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Mar 5, 2019
May 15, 2008
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Teach math and physics

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100+ Head-Fier

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Mar 5, 2019
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    Teach math and physics
    chess, comics, sports, martial arts, music, movies, math, physics.
    Headphone Inventory:
    denon d2000 (excellent but midrange more recessed than I like)

    fx700 (great bass and clarity but too much low treble and midrange is too recessed)

    sm3 (perfect except a little veiled)

    HFI780 (uncomfortable and low treble too much)

    ie8 (great except for a little veiled in the midrange)

    Ie7 (good but mids were not full, small part of midrange is boosted)

    Monster pro gold (great, hard to get a good seal, treble and soundstage lacks a little )

    Monster pro copper (too muddy, maybe I had fakes)

    xb500 (too muddy, good eq makes them sound decent, no long term comfort)

    DT770 pro80 (needed power from amp and a little eqing )

    HD598 (a little veiled and not enough sub bass)

    Se530 (great mids, not enough sub bass, sometimes shouty)

    Tdk ba200 ( comfortable and sound very soothing, sub bass and mid treble could be a little more though)

    Tdk ie800 (a little too much treble bit sounded metallic and as comfortable)

    Se846 (not as comfortable as a like, not as clear as price suggests)
    Fa-4e (a little too much treble energy but great everywhere else except comfort)

    Piston 2.1 (mids too recessed and slightly muddy and seal is picky)

    Piston 3 (great sounding, but bad quality and only lasts for so long, sounds better than anything under $100 guaranteed! He'll I like the sound better than v-moda m100)

    Um3x rc (too intimate but good sounding, needs a little more sub bass)

    Hippo vb (terrible, too muddy and closed in)

    Jvc Fx500 (too dark at times and somewhat muddy)

    soundmagic e10, e30, Pl50 (1st two are great for the price just not as smooth/refined as I like and 3rd one's mids are not all the way full with not enough bass)

    Ath-m50x (a little uneven sounding but ok, not refined enough)

    CURRENTLY OWN (selling all and considering buying the fx850)

    V-mods m100( great just not as comfortable as I need)

    Bose qc25 ( hate the amped lower treble, sounds too edgy at times, not enough sub bass)

    Denon d600 ( good but don't look good on my head in public and mids are more recessed than I like)

    Ath-ad900 (collecting dust, not enough bass period and slightly grainy up top, otherwise they are perfect)

    Samsung level on (gift, not very good but ok)

    Fidelio X1 (my favorite, but sometimes need amp and is slightly grainy)

    Nad viso hp50 (broken a little but still functioning, these are great sounding, 2-3db of more sub bass would be perfect though and don't look good in public)

    V-moda Zn
    Headphone Amp Inventory:
    fiio e11 (not working, one ear works)
    Digizoid zo ( great but sometimes makes sound a little grainy and edgy )
    Source Inventory:
    Sony Walkman (a few of them and I'm selling them)

    clip+ (Good but only lasts a certain amount of time, wish lasted longer)

    Samsung Q2 (selling)

    Cowon g3 (selling)

    Galaxy note 5 ( good sounding but difference volume levels is too much)

    iPod touch 5th gen (good)
    Music Preferences:
    Pop techno r&b hiphop some rock
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