1. blackeaglece

    advice for buying headphones

    Hello everyone, I hope to do it right forum, I am writing because I have a suggestion to ask, that is, due to work and other services, I often make air travel quite long (10-12 hours) one thing that I always with me is my Galaxy S3 and the Google Nexus 7 and would like to listen to...
  2. paintedr3d


    I'm new head and I think I just started an exspensive but very rewarding hobby I recently purchased a pair of sanheiser CX 300 ear buds and a pair of klipsch image one's and I'm loving the klipsch but I was thinking about buying the audio technica HT50 would these be a good pair? I like to have...
  3. S3VBR0

    First time purchasing nice headphones- Help

    Hey guys, I'm looking for a nice pair of headphones that: 1. Have nice sound quality (not an audiophile but I have a good ear) 2. Look somewhat stylish (I'm going to be wearing these out and about, and around campus) 3. Cost ~$100 4. Sounds good with indie, alternative, and electronic...
  4. vivalacarlo

    klipsch image one?

    i wanted to know the difference between the image one and the image one ii? I heard that the built quality in the image one ii were very bad. Do they have the same sound, and if not which one has better bass? How do they compare to the Audio Technica Ath pro700 mk2.
  5. invalid404

    AKG K518 LE vs. Klipsch Image One

    I have narrowed it down to these 2 basshead portables and wanted a final opinion before I make a final decision.    I have a Fiio E11 amp my source is an iPod Touch 4G. Audio files on the iPod are all converted 256kbps AAC, half are from ALAC files and the other are from 320 mp3's.   I...
  6. stauren1203

    Suggested Over Ears

    Greetings all, I am new here and I don't think I am by any means a true audiophile, although I like to think I am. What I mean by that is I can hear a headphone and like or not like the sound with 0 consistency as to what is universally agreed upon as "good" or "not good."  I use my headphones...

    Can someone please help about the Klipsch - Image One warrenty?

    So I been a bose head for a few years now. My father use to give me all his sony headphones years ago and I loved them. Ended up sticking with bose somehow because of the great customer service and warrenty. I started with the triports which till this day, are the first ever headphone to make my...
  8. PTMoff

    over ear closed back portable headphones under 150 euro/dollar

    Im looking for a pair of closed portable full size headphones and by portable i mean walking around with them in the city. I like strong base as i listen to lots of dance music but i still like the highs of classical and rock aswell,I would like them to reasonably neutral and clear,I will not be...
  9. ilikedonkeys39

    philips downtown vs v-moda lp, vs Klipsch Image ONE

    which one has the best bass extension and isolates the best, and do the v-modas leak?    Basicly which has the best bass extension   thanks
  10. h1a8

    Some good headphones with mic?

    Hi I been away awhile. I have good IEMs and good over the ear at home full size cans. Now I'm looking for ON THE EAR (or smaller over the ear) headphones that have a mic for phone use.   So far I see the Monster Ntune and Klipsch image one I heard both and I like them both (ntune a...
  11. joshkidd

    best IEMs and full size headphones under $100

    Hey, I'm looking to buy some new full size over the ear headphones, i like nice punchy well composed bass that's not overwhelming but definitely there and I also want very clear mids and crisp highs (these are in order of priority). I'm currently looking at the klipsch image ones, beyerdynamic...
  12. dlami130

    Clear closed heaphones

    Hi guys, I am looking for a pair of headphones priced between $200-400. I am looking for a pair that puts emphasis on the tremble and mids. I like clear mids and very detailed tremble. I could care less about bass. To give you a sense of what i am looking for: my yama eph100 are my favorite...
  13. ilikedonkeys39

    Klipsch Image ONE premium vs Philips downtown

    i got a best buy gift card and these too are my favorites there, i just found out the Klipsch is on sale for $100 i like a lot of bass which is better do you think?
  14. tomweeks96

    Headphones around $200

    i have a budget of about 200 could stretch in to 270 with an amp,(FIIO e11), i already have beats solo (**** waste of money) and sennhieser HD 205 decent for 50 bucks.   Like a bit of extra bass, need an overall good heapphone as i listen to heaps of different music was thinking: Ath m50...
  15. mustafa604

    HK classic vs B&W P5 vs Klipsch Image One

    hello everyone i have credit on apple store and i am looking to get a ice pair of headphones. which of these you guys would go with? i listen to mostly techno and trance and few rap and rock music. please share your thoughts.
  16. Cron Merdek

    [ ADVICE ] Bass heavy IEM under 300$, with additional requirements

    Dear All, I am recently gave back to the store my Philips Fidelio M1, and decided to give up my attempts to find out comfortable supra aural headphones. Thus, now I am looking for IEM with dynamic driver preferably.   As for now I have Creative EP-630 (and happy with bass), Brainwavz M2 (not...
  17. to mom

    Best over ear head phones for a smartphone

    Hi all. I would like some advise on a good pair headphones that I can use with my smartphone. My price limit is about $200. I'm listen to music that has a lot of bass. Thanks Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk HD
  18. andrewbichik

    On ear headphones for iPod.

    Hi guys. I'm new here and have stupid and trivial question: I've got an iPod touch 4 and I need a headphones with real nice sound (for the price <$150) and iPod remote control. I'm not going to pay just for brand like Bose etc. I'm sure everybody here is more experienced than me so I'm waiting...
  19. Tapash

    klipsch image one vs Sennheiser PX200-IIi

    what do the experts think...which one is better? in terms of comfort and sound quality? please recommend
  20. fractionz

    need help picking a ~150$ pair of portable headphones for bass-heavy electronic suff

    When I'm at home, I use speakers. The only time I use headphones is when I'm on the road or when I'm out somewhere using my laptop. I have a pair of cheap headphones which aren't letting me really enjoy my music. (I like really bouncy edm stuff like gabber/hardstyle, and some dnb/dubstep) So...
  21. OliverBB

    Audio Technica ATH-M50 How much bass?

    Hi,   I'm thinking of pulling the trigger on these headphones. What keeps me hesitant is the bass. I know they are often mentioned as being bass heavy. How much is there? I am NOT looking for that head rattling thump that a lot of people seem to like. For a reference the Klipsch Image...
  22. CaptainRusko

    Creative Aurvana Live vs Klipsch Image One

    Say you could get both at the exact same price (possible now) which one would you prefer and why? 
  23. xtrashine

    New to the Headphone world -- Need ones under $120

    Alright. First post. Lets try not to embarrass myself    So I'm currently in highschool. I usually ride the bus home. Therefore to pass time I listen to music. I'm sick and tired of the Ipod earbuds. They always fall out my ear and I have to shove them down my ear to get them to stay (which...
  24. coriolis

    Looking for portable headphones

    I swore I wouldn't be back. But here I am.  TLDR version in the middle of the thread.     I am looking for portable headphones that I can carry around in my bag, and for my to use while I am out and working. A little background info would help, I am a real estate photographer, so I am out...
  25. TJ Max

    Recommend Me Some Headphones Please

    I'm looking for a pair of closed-headphones within the $150-$200 range. I primarily listen to Jazz, Fusion, Orchestral, Electronica.... I hate the sound of the Klipsch ImageOne and like the sound of the Sennheiser HD 558, so something similar to that sound but closed.   Thanks