need help picking a ~150$ pair of portable headphones for bass-heavy electronic suff
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Jul 16, 2012
When I'm at home, I use speakers. The only time I use headphones is when I'm on the road or when I'm out somewhere using my laptop. I have a pair of cheap headphones which aren't letting me really enjoy my music. (I like really bouncy edm stuff like gabber/hardstyle, and some dnb/dubstep) So I've been doing research on a new pair.

My priority is something like: portability > powerful bass > overall sound quality.
I don't mind using an amp, but it'd have to be small enough to go into a pocket. Does such a thing even exist? And can I get by without using one?

I've looked at Ultrasone pro 550s, ATH-M50s, aiaiai tma-1s, and a few others, but I really have no idea what I'm getting into. I have a spare 150$ atm, but I don't mind saving up.

Any suggestions would help.
Thanks! =D

Edit: by "portability" I mean that I don't want a pair with a 15ft corded cable that requires a 6.3 to 3.5mm adaptor and leaks 70% of the sound to everyone around you. I don't care how large they are, or whether they fold.
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Nov 26, 2009
Ultrasone HIFI-680, job done, they will satisfy you im sure, they were my first ultrasone cans, very bassy yet a nice quality, they drive fine from laptops and are not too clunky. if you do want an amp to give them a turbo charge, the FIIO e6 will do, tiny and affordable!
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Jan 31, 2010
Klipsch Image One seems to fit nicely that order of importance and costs about $150. - To me looks roughly like 12~13dB or so boost in bass, coming fairly close to something like XB500 levels but is much more portable too and shouldn't leak sound. :)
It's also very easily driven as the figures suggest down the pdf.
Otherwise as a hardstyle lover I can very much vouch for M-Audio Q40 but I think you should pair with a bass boost amp such as ZO2 or FiiO E11 (and use lvl1, the lower bass boost lvl) to get the most out of it for such genres, however with already FiiO E11 you slightly surpasses the budget of $150. Also stock cord is too long but it's detachable but finding a suitably long portable cord aint the easiest either.

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