1. Leefster

    Cheaper Headphones for a Bedroom Producer

    Hello all! This is my first post on the forum so I hope that I have put it in the right place.   I am in the market for some headphones to be used in my bedroom 'studio'. I will probably be using them for recording, mixing and mastering my tracks (altough I understand that one set of...
  2. Blktiger0

    Looking to upgrade, need advice

    I've been itching to upgrade to some nicer headphones lately, and after some research today, I decided it would be best to make an account on this site and ask for some advice. First off, some background info: In terms of headphones, I used whatever was the cheapest for years, until I decided...
  3. wes1099

    AKG K77 Mic Mod (inspired by FraGTaLiTy)

    I got tired of low sound quality on gaming headsets, so i bought a mic and some industrial strength velcro and attached a mic to my AKG K77s.   I got tired of having two cables leading from my headphones to my computer, and my brother had recently smashed his Creative Fatality headset, so...
  4. blackeaglece

    advice for buying headphones

    Hello everyone, I hope to do it right forum, I am writing because I have a suggestion to ask, that is, due to work and other services, I often make air travel quite long (10-12 hours) one thing that I always with me is my Galaxy S3 and the Google Nexus 7 and would like to listen to...
  5. salyon

    [Help] Sennheiser HD202 VS Akg K77

    I'm a newb on headphones quality and i need some help deciding between these 2 models! What for: MP3, FLAC and games, but i'm also a indie game developer who works with sound effects that will vary from birds singing to dragons screaming. I need an all-around equipment. Aspects that i...
  6. liquidzoo

    Something to compliment my existing headphones?

    Greetings, seldom-poster here, though I have lurked quite a bit.  I'm in need of a suggestion or 2 (I've read a bunch, but would like to hear from you all):   Let me start off by saying I love my DT770-Pro80s.  They've been my first step into the world of higher quality headphones and for me...
  7. dvada191

    Headphones like AKG K77

    Hi.   As can be seen in some of my other posts here, I like the sound of the AKG K77's. I think they have great bass, but not overpowering, but with slightly recessed mids and treble. The sound signature overall is appealing to me. Can any other Head-Fi'ers who own or have heard the K77's...
  8. posticepurr

    AKG K514 MkII

    I'm looking for a headphone in the ~100 dollar range, and these have caught my eye. I havn't found a thread on this specific model, and almost no reviews, but the few reviews i have found seem very positive. any thoughts or experiences? They seem to run you around 90-100 dollars.   
  9. Praraja

    Not sure what to shoot for, given my less than stellar source

    So. I've been a little bit dissatisfied with the quality of my sound for a while now and the death of my ancient porta pros kind of made the upgrade very easy to justify as my only other option, the cheap iems I found in my closet, are raping the hell out of my hearing. Anyway, I've scavenged up...
  10. jacomormi

    Sennheiser HD 205 or Aerial7 Tank Midnight? or similar.

    Hi, im looking for those headphones but i dont know which is better.. if Sennheiser HD 205 or Aerial7 Tank Midnight i want to hear music form a samsung galaxy s3. also, i looked at the Akg k77, audio technica ath-m30 for the last,if you know, tell me about similar price headphones..  pd...
  11. jacomormi

    Sennheiser HD 205 or Aerial7 Tank Midnight? or similar.

    Hi, im looking for those headphones but i dont know which is better.. if Sennheiser HD 205 or Aerial7 Tank Midnight i want to hear music form a samsung galaxy s3. also, i looked at the Akg k77, audio technica ath-m30 for the last,if you know, tell me about similar price headphones..  pd...
  12. Siddhartranc

    which ones of the following headphones are best for studio use?

    AKG K44 V2 AKG K77 AKG K99 Audio Technica Pro5 Audio Technica Pro5v Audio Technica Pro5ms     i am looking for headphones which are plain.i produce edm.
  13. r1sh

    Headphones for gaming CoD and BF BC2

    Good day everyone!   I've blown up my mind looking for headphones 99.99% for gaming. Most of all I prefer Call of Duty Modernwarfare 2 and Battlefield Bad Company 2 both multiplayer.   As I understand, the first and most importaint point is positioning and the second is scene. For now...
  14. shakgriig

    I need help with choosing headphones.

    I need help choosing headphones with certain specifications for $50 or less. The headphones need to be at least decent with music(gaming is a plus) but most importantly they need to not leak sound. My computer is currently in my bedroom and my girlfriend has pretty sensitive hearing and likes...
  15. sabathiel

    Need help choosing a budget headphones for home recording.

    I have a mini home studio recording. I mainly record karaoke covers using karaoke backing tracks and some acoustic guitar covers. I use a Behringer 1202FX mixer, AKG Perception 420 multi-pattern studio condenser mic, Boss Pro CL-50 compressor/limiter/gate connected to a desktop using a Creative...
  16. KB24

    Need closed back headphones for recording/monitoring and another one for flights.

    For recording/monitoring: Like the title says. Just so you have an idea about my taste, I like the sound signature of the SRH840 a lot. However, they are physically too **** heavy (318 grams). Need something lighter. My budget is $200.     For Flights:   How are the AKG K77? they...
  17. SpaceKake

    Been pondering for days.

    So I currently have just a pair of HD 201's ( for comparison) I listen to Electronic, psyc, rock, dubstep, and djent i've found a few on ebay, but i cant decide between them, so i came here i want clarity, but i also want nice bass, and i dont know which to choose Harx700, K 44's, K...
  18. jreme

    JVC S660 vs. S700?

    I was looking for a circumaural headphone that is decent at isolating, sounds decent, and is in the $50-$100 range. (And is somewhat portable)   Ideally the headphone would have a short cable. I listen to mainly alternative rock, electronic, rock, hip-hop.   I came across both the S600...
  19. brent012

    Any suggestions?

    Im looking at spending up to AUD$100 which is around 105 US on some good headphones, i listen to a wide variety of music but what i am listening to a lot at the moment is Drum and Bass music particularly Liquid dnb. Most of the time i am listening to music at home through either my Logitech G35...
  20. evanolynuk

    AKG K77 Review

    Hi head-fi!  I was looking for a budget full-sized phone I could use on the bus on my way to school and these had cropped up in my search.  A guy just happened to be selling an almost new pair here in saskatoon for $30 so I said, what the heck, let's do it!  It would cost more than that to order...
  21. raindog1975

    Sennheiser and AKG using the same drivers?

    A couple a weeks ago a friend gave me a pair of fairly new  AKG K77 ( he managed to brake the cable and decided he wanted an "upgrade" anyway so he bought a pair of Sennheiser 555 ). Yesterday evening I finally decided to replace the cable on the AKG's and when I opened the up the driver looked...
  22. JamesMcProgger

    AKG: K44mkII or K77

    Good day fellas.   Two AKG not-so-famous Headphones, (compared to their bigger brothers) : K44mkII or K77, Both at 50$ in amazon/musician's friend at the moment.   K44 MKII (link to amazon)     K77 (link to amazon)     REALLY hi-quality images and specs in the AKG...
  23. cry3200

    Sennheiser HD418 vs AKG K77 vs AKG K240S

    Sorry if I posted in the wrong section,  I curently have the HD418 I use them mostly for music listening, and I would like to know if I will see a big diference in sound quality by upgrading to the K77 or K240S, I know the K77 are not in the same league as K240S but I want to know how the K77...
  24. theman123

    Looking for some new headphones, 50-80 is my range

    I really like the AKG's but are a little bit too expensive, but  Ido like the K99's and K77's.   What about those?  And do you have any other suggestions?   Also, are Skullcandy's and WeSC's that poor?  They look pretty good and aren't too expensive, but I hear nothing good about them.