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    Marshall Major
  2. ewdl

    Iphone Headphones + Amplifier

    Well, as far as Hi Sound Audio Studio V had worked only few weeks being back from the guarantee repair, i use iphone 5s  + Marshall Major. I'd like to have a nice sound from it that's why looking for a new headphones (these) and maybe portable amplifier  - something like Oppo Ha-2 or better...
  3. Me x3

    Problem of finding the 'Efficiency'

    I was wondering about this problem: I have some different headphones here with some different specs. AKG K44 32 Ohms 115db/V Marshall Major 32 Ohms 115db/mW Yamaha HPH-200 48 Ohms Yamaha only says SPL: 98.5dB (I thought: ok! Nobody talks about efficiency then those are db/V -...
  4. AhsenStar

    Sony 10RC vs Sony V55 vs Marshall Major

    Hi All :) Sony MDR 10RC vs Sony MDR V55 vs Marshall Major ? All Three Of Them Are At Same Price Almost.  All 3 looks Nice. But which one is better ? Which on sounds better ? Which one would you buy ?
  5. AhsenStar

    Sony 10RC vs Sony V55 vs Marshall Major

    Hi All :) Sony MDR 10RC vs Sony MDR V55 vs Marshall Major ? All Three Of Them Are At Same Price Almost. All 3 looks Nice. But which one is better ? Which on sounds better ? Which one would you buy ?
  6. Camomille

    Soldering my marshall cans jack.

    Hi everyone,   I hope this is not a repost, I tried to look up on the forum but didn't find anything relevant. Here's my issue: I'm trying to solder the 4 wires I found in the cable of the cans to a new jack I bought. Problem is, I have no idea where these wires should be soldered. There...
  7. Spodo101

    Decision Help - Philips "The Stretch" vs. Marshall Major

    Sooo the Marshalls are sold for half the price on their own website. And you can get the Philips Headphones on Amazon for around the same price at the moment.   I listen to pretty much everything, but almost never longer than an hour. Oh, and I'm very clumsy, so the Stretch has a pro for...
  8. blackeaglece

    advice for buying headphones

    Hello everyone, I hope to do it right forum, I am writing because I have a suggestion to ask, that is, due to work and other services, I often make air travel quite long (10-12 hours) one thing that I always with me is my Galaxy S3 and the Google Nexus 7 and would like to listen to...
  9. maximilians

    Marshall Major, HELP master!

    Hello guys, i interested in Marshall Major for Portable Headphone. What do you think? Worthed enough? And how the characteristic of it sound? Or someone have an other recommendation? I like so much Coldplay, yea kind of much treble or sumthin like that. My budget was around Marshall Major price...
  10. joshkidd

    best IEMs and full size headphones under $100

    Hey, I'm looking to buy some new full size over the ear headphones, i like nice punchy well composed bass that's not overwhelming but definitely there and I also want very clear mids and crisp highs (these are in order of priority). I'm currently looking at the klipsch image ones, beyerdynamic...
  11. dotfred

    AKG K 450, what's next?

    Hey I had AKG K 450 and I thing it's really good headphones, but I'm going to buy a new one. Can you help me with choosing new headphones for listening rock music? I looked up for Marshall Major (I love that style), Skullcandy Aviator and Urbanears Zinken (someone told me it sounds very...
  12. mathen

    Looking foward for my first good headphone

    hi people,   this is the first time i'll buy a REAL headphones, one that i may use for years from now. I'm stuck among these four:    Sennheiser 280HD Pro - (I've heard these got really good sound and GREAT isolation)   Audio-Technica ATH-M50...
  13. abraham_tek

    A little more mids than the M50s, in the same price range? (Maybe $180)

    Hey everyone.   I own the M50s (Audio Technica, for those who don't know lol), and I think they are great headphones.   Now, back in 2010 when they were $100, they were for sure the best headphones in the price range, no questions asked.   Now that they are a little more expensive...
  14. mantis toboggan

    Headphone Help!

    I have the Pioneer SE-M290 headphones, which have been holding strong for 2 years.  However, I need a pair of cans which are more portable, unlike the big and bulky Pioneers.  I need them to be able to cancel noise effectively and not leak any sound, as I plan to wear them everyday on my commute...
  15. Titan89

    First headphone

    Hi All,   I'm looking for my first on-ear headphone. After a few days searching I found some pretty nice. Firstly let me tell you what headphones I'd like. Mostly I will use it on streets with an iphone 4 so mobility is important. It should be closed system and one important thing is the...
  16. Marshall Headphones - 'Major' Over Ear (Black)

    Marshall Headphones - 'Major' Over Ear (Black)

    The Major encloses vast amounts of the massive Marshall legacy. The exterior of the headband is made out of the same vinyl used in Marshall amplifiers and it bears the original Marshall texture. Besides being straight up dazzling.\n\nThe Major is a solid workhorse with great stamina, designed...