shockdoc

    Sony X headphones

    Maybe I'm searching wrong (still kind of a noob) but I couldn't find anything on these. Kinda pricey but wondered if it might be a good alternative to Beats for some of my friends who want street style with good sound and ask for my advice.  ...
  22. nomei

    Changing headphones: Sennheiser HD 429 or something else?

    Hello. I have to change my Creative Aurvana Live because they're broken. What can you say about Sennheiser HD 429 ? Are they better than CAL ? Destination: for games and music.
  23. meolefx

    Urgent recommendation, travelling in 2 weeks!

    Hi, I have been following this forums for some time now (1-2 years) to decide what would be my next headphone purchase... So the time has finally come! in 2 weeks i'm travelling to the U.S I will be staying in Texas going back and forth from San Antonio to Austin. (I'm only going for 4 days)...
  24. ilikedonkeys39

    philips downtown vs v-moda lp, vs Klipsch Image ONE

    which one has the best bass extension and isolates the best, and do the v-modas leak?    Basicly which has the best bass extension   thanks
  25. Tom22

    sub $100 dollar headphones

    Hi i'm a student commuting back and forth from school everyday approximately 3 hours, subway and bus. i'm aiming for a neutral sounding, good isolation, modern look headphones. i was just debating between the Philips Citiescape Downtown and the noontec zoros.   I see the downtowns for...