1. L-G-C

    UE 6000 Vs. Phillips Citiscape Downtown

    I currently own a pair of Beyerdynamic DT 770 pro's, and they are great and all, but are way too big. I do not want to lug these around, so I wanted your guys' opinion. I have demoed the Phillips at Best Buy, and was impressed. But the UE 6000 look more compact, and have better reviews. Which...
  2. beaker1977

    On Ear Headphones with iPhone Remote - recommendations?

    Hi,   I'm relatively new to this forum and was hoping I could get advice. Basically, I'm looking to get a replacement set of headphones for my iPhone for commuting to and from work. I'm using some Audio Technica ATH CKS55i in-ears at the moment and although they are quite nice, overall I'd...
  3. ilikedonkeys39

    Klipsch Image ONE premium vs Philips downtown

    i got a best buy gift card and these too are my favorites there, i just found out the Klipsch is on sale for $100 i like a lot of bass which is better do you think?
  4. Trojacked

    Need advise about on ear headphones

    i am looking into buying a pair of on ear headphones. I listen to all kinds of music, I want them to be very comfortable but very stylish looking aswell.   What would you reccommend??   IMMORTALMUSO
  5. DWells55

    Suggestions for supra-aural, closed-back, under $50 cans with decent isolation and comfort?

    Hey everyone, I'm looking to pick up some headphones for my girlfriend as a gift. She's no audiophile (knows pretty much nothing about it), but I have started replacing her music collection with higher quality copies, and I'd like to introduce her to the world of higher-quality sound. She's used...
  6. NewbieKiddo

    Headset for a Budget ~US$70?

    Hi,       I am looking for a headset that is around US$70. I used to get gaming headsets but, I just feel that it isn't just as nice for music.     My uses:    -Music of course!(classical,lil rock n pop)  -Movies  -Games    What should I choose for headset that has clarity? I...
  7. Aspargeus

    Philips Citiscape Uptown vs Downtown

    I'm looking to buy a new pair of headphones in the $100-150 price range. Been hearing a lot of good things about Philips Citiscape Uptowns and Downtowns. I know that the Downtowns are about $50 cheaper, but what are the differences between two in sound quality and comfort? And which ones would...
  8. Meee

    Philips citiscape Downtown PAIN

    Hi So I bought a Philips citiscape downtown headphone (yesterday), and they felt great, I wore them the whole day,   but today when I try them on, I felt pain after a short while, just like they weren't the same as yesterday. They pressed too hard on my ears and since I wear glasses, it is...
  9. danquoc

    SRH840 or Citiscape Uptown's?

    Hey. I've narrowed down my choice for which headphones to buy to the SRH840 or Citiscape Uptown's. I will be using these headphones daily, and it's important that sound does not leak as I commute a lot on subways and buses and am regularly in a library. I've heard a lot of reviews on these...
  10. danquoc

    Which headphones suit my needs?

    Hey guys, I've been searching through the forum for quite a while trying to find the perfect pair of headphones, but I can't seem to make a final decision. I've made posts about which would be better but I still can't make up my mind, and I hope this post can finally shed some light on what to...
  11. dukespecial

    Downgrading from ES7

    Hi all,   First just wanted to say what a great community it is. Absolutely priceless information in this place and good people from what I have read. I used to be on here many years ago but forgot my username and email I used! However in my time here I got pointed towards investing in some...
  12. lolPiet

    Sennheiser px-100 upgrade

    First of all, I want to say I've been reading this forum a lot and already did a lot of research for my next pair of headphones.  I've used the px-100 for years with my iPod and laptop and I really think the audio quality is really great. So if I want to upgrade, the audio quality needs to...
  13. xecure

    Looking for a set of closed sub $100 headphones for use around the office and commute.

    Hi everyone, a few months ago You guys helped me become the owner of a Samson SR850    .   I absolutely love the sr850s but they tend to leak a lot of sound. I use them around my house but I'm looking for a second pair of headphones for I can use in my morning subway commute and in the...
  14. mrcuccuou

    Yep, need help, cant seem to decide...

    Head Phones:: need 1 House of Marley, Positive Vibrations [in love with the look, not so with the sound, though very brief audition in a not so quite place] V-Moda, M80 (Pearl White, the sexy one) [in love with the look, didnt audition though] Philips, Citiscape Downtown [like the noise...
  15. Rezound Sound

    IEM's with similar or better sound than Philips Citiscape Downtown's?

    I'm looking for an IEM that has a sound signature similar to or better than the Philips Downtown. I would like it to isolate at least as good too. Also, I would prefer if it could be worn cable down. Does such IEM exist?

    Philips Cityscape Downtown or Sennheiser PX-200 II

    the philips cost 450hk and the sennheiser 550hk which one do i get? pls answer
  17. SteelFiction

    HELP! Choosing a Headphone! Extremely Detailed!

    Hello, I am looking for a good neutral type of headphones. Planning on using them for 50% Gaming and 50% Media. Media includes music, videos, movies and the like. Gaming just being good sound and hearing things, being emersed or just having fun with it. My budget is $125 - $150, I can go over it...
  18. Fballboy23

    Headphones around $100 with this Criteria?

  19. bmur

    headphones for 7 year old sister

    Hey, lookin to get my lil sis some phones. Looking for something decently sturdy, light, and that will stay on her tiny head. I found some HD201s for $18   Those seem like what I'm looking for, does...
  20. crk2191

    Suggestions for a pair of headphones

    Hi,  First of all I have to say that I don't know about audio stuff.  I always used the headphones that ipods come with until about 2 years ago when I randomly decided to get a pair of the Image One Stereo Klipsch.  I really enjoyed being able to hear details that I wasn't able to hear before...
  21. mafiaboylay2

    Full size headphones for isolation under $80

    Hi everyone, After perusing through head-fi and numerous other sites, I've came up with a few choices for my FIRST closed full-sized headphone. Firstly, I thought I could get headphones in the price range of about 80-100, Shure SRH 440 $100 in Australia, Sennheisser HD 280 $104. Then I...
  22. TheJesusGuy

    Best budget on-ears.

    Best budget portable on ears for under about £50?
  23. Philips Accessories SHL5605BK/28 CitiScape Downtown Headphones (Black)

    Philips Accessories SHL5605BK/28 CitiScape Downtown Headphones (Black)

    A refined interpretation of New York's iconic vibrancy, the Downtown headset exudes authenticity and easy listening comfort, enhanced by 40mm speaker drivers and carefully engineered, lightweight, spring-steel construction that's wrapped in heat-sealed soft foam.