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Mar 25, 2013
Hello everyone, I hope to do it right forum, I am writing because I have a suggestion to ask, that is, due to work and other services, I often make air travel quite long (10-12 hours) one thing that I always with me is my Galaxy S3 and the Google Nexus 7 and would like to listen to some music completely isolated from various external noisein-ear headphones do not satisfy me so let me take someclosed-ear headphones that go well with these two devices and do not require external amplifiers, I already discarded the various beats or bose or B & W etc etc I would like to spend a maximum of 70 to 90 listen mainly acid-jazz, deep house,progressive rock and classical Neapolitan.
between these models which would be the most suitable?
  1. Marshall major
  2. Akg k77
  1. Klipsch image one
  2. Sony mdr v55
  3. Superlux hd662
Thank you very much
P.S. excuse my spelling mistakes but I don't speak english very well
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I work for an airlines company and fly on a very frequent basis. Probably have taken 10-15 different headphones on flights out of curiosity in the past year or so. Despite some of the anti-hype Bose gets on the site, one thing that they have down to an art is the noise-canceling system.
No one does it better. I prefer the Bose on flights to CIEMs and every sub-thousand dollar portable headphone I've heard. If you have the budget, suffer once and pay for the QC15s, then enjoy them for a long time to come.
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can u get the k551 within your budget? its isolation varies from head to head.. :p
klipsch has a newer REFERENCE ONE..better cables n with some splash of old gold.
Its an on-ear, v shaped sound signature...isolation is quite good, but not noise cancelling of cos. 
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Oh Thank you very much. In my list, I was wrong to include the K551, because they are out of my budget. The same is true for the Bose. I would like to spend around € 100. Of course accept advice also on other brands not only those in my list.
Thank you very much

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