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Marshall Major, HELP master!

  1. maximilians
    Hello guys, i interested in Marshall Major for Portable Headphone. What do you think? Worthed enough? And how the characteristic of it sound? Or someone have an other recommendation? I like so much Coldplay, yea kind of much treble or sumthin like that. My budget was around Marshall Major price. Thanks! :D
  2. tinyman392
    I've heard the 50th ani. edition Majors, wasn't too impressed for the price.  I would say take a look at the Philips Downtown.  
  3. reeshahn
    They sound better after a really long period of burn in. Sometimes you need to burn them in for longer than 250+ hours. If you like hearing the guitar all the time it is not a bad choice. Otherwise there are many other headphones that perform better for a similar price.
  4. Arkyle
    I have the original ones. Don't get them, really. The only thing they excel at is build quality (they are made like a tank). You should try to find the 50th anniversary edition; Tyll said they were way better sounding than the original model. Another good options for small on-ears are UE 4000, Sennheiser HD 229, and the Pioneer HDJ-500 (although these are not nearly as well made as the UE or the majors).
    Their sound is pretty weird. It is not great with highs or lows as it has some weird dB drops in both frequency ranges. The mids are prominent and stable compared to the rest. It is not bad but you could do better for the price. 

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