1. rage3324

    Ultrasone 580 Vs Ultrasone DJ1 Pro vs Klipsch image ones

    I am looking for a new pair of closed headphones for travel purposes. My budget is around $150-$200.   The candidates:   Ultrasone 580 Ultrasone DJ1 Ultrasone DJ1 pro Klipsch image ones Audio Technica m50s Audio Technica anc7b   What I want:   Good for movies and music...
  2. eXpander

    Xonar Stx, headphone fail

    After a year of lurking around this site and overclock.net sound forum i finally saved up the money to buy my first hifi [i consider it hifi, leave me alone!] set up. I bought myself the Xonar STX soundcard, some m-audio BX5a's, and a pair of Sennheiser 595's. let me just say WOW, i never...
  3. diodiel

    CAL! or FA004? klipsch image one?

    hey these two seems really equal in price and praise ^_^  they would be a great match against each other. i wonder if anyone had tried them both? any1? im just hunting for fa-004 then i saw these CAL! and they seem really popular as well.   i would  use them at home/portable.. m50 is...
  4. StrykeIRL

    Rock Headphones

    Hi everyone.   I am looking to purchase a pair of headphones that will be great for my genre of choice - rock. I've looked through a couple of threads here and it seems like the choice varies widely based upon what I wish to be accentuated in my music. Moreso than anything, I would like to...
  5. quasido

    Klipsch Image One or Bose Triport Around Ear

    Hello,   I am newbie on this forum however I have very essential question.   I am about to buy new headphones. I was user of BOSE AE but they died, I am a great fan of the BOSE company and earphones itself. I know they are very overpriced but I love them anyway. They are very...
  6. Ultrazino

    Klipsch Image One impressions/review

      I've been listening to these most of today and I will definitely not keep them. Alas, I decided to give you a quick summary of what I think. Sorry I couldn't burn these in properly (but I don't believe in that anyway) and I didn't give them at least a one week chance.   If anybody is...
  7. Caylyn311

    headphone help for a headphone noob!

    Hey guys. I'm looking for headphones costing $150 or a bit less. I want to make sure I'm putting my money to use and that the headphones are actually worth it's price. I listen mostly to house, electro, pop, rap, hip hop, and a bit of rock here and there. I'm also hoping y'all can recommend some...
  8. audioKyle

    Klipsch image one vs Bose on ear vs monster turbine

    Which one is the best out of all of these? I know that the monster turbines are IEMs and the others are on ear headphones. I also know that Bose isn't really highly regarded here but i tried them out at best buy and seemed pretty good. It was just the demo though. So what's the best out of all...
  9. brayhead

    Klipsch Image One l headphones 70 euro plus shipping on iBood.com

    First post hope its of use to European Head-Fiers.Works out at e82 these normally sell here in Ireland for about e149.
  10. Sober

    Best headphone and amp

    Okay I am looking to stay around the 250-300$ price range. What I am looking for is about the best headphone for base that can be amped to enhance it even more when needed. I am far from a audiophile but looking for something will sound better then beats and, give me the about the same amount of...
  11. dailysmoker

    Help needed

    I am going to buy a new headphone mainly for my creative zen player i now use sony earbuds,cheap ones that give a good sound but are broke now i was doubting between the klipsch image one or a good earbud my budget is around 100 euro i was thinking about the sony e888 but they are hard to get...
  12. dailysmoker

    AKG K450 vs AKG 518DJ vs Audio Technica ES7 vs Klipsch Image One

    I listen to tech-house deep-house ,rap and reggea so which one is best suited for me.....greetings tim
  13. Vauratus

    AKG Q460, Phiaton MS400, or Klipsch Image One

    I'm looking for new headphones that are more comfortable than in ear ones. I've narrowed it down the AKG Q460, Phiaton MS400, and Klipsch Image One. I mostly listen to rap/hip hop with some rock and country mixed in. I can't seem to find very many reviews on the AKG or Klipsch and i read that...
  14. K1ip5ch

    My little on ear set up (AND first post)

      This is my first post here in case you were not aware :)   That is my Klipsch Image One, cMoyBB AMP.   Random stuff in the picture is a Razer Vespula mouse pad, Playstation 3 in the back, Logitech G930 on the Playstation 3, PC on the bottom right, AND in the very top left is a...
  15. BlackHawk1

    Denon AH-D5000 or Klipsch Image ONE On-Ear Earphones? Help a newbie please!

    Hi. This looks like a great site! I hope you guys/gals can help a 40 something newbie out. I was looking for some opinions on these 2 particular headphones.I have not had headphones in 20 years. :) Back then I had a pair of Koss that I really liked. My local audio dealer sells both Denon and...
  16. YonasAu

    Moving from Steelseries Siberia - closed cans

    greetings elitists of the audio world. bear with my ... lack of knowledge. I'm here to indulge myself in good sound quality for once and head-fi is just the community   I've always appreciated the concept of high quality headphones. Was very happy with my Siberia despite them looking quite...
  17. m4rcu5

    Cans for the office

    Hello Head-Fi'ers,   Most of my listening i do at the office. And i wan looking for some cans i can use there. The office is not a cubicle, more a open room with 8 desks in it. They have a radio playing quietly, but after Monday i cannot stand radio 3FM anymore for the rest of the week...
  18. EricZero

    Suggestions for headphones for my pianist girlfriend?

    Just registered to ask this question, but have been lurking a long time.   My girlfriend is a professional classical pianist, and needs new headphones to practice with her digital piano at night. (New York apartment)    I have Shure 840s and have had Grado SR80s (stolen), but wanted to...
  19. kakrohn

    Best on-ear headphones under $120 @ Best Buy???

    I have 4 gift cards to Best Buy & want some good headphones for under $120.  I have some old Sennheiser HD437, but want deeper bass.   I listened to Beats in the store & they sounded good, but not $200 good, plus everyone on this forum hates them.   I would buy Sony XB500 / XB700 or...
  20. Wenger

    Shure srh750dj or Klipsch image one?

    I'm looking for a pair of headphones in the sub $200 range. Unfortunatly I am in Canada so it is difficult to buy fairly priced headphones. I don't really know where to get a pair of headphones so I'm limited to what i can find at best buy/futureshop and the apple store. I'm looking for a...
  21. JasonMS

    Looking to buy Iphone Headphones for under $400 [ No Amp, mainly for travel ]

    Hi Everyone,                    I was saving up to buy a good headphone ( Over ear or In ear, which ever has better sound quality ) for my Iphone and finally was able to reach the $400 target. I will be mainly be listening to them on my daily commute ( around 4 hours ). I would prefer they...
  22. mattar

    best ipod headphones?

    hello, new around here...   What headphones would you recommend for an ipod (no amp)?   This is assuming a max paying price of 400~ USD, take or give.
  23. MfiveM

    Klipsch Image One and S5i Rugged - Now Shipping.

    Just wanted to let everyone know the new Klipsch Image ONE Headphone and S5i Rugged Earphones are now in-stock at SoundEarphones!       Click here to order the S5i Rugged!     Click here to order the Image ONE
  24. gtcharlie

    Help save Christmas and my sanity

    So my son who is 14 plays guitar and for Christmas my wife and I decided to upgrade his old starter amp to a nice Fender tube amp. The problem arises from the sheer volume this thing can produce. Considering my son plays a couple of hours a day including late in the evening to preserve household...
  25. Rohmann98

    I hve been a lurker for a while....hoping to learn more

    Hi there, As the title suggests, i have been a lurker for a while and am hoping to learn more about sound. I have had a pair of klipsh image one for the longest time and am hoping to find a new pair and learn somethings along the way Notes: I listen to lots of emotional music ,classical ,and...