best IEMs and full size headphones under $100
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Oct 15, 2012
Hey, I'm looking to buy some new full size over the ear headphones, i like nice punchy well composed bass that's not overwhelming but definitely there and I also want very clear mids and crisp highs (these are in order of priority). I'm currently looking at the klipsch image ones, beyerdynamic dt660s, and audio-technica ath m50s. And for IEMs: klipsch image s4s, audeo 112, shure sm215s. What do you guys think are there others that i should look at and which of these are the best for both the full size and IEMs thanks.
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The IEMs like JVC FXD80, RE0, FXT90, Yamaha EPH100, Sony EX510 and headphones like Major Marshell, Image ONE, Sony ZX600, V55 and JVC on ear are great buy under this budget.
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I can heartily recommend the JVC S500s, but they may require a pad swap to tone down the bass (I've found this is somewhat source dependent though).  The S400s are at Macmall for $25 and appear to be a slightly less resolving yet more neutral listen.
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I can no longer recommend the RE-0 b/c they are just crappily built with poor customer support.  Unfortunately, every stereotype about made in China products applies here to this particular model.  But the sound quality, WOW.  I've broken two RE-0's now and I won't be duped again.

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